Hope for the Human Family


At the heart of my mythology is a story of the mortal family including our races, our young, our old and those that are so much very different from ourselves.

I created the character Bothar, a giant who is not fully developed mentally. Arimar selects Bothar to be his guide on his journey. He is the seventh son of the seventh generation of the race of Bermules. Arimar sees in him what others do not. Yet, it is his simple nature and gentle mind that endears all to him – to always do good, no matter the cost.

Watch this video.

The boy in this story is the metaphorical embodiment of Bothar. Also watch carefully how one child reacts. In the final book of the trilogy, Last Stand of the Living, this was the reaction I worked so hard over three stories to achieve.

We do not always understand why certain people come into our lives. They change our lives for the better and rise to the stature of giant. And when we realize that the human family must work as one, we will have peace at last.


The Cosmic Snowball


Look ma, it’s me!

Last night I found myself in a heated discussion with my daughter over my trilogy.  I am reformatting the stories under my publishing company control and I am going to insert a Prologue.  I truly hate prologues, but apparently we live in a period of time where readers want a snippet of the story before deciding to invest their time and a whopping $2.99.  My trilogy is a mythology, it is not espousing a religion. A mythology, to which there are numerous ones throughout all of human history, deals with the creation story by a god or gods, the interaction of mortals and immortals and the end of times.

She believes my main character is the savior figure – Christ.  First, Christ was God incarnate so that he could communicate with the living. Second, Christ died solely for the purpose of collecting sins to demonstrate God’s love for his creation.  My hero is neither of these. He is as mortal as you or I. Then she had an issue with the word “creation” and insisted her generation could not tolerate the connotation with the word.  Funny how we can watch movies about Perseus and the God Zeus and find enjoyment.  Maybe they have not yet read classical Greek and Roman mythology.

This is where I lost it, sorry, but if our youth cannot bear a story of good versus evil, where good is derived from a creators will, then please read and reread all the erotic vampire and comic book reincarnations of Spider Man to satisfy your intellectual cravings.  An author that sacrifices his story’s integrity to the political correctness of the day, is not much of an author. I was raised in a period of time where skepticism was taught, but that seeking knowledge was encouraged to understand the opposing point of view, we were much more tolerant than we are today.

If the creation aspect of my story reminds you of the bible, it was because I wanted to bring an air of familiarity to those readers of the three major religions of Abraham. This is for marketing purposes only. I have had Christians say it is not a Christian story.  You know what?  You are right – it is not, nor has ever been intended to be a Christian story.  But I think Christians might just enjoy it immensely and give cause for discussion.  We supposedly live in a period where racial tolerance is sought.  Guess what, my story deals with this.  People will line up and spend their paychecks watching Avatar over and over again, and then have to visit their shrinks because they wish we lived in a world where the environment and habitat of others is respected and protected.  Guess what, my story deals with this too. It deals with the human condition, especially family, in a mythological setting with an allegory of the troubles we find in our world today.  Will we humans do what is right and good to save this world?

Did anyone ever wonder who Gandalf  was and where he came from? Guess what, Tolkien has a creation story too, yet we love his creation and wish for more.

“There was Eru, The One, who in Arda is called Iluvatar; and he made the first Ainur, The Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made.” – The Silmarillion.

Notice the word “made”, now does this offend you?  Or would you prefer manufacture?  Certainly we can’t have “The One”, or “The Unseen”, or “The Lord of Light and Life.”  And please remove “The Holy Ones” for our youth’s delicate sensibilities.

My point is simple and to the point, I inserted the creation story as context and support for all other stories that will follow, nineteen in all.

If anything regarding spirituality and spiritual beings offends you, then maybe a new breed of author should arrive and write that you are nothing more than a collection of dirty molecules that rode around the great galaxy on a cosmic snowball.  Then you crashed and a new world was made, sorry, manufactured, and your molecules shifted and changed until you became sludge, then a fish, then an ape, and then evolved in all knowing political animal.  Now for me that would be pretty boring and not challenging for the mind.

