I am Murlach

I am a military captain of the Dayanaran race. We are the brown skinned engineers of the world of Allivar.  I have been a slave in king Yubal’s possession my entire life.  I yearn for the freedom of my mind and body. I want to build instruments of peace, not war, and machines to ease our burdens.  My race has been imprisoned or scattered amongst the lands, separated from our fathers and brothers, afraid of the weapons we might create to assist in the rise of the fallen races.  We too have waited for the arrival of the one foretold in the prophecy, the arrival of Arimar. In the whispers of the wind we now have hope.

And then I met him, Arimar, the chosen one as told to me in decades of hushed conversations.  He arrived in my city with General Beloth, my mentor, and 500,000 freed followers.  The decree to my freedom has been given and with my soldiers we march, bound to the Marog, those lands guarded by the fiery blast of dragons breath, giants and the Gregorons – watchers and thieves of souls.  They say no one has ever entered the Marog and escaped, lured by the greed of the fabled lost city of gold.  Here in these lands we must use our wits with the little weapons we have and develop strategies to keep this massive company safe, a task I fear impossible. The mountains are restless and filled with the noise of war,  and with a single strike of his sword to the ground, Arimar has silenced them.  Now they gather full force for our arrival.  We will not go unnoticed and we will have battles, but we have no choice, the great Bridge of Babel no longer stands, we are bound to forbidden lands.

Through some unseen miracle we have survived the Marog and after weeks of journey through the scorched lands we arrive at the greatest city to have been built by the Dayanarans – Ianburg, but it is a graveyard, from a great battle waged before my time.  We make it to the summit of the Baand mountains. In the mountains I am reunited with my father and there I see the engineering marvels concealed therein. I have offered to guide Arimar on the final leg of his journey and from great trumpets we announce his homecoming into the Armaderron valley and his city of Mosiam.  When we arrive we are greeted warmly, but we cannot rest, we are told of the nightmare that writhes in the north and is on it’s way.  I have been charged to build a wall and trench, to help us stand for forty days and nights.  I have been charged to create weapons of mass death for the forces that will soon arise.  It is hard for me to believe we will survive, but I witnessed the impossible with Arimar and I will stand by his side, by the side of my fellow captains and of the living men, women and children that dare to stand in defiance of evil. All I can hope that is my race and the others will come to our aide, otherwise it will be the last stand of the living.

I am Murlach and the inventions of my mind are about to be unleashed.



I am Beloth

I am the greatest military general in the service of the seventh king of Allivar.  My name is cursed by my race, the Vanavaran, the black skinned fishermen of the world of Allivar. Should I appear to them this day, they would behead me. for they have suffered like no other of the races.  It is because of our skin that an unwarranted fear exists. We are not evil, yet in the service of the king, I carry out his oppression, for the king fears the rise of the fallen races.

Into the city of the line of kings Yubal, comes the man named Arimar – the foretold messenger of freedom. Can he give me the freedom I seek?  Can he restore me, make me whole and loved by my own race again?  Can he free my race of the fear the other races have of our black skin? I fear he can do none of these, yet with each moment I witness his actions, he surprises me and I am compelled to follow him. He has survived the king’s giant champion, Ergon, in the coliseum and crumbled the place generations of “Blood Run” into the sea.  He has freed the enslaved from the combs and healed their diseases and hearts. He has ordered me to place a small droplet of water into the cursed river and it is healed.  I do believe now, and I will be his captain, and soon he will convince the king.  I am now a freed man, the air smells different on this day, and for how long I do not care, for we are bound to the forbidden lands, the Marog, and there with the help of my protege, Murlach, all our skills in the art of war will be tested.

After all that we have been through fighting the evil of the Marog I find myself in the midst of my people.  It is at that moment they realize I am the long lost seventh son of the steward, and my birth name is Zulaf. I have been forgiven and accepted into the arms of my father and family. I will finish my journey with Arimar to his homeland and from there I hope complete freedom, will be mine.  We learn of the coming seven armies of king Yubal and the unleashing of the Marog, all has been unbound against us, and in six months time we must construct our defenses with a five mile long trench and wall. I will train all the followers, all the races, the  women and the children to fight to the death and whatever end may come. Here we shall make the last stand of the living.

