I am Beloth

I am the greatest military general in the service of the seventh king of Allivar.  My name is cursed by my race, the Vanavaran, the black skinned fishermen of the world of Allivar. Should I appear to them this day, they would behead me. for they have suffered like no other of the races.  It is because of our skin that an unwarranted fear exists. We are not evil, yet in the service of the king, I carry out his oppression, for the king fears the rise of the fallen races.

Into the city of the line of kings Yubal, comes the man named Arimar – the foretold messenger of freedom. Can he give me the freedom I seek?  Can he restore me, make me whole and loved by my own race again?  Can he free my race of the fear the other races have of our black skin? I fear he can do none of these, yet with each moment I witness his actions, he surprises me and I am compelled to follow him. He has survived the king’s giant champion, Ergon, in the coliseum and crumbled the place generations of “Blood Run” into the sea.  He has freed the enslaved from the combs and healed their diseases and hearts. He has ordered me to place a small droplet of water into the cursed river and it is healed.  I do believe now, and I will be his captain, and soon he will convince the king.  I am now a freed man, the air smells different on this day, and for how long I do not care, for we are bound to the forbidden lands, the Marog, and there with the help of my protege, Murlach, all our skills in the art of war will be tested.

After all that we have been through fighting the evil of the Marog I find myself in the midst of my people.  It is at that moment they realize I am the long lost seventh son of the steward, and my birth name is Zulaf. I have been forgiven and accepted into the arms of my father and family. I will finish my journey with Arimar to his homeland and from there I hope complete freedom, will be mine.  We learn of the coming seven armies of king Yubal and the unleashing of the Marog, all has been unbound against us, and in six months time we must construct our defenses with a five mile long trench and wall. I will train all the followers, all the races, the  women and the children to fight to the death and whatever end may come. Here we shall make the last stand of the living.

I shall set aside my birth name of peace and carry the name that once brought fear to this world, I am Beloth.



Where did my trilogy idea come from?

Thanks to fellow author Victoria Grefer for posing a question she receives from readers asking her about her stories.  Where did your idea come from? Well here it goes. I had already decided to write a story inspired by my love of all things JRR Tolkien and specifically the Lord of the Rings. The story definitely involves an epic quest, war, love and sacrifice.  Then I was challenged by a group of men in a Bible study group, to include a creator in the story. As one stated there are plenty of stories where evil has a face, but good is some unseen and benign presence.

Let me explain that the Bible is a fantastic source for creating epic stories.  However, I believe in free will and not being judgmental or preachy.  This is a story about the near loss of all life and paradise to evil.  For this I referred to the historical account of the siege of Masada.  Those who are not familiar with the story, it is a story of a band of Jewish rebels who held off a Roman legion at Masada.  These rebels held off the Roman’s for months.  In the end, when the Roman’s had finally stormed the fortress, everyone had been killed by their own kind, with the assumption the final person committed suicide.  They did this to show the Roman’s they would prefer death over slavery and torture.

Now from this story, I formulated the following questions to my story premise:

  1. How was my fantasy world created and how was evil born?
  2. How would one react to be called the Chosen One?
  3. How would you react to those of different races?
  4. Would you lose your faith and denounce your creator if you were the last one standing?
  5. What was the creator’s test for this last person standing?
  6. What if this last person passed the test, what would the creator do next?
  7. What is the purpose an afterlife?

From these questions the chapter outlining began, followed by research and finally writing and editing.  In all, this epic effort took ten years. The core values of the story are contained in a fantasy realm, complete with monsters and demons, and unbelievable accomplishments of the hero.  I can promise you this much, remain faithful to the end and you will be touched.

One final point, this trilogy is about the human family, which includes all of us, our parents, our children, our races and our differences.  Evil works to separate us day and night, and the outcome of their interference is the destruction of us all. Evil leads us to hatred, bigotry, bullying and finally war.  It is the story of the reconciliation of our differences to come together to defeat evil. It is not only allegorical, but topical to our times.  How will we respond?  Will we make the stand for good over evil.  Read the trilogy, think it over and then let’s talk about it.