Oh and please never question the origin of good or evil in Star Wars, Harry Potter, or other books and movies, it just might lead you on a quest to the realm of independent thought and discussion of what we are.  But if you are ready for a story, forged more along the lines of Lord of The Rings, then satisfy your curiosity and then send me a message if you want to calmly discuss issues of the entire story, etc. And if the review of a 14 year old female assists, here is what she had to say:

“It took a while for me to truly get into the book, but after the first few chapters, I was hooked! I loved how detailed the first few chapters were. The author gave me a great view of the history of the wonderful universe. I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan, but I have to say that this was 100 times better than the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion combined! The races of Allivar’s living beings are much more creative than elves, men, dwarves, hobbits, etc. I think that even if you were a person who doesn’t really care for fiction/fantasy, you would still be hooked on this book and perhaps change your opinion on those types of genres.”

Have a great weekend.

A Review of Les Miserables


I have seen two movie versions of Les Miserables.  One with Liam Neeson and the other with Hugh Jackman.  Both versions provide a moving story based on the book, which I have yet to read. The most recent one, a musical, I have to admit annoyed me at times with the constant singing instead of some normal dialogue.  However, what I enjoyed immensely about the musical, more than the movie, is the ending.

In this day and age people vilify anything associated with God and Faith.  I am a man of faith.  I am just not a man of religious institutions. My relationship with my maker is a direct and private one.  I want my daily walk and talk to be the testimony of my faith.  To do all that I can while living to help those around me and to reach for self perfection, of which, I’ll never obtain.  I recently watched and was equally moved with Life of Pi.  I hope more stories with spiritual themes are made.  These are the ones I enjoy immensely.

I took this snippet from Wikipedia, which explains Hugo’s structure of the story.

The book which the reader has before him at this moment is, from one end to the other, in its entirety and details … a progress from evil to good, from injustice to justice, from falsehood to truth, from night to day, from appetite to conscience, from corruption to life; from bestiality to duty, from hell to heaven, from nothingness to God. The starting point: matter, destination: the soul. The hydra at the beginning, the angel at the end.

One of the most powerful statements in the lyrics to the songs was contained in the finale.

To love another person is to see the face of god.

I was deeply moved with the ending scene of Valjean passing on to be with the dead and just, and to stand united as one.  In the movie with Liam Neeson, Cosette merely fled to London, and Valjean walked away.  I assume because those involved with that version would rather leave out the reference to redemption and salvation.  Because of that exclusion, I prefer the musical version.  Anne Hathaway’s singing of I dreamed a dream as the character Fantine is obviously a tear-jerker. Hugh Jackman gave a much more emotional touch to Valjean’s character, than did Liam Neeson.  I was also touched by the character of  Éponine, excluded from the Neeson version. I will at some point in the very near future find time to read the book and catch all that Hugo embedded into the story.  I still struggle understanding Javert, but I prefer Geoffrey Rush’s acting over Russell Crowe’s.

In my trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, the story is primarily concerned with evil, redemption and resurrection. Although completely fictional, set in an epic high fantasy, the story confronts the basic themes of the human struggle. There is no reference to any organized religion or Jesus Christ.  In my story, Glyneth, the mother of Terrian and Telluria, had been a prostitute and was judged harshly by her son Terrian.  In the final battle, Glyneth stands with her son and daughter, knowing death is upon them all, she makes the following statement to him and he discovers his mother had not given his sister over to prostitution,

“I know you do not understand that. Sometimes mothers have to do the unspeakable for their children. I wish I had other choices. Please accept me now, for I offer my body a second time with the hope that through some wonder you both can live.”

She kissed her son and turned to the direction the enemy would appear. Deep inside Terrian finally understood the sacrifice of dignity his mother had made for him and his sister. He forgave her and begged the Lord to forgive her as well.

Here, a mother is willing to sacrifice not only once, but twice, for she so loved her children more than herself. Here, the meaning of loving another allows us to see the face of God rings powerful. There is also another section where a mother sacrifices in a different and even more heart-wrenching manner. How my story ends should be equally as touching for a  reader. Many of the classic stories in history have a basic theme of justice, sacrifice and redemption. We may not understand the ways of our maker, but we learn that it is only our maker who knows the soul and can grant redemption.

Les Miserables will forever be etched into my mind as one the greatest stories of history past, present and future.  If you enjoyed Les Miserables, give my trilogy a try and stay loyal to the very end.  Do not prejudge it, it may pleasantly surprise you.

I can, I will and I did

I just finished watching Les Miserables.  Something struck me from the lyrics to the song, “I dreamed a dream” which ended with, ” Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.”