I shall set aside my birth name of peace and carry the name that once brought fear to this world, I am Beloth.


I am Feng

I am a master of the sword and of Jita, the art of self control. I am of the race of the Kassaran.  They say my race has skin the color of a peach and we are said to be the stoic ones.  As the seventh son of my honorable father, I have been asked to join Arimar and Killeon on their journey. Arimar is the one my father has told me of since I was a boy, and I am asked by my father to protect him with my life.  Arimar seems no more gifted than myself, so why was he chosen? How is he to bring rise of the fallen seven races? He even asked me to teach him the art of the swords.  I admit to great interest in his swords, said to forged by the very creator himself. The very swords that destroyed our most precious family sword, one that I believed could not be broken. Only he can wield their powers. On my journey I have my first encounter with the race of the Kernsh, Killeon is his name.  He is sometimes loud and boastful, but good natured and courageous.  Then there is the giant Bothar, clumsy, yet so kind and gentle as a small child.  Together the four of us will venture north to lands of the king. On that journey I met Sami, the daughter of Samantharia, and I can’t get her out of my head. She shall test my Jita.

We have been captured and placed into coliseum for “blood run” and there my Jita and sword skills are to be tested.  Any doubts I had in Arimar have been silenced forever, he is the one and I will gladly give my life for his quest.  Yet he does not involve me or his other friends, he must deal with King Yubal in his own way and by himself.  I lived in the wilderness all my life and now the great city of Haggaly has opened my eyes to the world I have only heard of.  So many people living in fear and oppression and Arimar is here to free them.  I don’t know how he did it but Arimar has won the freedom of us all and now we must plan for the journey home.  We soon discover we are bound to forbidden lands and on that trip home Sami joins our company, with her by my side I am surely being tested. Every step we take feels was though our faith and wisdom are being tested as we enter the lands of the Dragons and the Gregoron horde.

We survived the journey home and there we learn of the coming final war.  All my friends and all the captains of the races have gathered to build the great wall of Masara. We have sent word to our families far and wide that they must come to our aide to defeat the seven armies of Yubal.  I know once my kin receive the word they will appear ready for battle, to make one last stand and prove their worthiness and their Jita.  To my dismay, we have learned our couriers have been intercepted and that we will stand battle alone.  Arimar tells us all we must stand our ground for forty days and nights and all will be decided. We are outnumbered and I do not see any hope for victory, our losses mount and all that I have found dear in this world is vanishing before me.  Remember my valiance dear father, I am Feng.


The Meaning of Life

The Thinker

Often in my 53 years of life I have pondered the meaning of life.  I’ve researched the topic, read the bible and other non-canonical works, and I continue to research other points of view.  I will continue to read other works of faith and spirituality.  Today I saw the movie trailer for the Life of Pi and then researched about the story and the author Yann Martel. On Wikipedia I read this:

In a 2002 interview with PBS, Martel revealed his inspiration for his novel, “I was sort of looking for a story, not only with a small ‘s’ but sort of with a capital ‘S’ – something that would direct my life.” He spoke of being lonely and needing direction in his life. The novel became that direction and purpose for his life.

I will read this book and watch this movie, because this is what interests me at this stage of my life. I admit that I too look for direction and purpose in life.  I am a person of faith, but one that does not believe in everything a religious institution tells me to believe. My faith is my own, I will not will it upon others, although I love a lively debate. We each can interpret religious text to our own needs if we choose, which is my belief that such choice was the gift of free will by our creator.  We are given this freedom of choice, but we are not free of the consequences.  Many of our moral and ethical beliefs are derived from thousands of years of religious beliefs.  We have the ten commandments and the three major religions from the line of Abraham. Do not kill and treat others as you would have them treat you seems a simple instruction. Yet we have so much sorrow and despair over the argument of faith.  Is it due to an invisible interference that creates woe?  Is there a literal war taking place in the ethereal world?  Many believe so, some believe it is pure myth.  If such things do not exist and we are no more than an intelligent animal, why then do we not just simply take what we want without worry of our own death?

