A Moment of Reflection


May 22, 2013 – I live in Norman, Oklahoma.  As you may have read, our neighbors nine miles to the north were just hit with a devastating tornado.  I am speaking of the May 20, 2013 tornado in Moore, OK.  This tornado had winds higher than 200 miles per hour and was as wide as two miles in some portions of the 40 minutes and 20 miles it remained on the ground.  Our weather channel issued a tornado emergency, which is rarely used.  This was issued with the warning that if you could not get underground, death was likely.  Watch and you can easily understand why this issue to the public was given.

Moore, OK is famous for two other storms:

May 3, 1999 – in which the storm was declared an F5 tornado with winds that reached 318 miles per hour, or the fastest winds ever recorded on planet earth.  Over $2 billion in damages resulted.  This 2013 storm will most likely surpass this.

May 8, 2003 – yet another major tornado swept through the town.

Tornadoes are a fascinating weather phenomena, yet one you only wish to view from a distance.  I was close to one in 1986 in Edmond, OK.  Edmond was also struck on the May 19, 2013 storm.  What I saw in the 1986 storm boggled my mind.  I saw a 2″ by 4″ lumber stud lodged into a tree, with no damage on either end.  Tornado’s can turn the ordinary household item into a missile. My friend in Edmond captured this funnel cloud as it was forming over Edmond on May 19, 2013.  He too was present in the 86 storm and now another one in 2013.  Soon this storm went over I-35 and became more powerful, finally to level Carney, OK.

Many of you might ask, why live there?  No matter where you live on earth, you have the risk for some  form of major catastrophe.  It is just the violent nature of the world we live in.    Our state has many great qualities.  It is part of the bread belt of America.  It is the nation’s wind corridor producing new alternative sources of energy.  It has vast reserves of oil and natural gas. Tornadoes do not happen everyday.

But for me it is the people.  The people of Oklahoma are tough, but caring individuals. On May 20, parents lost children and some children lost parents.  We all lost neighbors and neighborhoods. Did we lose our faith or our determination?  I surely hope not.  I hope those effected by the storms have found comfort from those they do not even know and that generosity overwhelms them.  This is a moment of tragedy, but also a moment for the display of the finest qualities of being human; to recognize that we are all part of one family, trying everyday just to survive.  Most of the times these people we do not know ask no favors from us, but today without asking, we must give back and reflect what if we had traded places?

This tornado began near Newcastle, the sirens went off in my neighborhood, as they had 5 times the night before.  Could this have been me and my family?  Yes, it could have been.  This is why I take not a single moment for granted. Today is not about me, my feelings, or my needs.  It is a day of the needs of others, those that I may have religious or political differences, yet today they have the very basic human needs of food, shelter and clothing.  Will we come to the call for aid of the human family?  I cannot speak for others, but I must offer something, even if it’s just money to buy a blanket or a toy to calm the nerves of very scared child.  They will forever be changed. Events in our lives have a way of giving us deeper reflections of life than what the media focuses on.

Next month I turn 54.  Those 54 years have flown by, but they are flying faster now than ever before.  Yes we suffered a tragedy, but it is also a learning moment that can have a positive impact on our lives.  Take nothing and no one for granted.  Bury your hatreds in the piles of the torn neighborhoods and be reborn to the needs of others.  When you reach out and help another, you will receive blessings in return.  Soon admiration for you will grow and in the hour of your greatest need, those blessings will be returned.  We have suffered a setback, yet the fallen will rise again.


The Cosmic Snowball


Look ma, it’s me!

Last night I found myself in a heated discussion with my daughter over my trilogy.  I am reformatting the stories under my publishing company control and I am going to insert a Prologue.  I truly hate prologues, but apparently we live in a period of time where readers want a snippet of the story before deciding to invest their time and a whopping $2.99.  My trilogy is a mythology, it is not espousing a religion. A mythology, to which there are numerous ones throughout all of human history, deals with the creation story by a god or gods, the interaction of mortals and immortals and the end of times.