The Final Battle – End of Times

When I wrote my final book of the trilogy The Chosen One of Allivar – Last Stand of the Living, I wanted to write the largest battle scene possible.  Since my story has to do with mortal and immortals, there are two battles taking place.  The one we can see and the one being played out in the ethereal world.  My story has been confused with biblical stories.  I have made some reference for those that are followers of the bible so that they can relate.  My story is a mythology, not a religious work, which relies on cultural organization and doctrines.  My story is allegorical and is intended to have a moral meaning, but not a religious meaning.  With this in mind, two particular issues in the Book of Revelation spurred my imagination.

The first issue is the coming dread of the armies of the north, in which the prophet proclaims, I heard the size of their army, which was 200 million mounted troops.  Well I don’t know about you, but an army that large would fill the lands and shake its foundations, so I wanted my army lead by seven fallen immortals to destroy the final heavenly world, to be massive beyond comprehension.  In book one, Rise of the Fallen, I give a synopsis of how ten heavenly worlds were created and then how nine were destroyed.  When I say my story is epic in scope, it truly is.  I recall Peter Jackson saying Tolkien had thought the scope of The Lord of the Rings was such that it could never be made into a movie.  Well since this was proven wrong, I wanted to step up the scale for reader visual overload.

The second issue from revelations came from these two sentence “The sea gave up the dead that were in it” and “…the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released…”  One of the most interesting thoughts is a final judgment, where everyone who has ever lived is judged at the end of times.  From this thought, the spirits of the dead that were good in life are retained for some valuable purpose. Now consider the lives of nine other worlds and all that ever lived becoming involved in the final battle. What is their purpose?

Whether you research Revelation, Zoroastrian, Kali Yuga or Ragnarok, the battle at the end of times is essential to the cleansing of the world and the final destruction of evil. The fate of man and the heavens is the primary story.  What do we learn and what could possibly be the purpose of an afterlife?  In the end, no pun intended, I wanted a reader to have an exciting story, but also a thought provoking one as well.  If you were asked to stand for all that you believe in to your final breath, would you give your own life to save your world, or cower to the lies of evil? Will you run, or will you stand with the light of life, or be consumed by darkness unforgiving?

The Ultimate Super Trilogy Book Trailer

I admit fully that my trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar” was inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit” and “The Silmarillion”.  Put all three of these stories together and you can dream for the remainder of your lifetime.  When I completed writing my trilogy I went into the process of creating the digital advertising including book trailers.  I had placed on a to-do list to eventually combine the book trailers into a single “super” book trailer.  This was due in part to the super trilogy movie trailer of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Although I don’t have millions of bucks to pour into production, the goal of my trilogy book trailer is still to draw attention and excitement to the story.  To accomplish this I need powerful wording, some moving imagery and music.  “The Lord of the Rings” super trailer brings us back to the story again and again.  It recalls our feelings for the characters we read about as children, studied in college and watched on the big screen.

It is my hope that some day my trilogy will grace the silver screen too.  I recall observing people who attended all the movies and their reactions. Many tried to hold back tears and crying, they cheered, they shouted “no” when a beloved character found death or pain, they whimpered, and eventually stood and clapped.  They never wanted it to end and even remained seated until the very last credit rolled by.

Even though “The Lord of the Rings” is a fantasy story, it still holds truths of being mortal and the need to live in a free and pure world, where people will reconcile their differences and come to the aid of their fellow man.  I admit as a man, the Charge of the Rohirrim was my most emotional scene.  Comrades knowing they will not see another sunrise, yet rushing into battle to death for the right cause is very moving.

In the final story of my trilogy, “Last Stand of the Living”, characters you have grown to love and found a emotional connection with will also be tested in battle.  When writing the battles scenes, I wanted to exceed the emotions that “The Lord of the Rings” brought to me and other film watchers.  All I need is for people to read the stories and let me know if I succeeded in my attempt.

So take a look at “The Lord of the Rings” super trailer above.  Read my trilogy and watch my super trailer over and over again to reconnect emotionally with a fantasy story that holds many truths.