There is very little description of heaven.  Dante provided a startling description of hell, but what about heaven?  We look into the night skies and ponder the powerful forces that created it and that which holds it together, and we call them the heavens.  What is our purpose in death and in an afterlife?

If you enjoy this realm of thinking, then I believe my trilogy – The Chosen One of Allivar, and the upcoming chronicles will give you thought in the form of a fantasy adventure mythology.  Mythologies revolve around a very simple story line: Creation, life, and end of times. In this mythology, I created the very questions I have and then attempted to answer my own questions.  Life is a test and we cannot pass the test until we understand its meaning. Is mankind doomed to constant failures of this test and when, if ever, we will stand together as one to pass this test?

I look forward to a civil and robust discussion on the source of your beliefs.  We have much to learn from each other, if we respect each others beliefs. In my mythical creation, Allivar means “The One Family”, and I sincerely believe my creator desires us to act as one.  The hero, Arimar, is the chosen one, but why was he chosen and chosen for what?  Surely you must want to know.

I am Killeon

I may be short, but my heart is big and sometimes my mouth even bigger.  Arimar has been my friend as long as I can remember.  I recall the day I first met him and we surrounded him.  He was scared stiff, but even more scared when my people lifted him from the ground and glided from tree to tree.  He didn’t know we had a membrane that allowed the Kernsh race, the stewards of the forest tops, to glide.  I think he is very jealous of this, well, and the fact that I am so fast with a knife.  I almost lost Arimar, my best friend, the day he fell from the trees and beyond the veil.  The enemy was harsh on the people for his actions and he blames himself.  He almost took his life that day.  Only one of my kin changed his mind.  I have met Keerith and she will become my wife.  Oh how I wished Arimar had someone.  Soon he will be called to fulfill the prophecy and I will accompany him on the journey.  The time has come and we set out on the adventure, although it has become more dangerous than I thought.  We first met Feng and then we are separated from Arimar.  After a long period we are reunited with Arimar and his new friend the giant Bothar.  After much danger our first part of our journey has ended.

I find myself captive and in the coliseum to witness Blood Run, and for the first time, I am actually frightened.  Arimar arrives and with us at his side we defeat the colossal champion – Ergon.  In the streets I meet many new friends, but those pesky children!  I am not a child! I am a Kernsh, don’t they know about the Kernsh? We are short but mighty warriors. My friend Arimar is now held captive at the royal palace.  Is he dead?  No, he lives and we are off back to our homelands.  Oh how I miss Keerith.  I only thought I was afraid in the coliseum, the forbidden lands are dark and full of monsters and demons.  Yet somehow we survive.

We made it home, through all odds,and most of us are alive.  I’ve made many new friends of the seven races, and now we are all going to be tested.  I may not live to see another day, but for all that I am and for all that I believe in, I will stand with Arimar.  He has named me a captain of the eastern section of the wall of Masara.  I will defend it as long as I can.  I watch as the great forests burn, my home, the home of my kin and kith.  I am saddened, yet angered on to fight. It seems hopeless. I have never seen so much carnage.  Will my kin and kith find a way to us and help us? We need it desperately now.  The battle is not going well, we have stood now for thirty-nine days, but I see no hope.

I am so small in this world of men and giants. Yet I will fight on, because I am a Kernsh.  I am Killeon.


I am Bothar

I try so hard to be liked.  Why I am not like my brothers?  I feel I am always in the way, no matter how hard I try to help. I’m just clumsy and dangerous to be around.  They call me slow witted.  I don’t mean to be. They say it is because I did not receive enough of my mother’s milk before her death.  I am a Bermule eighteen feet tall, fast and strong, but sometimes I feel weak.  Maybe one day I can prove my worthiness, if someone will just give me the chance.  Who is that short person over there staring and smiling at me?  Is it a new friend?  He says his name is Arimar and my family, here in the deep caves of the mountains, has brought him in to hear his stories.  I like him, he is so very nice to me.  What? He selected me amongst all my brothers to accompany him on his journey? I must prove my worthiness and hope I do not make too many mistakes. Arimar introduced me to his friends Feng and Killeon.  I really like Killeon. He’s so bossy, but funny, and so little!  I am sorry that the bridge of Babel fell because of me.  I will make this up to all of you. I will help to raise that which has fallen.