She believes my main character is the savior figure – Christ.  First, Christ was God incarnate so that he could communicate with the living. Second, Christ died solely for the purpose of collecting sins to demonstrate God’s love for his creation.  My hero is neither of these. He is as mortal as you or I. Then she had an issue with the word “creation” and insisted her generation could not tolerate the connotation with the word.  Funny how we can watch movies about Perseus and the God Zeus and find enjoyment.  Maybe they have not yet read classical Greek and Roman mythology.

This is where I lost it, sorry, but if our youth cannot bear a story of good versus evil, where good is derived from a creators will, then please read and reread all the erotic vampire and comic book reincarnations of Spider Man to satisfy your intellectual cravings.  An author that sacrifices his story’s integrity to the political correctness of the day, is not much of an author. I was raised in a period of time where skepticism was taught, but that seeking knowledge was encouraged to understand the opposing point of view, we were much more tolerant than we are today.

If the creation aspect of my story reminds you of the bible, it was because I wanted to bring an air of familiarity to those readers of the three major religions of Abraham. This is for marketing purposes only. I have had Christians say it is not a Christian story.  You know what?  You are right – it is not, nor has ever been intended to be a Christian story.  But I think Christians might just enjoy it immensely and give cause for discussion.  We supposedly live in a period where racial tolerance is sought.  Guess what, my story deals with this.  People will line up and spend their paychecks watching Avatar over and over again, and then have to visit their shrinks because they wish we lived in a world where the environment and habitat of others is respected and protected.  Guess what, my story deals with this too. It deals with the human condition, especially family, in a mythological setting with an allegory of the troubles we find in our world today.  Will we humans do what is right and good to save this world?

Did anyone ever wonder who Gandalf  was and where he came from? Guess what, Tolkien has a creation story too, yet we love his creation and wish for more.

“There was Eru, The One, who in Arda is called Iluvatar; and he made the first Ainur, The Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made.” – The Silmarillion.

Notice the word “made”, now does this offend you?  Or would you prefer manufacture?  Certainly we can’t have “The One”, or “The Unseen”, or “The Lord of Light and Life.”  And please remove “The Holy Ones” for our youth’s delicate sensibilities.

My point is simple and to the point, I inserted the creation story as context and support for all other stories that will follow, nineteen in all.

If anything regarding spirituality and spiritual beings offends you, then maybe a new breed of author should arrive and write that you are nothing more than a collection of dirty molecules that rode around the great galaxy on a cosmic snowball.  Then you crashed and a new world was made, sorry, manufactured, and your molecules shifted and changed until you became sludge, then a fish, then an ape, and then evolved in all knowing political animal.  Now for me that would be pretty boring and not challenging for the mind.

Oh and please never question the origin of good or evil in Star Wars, Harry Potter, or other books and movies, it just might lead you on a quest to the realm of independent thought and discussion of what we are.  But if you are ready for a story, forged more along the lines of Lord of The Rings, then satisfy your curiosity and then send me a message if you want to calmly discuss issues of the entire story, etc. And if the review of a 14 year old female assists, here is what she had to say:

“It took a while for me to truly get into the book, but after the first few chapters, I was hooked! I loved how detailed the first few chapters were. The author gave me a great view of the history of the wonderful universe. I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan, but I have to say that this was 100 times better than the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion combined! The races of Allivar’s living beings are much more creative than elves, men, dwarves, hobbits, etc. I think that even if you were a person who doesn’t really care for fiction/fantasy, you would still be hooked on this book and perhaps change your opinion on those types of genres.”

Have a great weekend.

The Value of Time


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” —Mark Twain

My wife posted this quote today on her Facebook page. As usual it stoke the fires of my imagination of the time I have left in life,  and of the stories that I will finish before my life lapses. From this quote I created my own that will appear in my current mythological story, the fourth of nineteen.

“There is nothing more of value to the mortal than time, and time well spent. All possessions, accomplishments and domination over others ultimately falls into a never ending darkness and sorrow.” 

Stop and think about this for one second. When the twin towers of 9/11 fell, all those that lost loved ones would most likely sacrifice all the worldly possessions for more time with those they lost. We rush to build another tower to replace the two fallen and in the new tower of steel and glass we pour our memory of the fallen and pride against our enemies. What if they should fall again? We live in very dangerous times where a new sickness is taking hold, yet we refuse to see.