This last week I came to the realization that it is not life itself that kills the dreams of dreamers, but people.  I subscribe to various websites, blogs and Facebook pages about writing and publishing.  My sister has a masters degree in creative writing.  Every step of the way I took from the year 2000 to the present was to live a dream of becoming a writer.  I have a vivid imagination. I day-dream of stories that entertain me and I want to share that imagination with others. Over ten years I wrote and completed the epic high fantasy trilogy, The Chosen One of AllivarI can, I will and I did.

Article after article tells the dreamers that if you are not one of them, the highly educated perfectionist in writing and grammar, then you are vain and self absorbed.  When did the simple enjoyment of telling a story become vain?  Who sets the rules?  Self publishing technology has opened the doors for those of us who are story tellers.  We have no goals of becoming a teacher, a doctorate or member of an elite club where people congratulate each other over their own self accomplishments.  Now, who are the vain again?  How many books, other than academic, have many of these people actually written and shared with the world?  I can, I will and I did.

Life is not always about perfection, but the pursuit of perfection.  We will never obtain it.  If you have a story in your mind, it will never be perfect.  Why?  Because their are seven billion people in this world that will have a differing viewpoint that they want to inject into your story.  To compensate for their own inabilities they trash your story, your grammar and anything they can including the easy cop out of calling you a vain author.  Those that do this stand before mirror of self pity and envy.  It is how they compensate for their own fear of rejection because they cannot tolerate how in the world no one can see their perfection.  Let me tell you, I’m not perfect, my stories have flaws, but did they entertain you?  That is truly the question.  Did my stories give you pause to consider humanity and uplift you in a period of history where so much conflict exists, where degrading our fellow man or woman is now considered entertainment?  I want to write different stories.  I can, I will and I did.

Some of you might think that I am a starving writer.  I am CPA, an investment advisor, a technology consultant and now a licensed realtor.  These professional designations is what feeds my family. I have climbed the ladders to the top of the various walls.  On the other side are countless opportunities to experience more in life.  There was nothing to prevent me from experiencing all that I have, because I had the will to do so. I can, I will and I did.

In 1998, I went independent and have been ever since. Has it been a fairy tale?  Hell no. There were those I was employed by who controlled my career, who held me back, who never mentored or offered encouragement.  Why?  Let’s face it, businesses make money when they control those that perform most of the work.  They retain enough knowledge so that you cannot outshine and replace them, or attempt to go independent.  They further justify their agenda by convincing you that their management of your work is what will bring you success.  Does this sound familiar?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments and articles by those in the publishing industry, who rant and rave about how poor the grammar is of self published authors and the justification for their services. I chose to be an independent author simply to tell a story and control my destiny.  To date, I’ve made a few thousand dollars from my efforts, which some will say is not a success.  I’ve not won any awards or accolades, or have been patted on the back by fellow writers, including those in my own family.  Who defines my happiness and self worth of accomplishment and success?  Is money the only measurement?  Is a plastic award, a paper certificate, or trophy what you seek?  Is it the inclusion in some monthly newsletter or trade journal that you seek?  Is it the trips to writers conferences in the Bahamas you seek?  Whatever it is go for it!  Just do not belittle those that have a simple dream. Life is hard enough without all the human induced misery. Separate yourself from those that choose to live life dictated by others and those absorbed with the word “Can’t.”  I can, I will and I did.

I dreamed a dream of one day, before my death, of writing an uplifting and inspiring story, because I can, I will and I did.  My success can be summed up in the words of a 14 year old aspiring author,

“I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan, but I have to say that this was 100 times better than the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion combined!”

Should I die tomorrow, there is my accomplishment, there is my reward.  I was loyal to myself. I used my own capital and took the risk to live my dream.  So next time you stand before the mirror of self doubt because someone called you vain, remind yourself that it is you who controls your destiny and then boldly proclaim – I can, I will and I did.


The Other “F” Word – Bran Brand Bombs

Please - no bran today!  I beg of you.

Please! No bran today. I beg of you.

I always watch my blog statistics to see what people are interested in reading.  Appears Farts are leading the interest of our intellect craving nation, well, other than sex.  Today’s commentary has to do with the inappropriate branding and nutrition information of cereals that have fiber as an ingredient.  There needs to a rating on each box on the fart bombs the cereal might produce.  The rating scale should be from FF1 to FF5. This may sound very similar to the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale,  but it is actually the Flatulence Flatline Scale.  The scale at which the human generated hydrogen sulfide gas content can actually kill you. We have not tested, nor plan to test wind speeds. Should you ever see a text message that includes this acronym; WTFF5, please come to that person’s rescue immediately.  I love how environmentalists blame methane on cows. The poor bovines weren’t eating human processed fiber foods.