Arimar killed the Bermolongs to save me in the coliseum.  They looked so much like my race, except for the sharp teeth and the weapons they used to kill people.  Arimar makes friends everywhere he goes. I am just a little shy, yet the children seem to like me, especially Christala, and I like her too.  Too bad she is all alone now here in the forbidden lands after a Luminag took her grandmother.  By my life, I will make sure she and all the other children are protected. I hear there are dragons, Luminags, Luminars and Gregorons here in this valley. There is this pretty Bermule maiden I have met.  Her name is Morren and she kissed me! I have never felt that before. If only I had not brought down the bridge of Babel, we would not be here.   I hope to prove my worthiness.

We made it!  We are now free.  Yet, Arimar says a final war is coming and we need to prepare.  We need a strong wall five miles long and a trench too.  The Bermules who followed Arimar will help build this.  We are done with the wall after six months of labor, yet there is no rest. I am made the chief captain of the Bermules and to stand for my race at this section of the wall of Masara.  I will stand.  Now is my time to be proven worthy and brave.  The battle rages and I’ve done pretty well. We have held time after time.  Today the wall has broken and Arimar and Killeon dangle from its edge.  I must come to their rescue.  As I pull them back over the wall, arrows begin to pierce my body and the pain is more than I can bear.

Can I rest now?  Am I worthy after all? I am Bothar.


I am Arimar

As I stand here overlooking the forces amassed against us, I ask how did it come to this?  I have now journeyed for two years and have faced evil at every turn.  Somehow I survived my journey north and freed those enslaved by King Yubal and aided in the freeing of his mind.  Yet at every step Haggarfuse and his minions watched and waited for me to stumble.  So many have looked up to me and so many times I have failed them.  Why did you choose me? What do you see that I cannot?

Our journey home through the forbidden lands cost us dearly and in those lands of death I almost lost Elissia, the one I love, yet the very one I cannot reveal my love to. Would their lives have been better had I not been born?  To carry the weight of prophecy as the chosen one of Allivar has been a struggle.  I am no immortal, even with these gifts I have been given. The immortals, these fallen stewards have risen against us all and their armies now stand before me, trembling the very ground and veiling the light of the heavens.  Their beasts and machines of war are about to be unleashed.  I fear the moment that this final war shall begin.

I have so many questions unanswered.  Who are my parents and are they still alive?  Do they suffer not knowing my fate as much as I suffer not knowing theirs?  Why was I chosen and why do the captains of the living races follow me?  Why should they lay down their lives to follow me?  I have sent out the word for aid and yet the message never made it out of the valley.  We are alone and outnumbered one hundred and forty thousand to four hundred million.  I cannot withstand this onslaught, or provide words of comfort, yet I have been asked to make a stand by the Unseen.  I do not see his purpose. Without victory all my efforts seem useless and meaningless.  Why am I here, what is to be gained?  As I turn to see my company, men and women ready to lay down their lives, I owe them everything that I am.  Why do they follow me?  Why did you choose me?

For forty days the battle has raged and all around me, all that I have befriended and loved as my own family, lie dead before me. They have fought beyond recall. I have been cursed by the sole survivors and now I stand alone.  My body is mortally wounded, yet nothing is as painful as my heart which now bursts. Have we, have I been forsaken by you my creator?  I have a choice, be taken by you now or stand for the last of the living.  By my death, should the last heavenly world of Allivar remain, then my purpose would have been just.  Just remember me, my creator, the one you named the messenger. What message shall I leave when the world succumbs to defeat and darkness, when I could not protect them.  I would give my life here and now, for peace and a new day’s dawn. Why did you choose me?

As the darkness almost takes me there a glorious light. My spirit is renewed and a voice calls out to me.  “I have chosen well.  You shall suffer no more doubts and all your questions shall fade.  You have stood as I have asked. Now prepare for my stand.  Now who are you?”

I am Arimar, the Chosen One of Allivar.