In the song, Dust in the Wind by Kansas, there is a simple lyric that rings true, “All we do crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see.”

This is then followed by,Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky. It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy.”

To some this is a depressing song.  To me it is as inspiring as the quote by Mark Twain.  As Gandalf might say, the world is out there, it is not in the books, maps, video games, smartphone apps, homes, cars and other worldly possessions. When did we sacrifice reality for virtual reality? Central to theme of my mythology is the difference between the worlds of the mortal and immortal. Tolkien in the Silmarillion stated the mortals were given a gift.  That gift is knowing the fleeting nature of life and how every moment should not be wasted.

Should we work our entire adulthood merely resigned to the comfort of a padded retirement account where a large portion may pass to the next generation?  How much does happiness cost?  Would you trade all your possessions for one opportunity to live on a beach, to hear the never ending sound of the crashing of waves, and the sensation of warm salt water and sand rushing through your toes?  What would you trade to have the sight of tropical vegetation appear before you year round?  What is the value of trade winds blowing through your home and to have no wrestling with the A/C, and then waiting for the late afternoon shower of rain that cools the air and replenishes the ground?  This is what calls out to my soul.

Most people I know are still in the career aspect of their lives.  Many have passed from disease and heart failure.  They enjoy going to loud basketball games or enjoy cocktails at loud restaurants.  Me?  To each his own, but for me I am recharging the mind and body for the final days of discovery.  I want no time wasted, no regrets, no sorrow for the time I was given.  Should I die in my early sixties from a rambunctious journey of rediscovery, then so be it.  Sitting around watching the 24 hour news cycle in anticipation of evil’s next move, arguing over the lies of politicians, playing video games, watching videos on the smartphone is a waste of my valuable and limited time. So is the need to experience an altered world through alcohol or drug abuse. When I am physically unable to enjoy the natural world, created for enjoyment and discovery, then I will have all the time in the world to finally reread the classics, write more books and rediscover the artist in me.

For 33 years I have dedicated the entirety of my soul to being the best professional I can be.  At the height of that, I thought I had made it to the top of my ladder, only to discover, there is so much more on the other side of  The Wall (Another Kansas Lyrical Classic.)  The value of mortal time became apparent to me.  The photo above is of me and my son when we took time and went caving.  This venture of discovery cost a whopping $8.  With us were my son’s future brother and sister in-laws, and his future wife.  To me, this was a priceless moment, one memory that cannot be destroyed by the vain attempts of man, but only the passing of this mortal life. Somehow I will find a way to include the following thoughts into my stories.


We ventured into the darkness, not knowing if we should encounter danger or the end of our time, yet our souls ached for the discovery. In the darkness we were fully aware of our other often disregarded senses. Yet, even though some fear ran through the course of our veins, life followed behind fear, like an army overrunning the enemy, until fear had been defeated and we stood yet again before the light. And in the light we rejoiced for the moments that had just passed, wishing time had marched to a slower beat.  We were united as one in our simple quest. At the moment light returned to me, I realized I was truly alive and that true happiness surrounded me.  It is our mortal nature to cherish these moments and to set out on the next great adventure, for time knows not, nor cares for your future desires.

Coffee Chaos – May 2013 Edition (Children)

Coffee Chaos The Monthly Journal

Coffee Chaos
The Monthly Journal

We have been watching our grandson while our daughter-in-law continues in Dental School.  She will be responsible for taking care of the chaos in my mouth for the remainder of my life.  Part of that chaos is surely attributable to my love of coffee.  For a very long time neither of my children liked coffee.  As a matter of fact, they thought my wife and I were crazy.  Well we are, but that is beside the point.  Now that they are both adults, they have learned to love coffee.  My daughter who is 25 and SINGLE is going to dental hygiene school.  Between her and my daughter-in-law, my mouth should be well taken care of.

However, they are now loving my Colombian Supremo beans a little too much.  My son stops by each morning to drop off my grandson and has a large cup as we discuss the daily drudgery of being accountants.  I now know why they call us bean counters, because I am starting to count the depletion of my Colombian Supremo bean inventory with great angst and anxiety. We are now up to three pots in the morning and our commercial coffee grinder is being put to the test and depreciating rapidly.  We are already on a monthly shipment of the beans from Coffee for Less. I hope they see I’m a good referral source and ship one free 100 pound bag to me this month.  One can hope right? Then my daughter now has her own Keurig machine, but still consumes MY supply.