Cereal should also be titled appropriately. For example, a cereal named “Cracklin Fart Bran” is certainly more informative.  Hey, we all love cracklin farts, which only rank an FF1. You may think this sounds absurd and childishly silly.  Those who are in their 20’s don’t need fiber; they just need love, energy drinks, tattoos and sex to survive, now that’s silly.  Let me tell you, a day is coming where you and fiber will become intimate friends.  This brings me to one of my favorites – Fiber One.  I love this breakfast bar brand, but my wife believes it should be branded – Fiber OMG, WTFF5, Run For The Hills Bran Bomb.  These potent bars are FF5 capable, trust me.  You want a sandy beach to yourself?  Eat a box before venturing onto the beach.  Add lots of water, the hot sun, and presto! Empty beach.  Oh and be sure to have a dog or cow on standby to lay blame, if they are still standing, and a port-o-pottie.

Here is my idea of the top 10 brands that need rebranding and the appropriate FF bomb disclosure:

  1. Coo Coo for Cocoa Poots – FF1
  2. Fruit Loopy Toots – FF1
  3. Captain Crunchy Colon Cleanser – FF2
  4. Captain Crunchy Colon Cleanser with PushBerries and Peanut Butter – FF3
  5. Trixx’s Bran Bomb – Requires finger pulling for FF scale meter reader. Watch out, it can be trixxy.
  6. Cracklin Fart Bran – FF1
  7. Raisin Bran Bombs – FF5
  8. Raisin Bran and Nuts Bombs – FF5+
  9. Raisin Bran Multi-Grain and Nuts Bombs – FF5 Turbo+
  10. All Bran Bombs – (FF Nuclear Option)

Now there’s not just cereal, but there are also bars and toaster tarts:

  1. Popfarts – FF1
  2. Fartnation Instant Fodder Bars – FF3
  3. Nutri-Nuclear Grains Bar – (FF Nuclear Option in a Bar)
  4. Fiber One Triple Flutter Bars – FF5
  5. Quakering Oats Breakfast Bars – FF5
  6. Natures Foggy Valley Total Grain Explosion Bars – FF5, 10th power of F.

As you can see you have options, especially for a wife who has “Broken the Barrier.”  If you open the pantry and see old-fashioned Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat, you are safe for now.  No one ever died from an FF1 food source.  But should you start noticing a shelf dedicated to Fiber One Triple Flutter Bars, just know your wife is seeking revenge.  Whoever said women were the milder and meeker sex should be shot.  For three decades my wife insisted she did not fart, she only tooted.  When I suspected a toot she just blamed it on our dogs.  Funny, I just noticed we have always had dogs.  But today, the jig is up!  In the back of the pantry I found her secret – Willy Wonkers Wheatie Wafting Wafers, a definite FF5 candidate.  Add whole milk and you create a new gas – H2OMG.

Please.  Not Willy Wonkers Wafting Wafers!  I beg of you.

Please!!! Not Willy Wonkers Wheatie Wafting Wafers! WTFF5! I beg of you. H2OMG!

I should have been a monk. Have a nice day.

The Other “F” Word

I truly try not to swear, I don’t like it when bad words roll off my tongue, and I certainly do not try to write about it.  However, the other “F” word is okay to talk about, because it involves something we all do, no matter how straight-laced, upper class, or religious you might be.  Yes, I am talking about the word Fart.  We all do it, sometimes more loudly in private, but we do it.  Some of us so loud, we can shake the very foundations of the earth.  However, some people have it down to a science, as you are about to learn.

When I was little boy my mother demonstrated how you could relieve gas by laying flat on your belly and then raising your torso into the air so that your sphincter resembled Mount Vesuvius.  I suppose the reason is that gas rises through your digestive system and escapes out the magma chamber.  Now being a little boy I thought this was fun and I giggled with each little toot that came out.  But, then I learned something.  If you relax the sphincter muscle, air will rush in, and then you can push it back out. That’s right! FOD – Farting On Demand.  Now this really had me chuckling  to see how many FOD’s I could do.  I am not sure if there is a world record for FOD’s, but I am sure I could compete quite well, with a final push and flurry on the last leg of the race.  I’d call the Guinness folks, but I am afraid they’d slam down the phone thinking I was weird.