Now I love my kids, but they are making me draw the line. Kids or beans, beans or kids?  Whoever said children are a blessing should have their beans removed for a month. Then let’s see how they truly feel?  It’s enough to make a parent become a closet coffee addict and hide from the children coffee conspiracy.  Now our time of watching our grandson ends this next week and my supply of beans will stop depleting as rapidly.  My son will have to find his caffeine fix somewhere else.

This leaves me only with the issue of my daughter.  If there are any rich doctors, dentists or computer engineers seeking a beautiful, fun loving, and intelligent soul mate – puhleeeeze reply to this post. I’m taking applications and interviews for a son-in-law. Those with saggy pants need not apply. Attach photos of your coffee accessories and bean supply. I will make exception for Starbucks franchise owners or employees of Coffee for Less.  I’ll even throw in the 100 pounds of beans Coffee for Less ships me as her dowry.


Are you reading this Coffee for Less?  Geez, gratitude for shameless promotion is so hard to find these days. Oh the chaos that coffee brings to world.  Yes I am very shameless, but hey, every bean counts.

What madness has coffee brought to your family?

The Man Flick


I just had to write this, because I had to sit through Under the Tuscan Sun, again, about a woman with a new life in Italy. The character runs into the man of her dreams, but is set back, when he turns away from her because of a perceived lack of interest. In the end everything comes out perfect.  My wife and daughter refer to this as a great chick flick.  I call it Lord of the Wedding Rings – a high epic fantasy.

As a wide-open family, we discuss everything and I mean everything.  Part of this is so we can talk about human nature, our weaknesses and the path towards self perfection.  I try with all my heart to explain how some men truly feel and how the movies do not accurately reflect some of our thoughts.  We are not all beasts obsessed with breasts and sex.  Here are my points about men and romance  that I tried to convey to my daughter:

  1. Men want to be great lovers.  Let’s face it, women advertise with makeup and clothing that suggest they are more obsessed with sex than men.  Men are also attracted to women with great attitudes and sense of humor.  Yes we are physically attracted to gorgeous women with nice figures, but here’s another secret,
  2. Men are extremely jealous.  We do not want to share the one we love with others.  When we marry and make that lifelong commitment, we want a more conservative public appearance.  We can’t stand it when the one we love has single male friends.  Sorry, jealousy works both ways.
  3. We are not consumed by thoughts of women.  I asked my wife and daughter about Twilight and why Bella was not concerned for her soul and the unhealthy obsession with Edward?  I admit to reading all of book one and just a little of book two.  I did this to gain perspective to be an effective male author. Men are more consumed by achieving goals.  Unfortunately today many young men are too consumed with beating video games than much else.  Who can end this?  That’s right, you ladies can. One thing men can be consumed by is the number of lovers in a woman’s life.  When our love life is not as we hoped for, we begin to think about what others might have done and if they are on your mind.  Men, believe it or not, want a virgin not because of the sexual connotation of being the first, but of being the only. Anytime a woman comes on strong we are faced with extreme temptation and sometimes men fail.
  4. Men want a companion.  We want someone who will exercise with us, engage in outdoor activities, etc. In return we give a portion of ourselves to your interest.
  5. Men want conversation and evaluation.  Yes we love to talk, but not just about your emotions, fashions and home accessories all the time.  I will freely admit my wife and I had marriage counseling.  At the heart of the matter was communication and the expression of our deepest thoughts without having to go into defense mode.  Men hate two things in the communication process – Silence and Criticism. Go back to the first item above.  How can a man be a great lover if his mate is not communicating what she likes and dislikes? We men are not mind readers and we are not supplied with a “How to” manual.  You’ve heard the term nagging of course.  That is direct criticism.  Instead of demeaning the man, uplift him with words of encouragement like, “I love how you pick up after yourself.”  In turn, tell him that is what you want to hear as well.
  6. Men want to feel like a man.  Ever notice how men change with fads?  We are impressionable too.  We shave our body hair, try a new hair style, shave our head, add tattoos, whatever it is we think women are attracted to at that moment in time.  We have our own insecurities and doubts of self worth. For example, I tried desperately to learn Disco.  Luckily for me my wife to be wasn’t into Disco.  We want to feel as though we are strong for a purpose, to be the protector of our mate.  Allowing us to feel this way keeps our ego and our body fit.  Compliment a man on his exercise routine, pinch his buttocks every so often and he will return the compliments.
  7. A Tiger in the Bedroom.  Do you recall My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the mother tells her daughter to be a tiger in the bedroom?  That my readers is wisdom. Men are not looking for Porn Stars.  We are easily visually stimulated, but we love an air of mystery.  Need to gain our attention?  Walk into the bedroom in new lingerie and I guarantee you will gain a man’s attention.  In the movie Under The Tuscan Sun Diane Lane’s character goes home and revels in the sex she just had.  Why not do this in front of the man?  Why not tell him, “Wow you are a GREAT lover!”  The guy would grin and think to himself, “Wow I really did it!” Refer back to number one above. We want to please our mate.
  8. Learn to say “NO.” Men do in fact respect women who set the limits.  If you want to see a change in men, learn to respect yourself first.
  9. Men HATE being trapped.  The absolute worst thing a woman can do to a man is to use sex as a means of commitment.  We do figure this out eventually and deep resentment and anger will set in. You can live a lie by giving a man as much sex after the rings are exchanged, but we can figure this out as well. Go back to number 8.
  10. Have a Deeper Sense of Yourself.  This week we watched together Life of Pi.  I made the remark that I never recalled watching a flick where the woman was questioning the deep meanings of life and her role in it. Hopefully someone can lead me to a movie or book of similar nature.  Recall how we like conversation?  Engage in something that tells your mate who you are deep inside.

Why do men love Lord of the Rings?  It is a a true man flick.  Aragorn is the man we admire the most.  He loves and loves deeply, not just protecting Arwen by leaving her, but the world around him and his fellow man.  I truly miss the movies of our past where men and women displayed grace and mutual respect.  Seems to me we are flooded with movies that are just nags, telling us of how bad we and life are.

Hopefully more movies and stories will be told that reveal the inner beauty of being man and woman, so that we can come to a point where we understand each other and work diligently for long and meaningful relationships.  These are the ones I want to watch or read. It is said an author writes because he cannot find the stories that interest him. The Chosen One of Allivar is one of the stories I hope one day people will again want to read with a passion.

My wife and I have been married for 33 years.  I’d lay down my life for her.  She is my best friend and companion, my lover and my queen and I would do everything in my power for her happiness and well being. This just didn’t happen, it requires a hell of a lot of work with open and honest communication.  I hope everyone is allowed to experience this kind of love and commitment.  This is reality, not a fantasy, or a wish list of selfish demands, but the commitment of a real man, “I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.”

If you are looking for a good man, or to become a good man, set the standard of your expectations and be true to yourself first.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated.

Why You Should Read My Trilogy – Spoiler Alert


I just finished watching the Life of Pi and was moved deeply by the story. I have the book on my Kindle, but can’t seem to find the time to sit and read as I fulfill my professional duties and the little time remaining to writing.  The story to me is an exploration in faith, not necessarily about religion.  One can have a belief in a creator and not have a religion.  In my trilogy, the Kassaran race, which I relate to those of Asian races, practice the Jita, a form of spiritual meditation.  All the races on Allivar believe in the one creator, The Unseen, but how they practice their faith differs.

Since its release in late 2011, my mythological trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, has slowly garnered reader attention.  Many books have a prologue meant to entice a reader at the very beginning.  I chose not to include this, but an author’s note instead.  By including a prologue, the secrets embedded in the story are given up.  For those readers who cannot wait for the conclusion, I give it you now:

“The Lord of All has heard your cries. He has brought all the powers of the heavens against his foes. Witness them now and rejoice. The Lord has come to stand for you and you shall doubt no more.”