Then in high school I had two friends that thought farting was truly funny.  We had names for the varieties, such as double and triple flutter-blast, the grim ripper, the fury flurry, on and on.  Now being a bashful kinda guy, I wasn’t quite ready to display my art, my true talent – FODing.  Then one night as the three of us shared a bed spending the night after a football game / party. No, we were not gay, just gassy happy.  I decided it was time to demonstrate the technique because they didn’t believe a word I had told them. Let me tell you, 66 grim rippers later, my friends and even the parents down the hall were laughing their mount Vesuvius’s off.  This was the last time I FOD OD’d – honestly!  I’ve been clean ever since, although my wife might argue this.

I reconnected with one of those friends 33 years later on Facebook and we talked on the phone.  He stated he would never have recognized me today from what I looked like in high school.  Here’s a sample showing all you ladies what you missed.

1977 - The Geeky Fodder

1977 – The Geeky Fodder

Now of everything we did together, guess what he remembered the most?  That’s right – my world record FODing attempt at his house.  Well that’s just great, here I am trying to forget my FODing addiction’s past, gain readers for my fantasy novels, and my blog, and all I will be more remembered by is my skilled control of a bodily function.

My point is simple, we are ALL human and it is all absurd, so why not share your funniest and most embarrassing experiences with others.  We all know we are going to become old farts, so why not talk about the wild days when you were a rough, tough and young slinging fodder.

Now for some fodder poetry:

Oh fodder, oh fodder

Was that a triple, or a double flutter?

Thou can hide them under cover,

but not when they roll like thunder.

Oh fodder, oh brother,

I learned this from my mother.

They can blow from the peak,

or slip from a one cheek sneak.

Oh beans, oh grains, oh lovely fruits

Thou greatly amplify these toots.

I may die as slow as a creeper,

But a rippers reserved for Mr. Reaper.

Now see the knowledge you gain by following me?  Have lovely day. Please remember to smile and laugh. Pull someone’s finger. Let out a silent destroyer in Walmart. Trust me no one would ever think it was you, because you have at least 1,000 others culpable on the same aisle at anytime.  Gotta love the people of Walmart.

For in the end it matters not, we are nothing more than gas in the wind. Come on, you know you do it, so what silly names have you created?

I am Elissia

Why do I love Arimar?  He had filled the dreams of my youth and appeared to me now past my prime, yet something draws me near to him. He has brought no army to free the enslaved, yet I trust him nonetheless.  He fought for the soul of my sister, Queen Narcissia, married by force to King Yubal. Her mind was overtaken by a hidden evil and blinded by lust and power, where even her own family had faded from her affections. He has freed my parents, yet he has not found his own.  I try to comfort him and show him my growing affections.  Surely he knows of my feelings, the touch of my hand, the smile in my face and the light in my eyes.  Why does he not say the words I so long to hear?

As we enter the deadly forbidden lands he recoils even further from me.  What have I said, what have I done? At every step we are attacked day and night and so many pass before my eyes.  Will I be one of them?  Will I never be near him again?  Will he hear the words  I so long to say?  As the king of the Gregorons draws out the power of my life, I feel my life has been wasted and love a meaningless emotion.  I awaken later to learn that he was the one who saved me with the water of life and now jeopardizes everything for this.  He does love me, but something drives him greater than need for me, even greater than himself.

When all around me is finding love, love eludes me.  Yet I will stand behind him. Twice now I have almost lost him. As I learn of the gatherings of all evil, I stand boldly in his defense and rise to encourage faith in him.  As I see the size of the enemy, I still have faith in him. As the battle rages and all the world begins to fade, death surrounds me and love slips away. I can no longer hold off the enemy. As I lay here on the ground mortally wounded, the one I love is not in my sight.  Has he died?  I have stood beside Arimar at every step waiting for the words I so long to hear, “I love you.”  These simple words do not come.   Please do not let me pass until I hear those words!  He finds me as my life slips away so swiftly and I confront him with my final breath.  Do you not feel?  Do you not know of my love for you?  Tell me what I need to hear!

Do you not see me? I am here. I am Elissia.