This pronouncement is given by the hero Arimar who appears when hope is all but lost.  He arrives at a pivotal moment with the armies of the seven mortal races and the armies of the ethereal world – the Armies of Light.  They converge upon the forces of evil. Here, the creator, The Unseen, The Lord of Light and Life, also engages in the decisive battle against evil.  Let me detail the themes of this epic adventure story for you to decide if the $2.99 price per eBook is worth your time.

Faith and History

This is a story about faith in something greater than oneself.  If you have no interest in such stories, thanks for reading this far. The first nine chapters of book one are devoted to the establishment of a mythical universe and the fall of immortals on nine of the ten heavenly worlds created.  This also chronicles the rise of evil through a condensed history, so that the real story can then begin. I often refer to these chapters as my “Silmarillion”, or J.R.R. Tolkien’s origin story.  Where did everything come from? How did we get to this point in the hero’s journey?  Context to me is very important in any story I read.

These first few chapters involve the origin of moral behavior and the concept that even the creator had to determine if life itself was worthy.  Those who are of one of the three religions of Abraham will definitely see many similarities.  But it is not a story of Christianity, Judaism or Islam. If you believe a story involving faith cannot be exciting or deeply moving, like the Life of Pi, then I hope to prove you wrong. In the end, I place myself into the mind of the mythical creator which provides a viewpoint I have never read. Therefore the story is unique and original.  However, I am not pushing any religion with all their rules and institutions, just the concepts of morality, mortality and immortality.

Free Will

The story revolves around the theme of free will and the consequences of our actions. Therefore it is also a thinking readers story.  If you like stories that are entertaining and philosophical in nature, you may truly enjoy this journey.  I did not write the story to question anyone’s beliefs or values.

Action, Battles and War

As the Lord of the Rings became progressively more exciting, so does my trilogy. Book one has action, but is mostly character and plot development. Book two ratchets the action and introduces more characters. Book three involves the greatest battle scene you may ever read, with continuing twist and turns.  Readers who have dared to complete the trilogy stated they were exhausted emotionally, as was my intent. As the excerpt above states “you shall doubt no more.” It is also a story on the futility of war.

Death and Resurrection

Like the Game of Thrones, I spare no character.  The story is about life, death and what might be a purpose of an afterlife.  I will say no more on this, because the ending would truly be ruined.  As Gandalf is brought back to life by the Valar to finish his task, so are characters in my story.  Death and resurrection are key themes to an epic hero’s story that evoke our deepest emotions. So if you feel the word resurrection applies only to Christian stories, do not read the story.

Emotional Attachment

I purposely set out to make a reader cry numerous times.  I do this by creating an emotional attachment to one or more characters, no matter your age. There is one character who I put more effort in than any other, Bothar, a gentle giant who has child-like thinking and mannerisms, and knows nothing more than wanting to be good and help. He is the representation of the best ideals of mankind.  I freely admit to crying while watching the Life of Pi.  It is story that will stay with me forever.  It is my hope this one will also make that mark on the reader.


This a story regarding life as we know it, complete with hatreds and prejudices. It is story of racial reconciliation and living together as one human family.  It is often said that we don’t know what we had until it is gone.  This applies not only to family, but the loss of paradise.  In places, the story line is brutally honest.  We cannot hide from the ugliness of life, all we can do is to stand against it and support one another.


It is a story with a major theme of family, not just our immediate family members, but of the entire human family which we take for granted. Allivar means – “The One Family.”

Monsters and Demons

The book involves the interaction between the forces of good and evil.  Therefore, central to the heroic tale is the battle with seemingly superior forces of evil’s creation or as a result of punishment by the Unseen.  As with any mythology there must be a narrative on the origin of the demons and monsters.

Love and Romance

Love is depicted throughout this story.  The main romance between Arimar and Elissia is a unique one that I hope both men and women can appreciate, for it involves an altruistic love.  At the center of Arimar’s love is his faith which guides him to the completion of the task given to him by the creator.  He must sacrifice his love for Elissia until he has completed his task.  Elissia too has to sacrifice her love for Arimar.


Whether it is the conflict between the creator and the immortals, or the conflict of love over duty, or the conflict over our relationships with one another, conflict is a major theme of the story.  How do the characters overcome their weaknesses and rise to heroic feats?


All great heroes or heroines sacrifice their own needs for a greater good.  In the end, they are usually rewarded or they carry a great burden. What will Arimar’s fate be?

Justice, Forgiveness and Redemption

It is a story that ends with justice and forgiveness of many characters actions who hold on to the smallest of their faith.


I love reading books where I can say, “Wow, I never saw that coming.”  I can promise you this much, you may spend a lifetime tracing the clues I embedded.  I spent 10 years in the writing of this story, all 273,000 words of it, attempting to provide meaning or purpose for almost every sentence.

A Unique and Conclusive Ending

I do not like stories that leave me hanging.  I wanted a conclusive ending with very little questions unanswered.  Because it is constructed as a mythology, it has the elements of mortal creation, history, and end of times. What sets my story apart is the message given by the creator to the world of the living.

There you have it.  A story constructed around the basic themes present in all great epic adventures.  If you are looking for something new, give my stories a try. If you have questions before or after the story, contact me.

The trilogy is constructed so that future stories are not necessary for their enjoyment. If you like them and want more, just know the Chronicles Series is what awaits you next.  Sixteen stories to chronicle the condensed history of the nine fallen worlds and six for the ages of Allivar.  The final book, The Age of Light, will chronicle the behind the scenes story of the gathering of the seven armies and the armies of light as they appear in the final battle.

So if you enjoy the world of Middle-earth, mythology, and an exploration of faith such as the Life of Pi, you should give my trilogy a try.


For the Love of my Daughter


My daughter believes my blog needs a little less dash of bacon and more dashes of fashion.  She gave me this photo and challenged me to write something humorous about it.  Where can I possibly start?  For once I was almost speechless, well, fingerless since this is a blog.  I think this was PhotoShopped, PhotoHijacked, or something. Well, for the love of my daughter here is my best attempt at fashion humor.

Zis is Eduardo Hancho Pancho Gerard Bove reporting live from zee Milan Fazhion unz Munzter Truckz Zhow.  Today we have zum unique fazhionz to dizplay to zee wurld – Yaz! Oh my wurdz, hold zee phonzee, here’s come zee muzt unzeexpected entry zis yur. (Okay enough of the Mexican Austrian French accent – it isn’t working for me.)

Surely Shirley the Wookie wouldn’t be caught dead on the streets of ole Gay Paris with this outfit.  I mean really, look at those knobby knees, puhleeeze!  And that terribly silly ball bag, look at the color clash with her Romanesque style sandals.  Besides, you lay down the bag and it rolls away. Designers these days!

And that dress! Gag me with a forklift, it looks like a beat down Idaho potato sack bag from Caddy Shack running away on the runway.  Even Cat’s won’t tolerate this on their catwalk.


Caddy Shack Cat Attack on Tacky Catwalk
Tacky Model Hack in Caddy Shack Idaho Potato Sack

See, I paid attention to Dr. Seuss’ therapy sessions – “I like green eggs and ham,” said Sam I am.  Yet, I digress as usual.  Dr. Seuss said I had ODD.

Finally look at the horrible necklace, she might as well use it as a noose, or binding for the hay on the farm.  Other than that, that’s my fashionista’s best review. Oh the face, the scalp and the beard – I’m so sorry. I just noticed it was aunt Mabel Sue from Arkansas.  Hi aunt Mabel Sue, hi!  Why is she running back? She didn’t even notice me, that unfriendly hussy.  Besides she has no fashion sense.

Only yours truly, Eduardo Hancho Pancho Gerard Bove has any fashion common sense.  Here’s  a taste of the fashion styles for 2013.

Eduardo Hancho Pancho

Christmas Collection

And for common sense home attire:

At Home Collection

Casual Home Collection

Finally, for the sporty types:

Sports Fashion Collection

Sports Fashion Collection

Is that funny enough my loving daughter?  What? You say you want a name change and to be put up for adoption!  But you are 25 years old my darling sweet pea.

Well that shut her up.

Anz thiz iz Eduardo Hancho Pancho Gerard Bove zaying zo long from zee Milan Fazhion unz Munzter Truckz Zhow – Yaz! Zzzzzzzzzzz