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Web of Light

From time to time I spotlight a fellow indie author.  Why?  Have I read the book and endorse it?  No, spotlighting an indie author is the most cost effective way indie authors have to advertise their stories.  If you follow me at all you will know I am a good spirited person who believes that a simple act of kindness is what will make for a better world.  Besides, Kyra writes about dragons and that can’t be bad.  If you are looking for something new and independent, give her works a try.  Who knows, you may find a new favorite author, and if you do, please pay forward the kind act with a rating or a review.

NEW RELEASE: Web of Light by Kyra Dune
Genre: YA Fantasy
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When Queen Eanndra calls the leaders of the Territories and their heirs to Star Mountain for a Conclave, none of them expect to have their lives changed forever by the repercussions of a war that ended three hundred years ago.

With the return of the Web of Light, chaos and destruction must surely follow.

Sides will be chosen.
Friendships won and lost.

For within every heart lies the dark seed of betrayal.


His mother had always warned him to beware of the gods. They were a capricious lot, she had said, with little care for the frailty of mortal life. And if one was calling Seva into the temple, then her life was at risk.
Valdor didn’t hesitate, didn’t take even a moment to think on what might happen, he simply ran. What he hit was not a solid wall, but a sort of thickness. For him, passing the statue was like walking through water with weighted feet. The air pressed against him, trapping the breath in his lungs. And it was cold. So cold what little breath he could manage frosted before his eyes.
He broke free to the other side as Seva entered the temple. After glancing back once at the other heirs, Valdor sprinted across the open space and up the steps to the door. There, he paused. Before him was a wide chamber, almost every inch of which was covered with a mosaic depicting a bloody battle between figures unlike any creatures he had ever seen. It hurt his mind to gaze too long upon any one of them.

Instead, he focused his attention on Seva, who was standing in the only clear spot in the chamber. A twisted rope painted on the floor made a circle around this spot and above it a Gari-Za woman in flowing gray robes sat on a throne of flames. A benevolent smile touched the woman’s lips, but her eyes were cold black orbs.

Seva’s head was tilted back as if she were looking up at the woman, but her eyes were closed. Valdor moved cautiously forward, wincing as his footsteps echoed in the silence. His lips parted and he started to speak her name, but the word wouldn’t come. The feeling in this place was something so foreign to his senses he couldn’t name it. It crawled across his skin and made his ears buzz.

He came to a stop when he reached the rope circle. Fear was an acid taste at the back of his throat. Much as he wanted to reach out for Seva, there was a deep feeling of alarm inside him that would not allow his feet to move forward.
If things had gone on much longer, he might have worked up the nerve to do it, because he was not really as much of a coward as his father had made him believe he was. But he didn’t have to.

Seva’s entire body bucked, her back arching and her neck snapping back. She drew in a gasping breath, then collapsed. Valdor caught her before she hit the floor as her upper body crossed the line to his side. She shivered as if cold, then grew still. Valdor pulled her the rest of the way out of the circle, then lifted her up into his arms. She was light, but he was unused to such labor and staggered under her weight. Still, he managed to carry her out of the temple.
Once they were down the steps and crossing the open space, Seva stirred and her eyelids fluttered open. Valdor gazed down into her bright blue eyes and was lost. Any uncertainty about his feelings toward her evaporated in that moment.

“If I put you down, can you walk?” he asked.

“I…I think so. Yes.” She looked over his shoulder toward the temple. “What happened in there?”

“Don’t you know?” He carefully put her back on her feet

Her eyes met his again as she shook her head. “I remember looking up at the statue and hearing Iza talk about the chosen one. Then everything is a blank. Except…” She laid a steadying hand against his arm. “I don’t know. I feel…something, but it’s…” She sighed. “I’m so tired all of a sudden.”

“Come on.” He slid his arm around her waist. “Let’s get you back to the carriage.”

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Kyra Dune was born in Oklahoma, but spent most of her life travelling with her family. She is the author of eleven fantasy novels, including: Shadow of the Dragon, Elfblood, and Firebrand. As a child, her favorite stories were those that told of ordinary children being whisked away to magical lands. She has yet to find her own secret wardrobe or rabbit hole, but she hasn’t given up the search. You never know what might be waiting over the next rainbow.

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A few days ago I blogged about the role of faith in an epic high fantasy story.  Now, if I mentioned faith and sacrifice in the same sentence would you automatically think, “Oh no, here comes a Jesus Christ reference!”

Think for a moment of a soldier.  A soldier is one who goes to battle to protect those he loves from what appears to be of evil intent.  He has faith in his commanders judgment and is willing to lay down his life for what he believes is the highest of chivalric and noble character – to give one’s life for something greater than himself.  Now, this certainly is no reference to Jesus Christ, who died to save mankind of its sins.

Now go one step further.  If a person received a command by the highest authority, his creator, and was supplied with gifts to set off on a journey to free seven enslaved races, knowing full well there will be tests and possible sacrifice, would you still insist the story was about Jesus Christ?

Here’s the setup.  The Unseen, the mythical creator of my universe, pondered the creation of life, both immortal and mortal.  What would happen and which would be more noble?  His first thought is that the immortals would be, so he creates ten to steward over ten heavenly worlds, until he sees very quickly that from free will there are those that will not submit to his authority.  He then creates mortal beings and for the immortals to be their stewards.  He then proclaims that one day from the line of the first prophet, in the seventh line, a seventh son, Arimar, the messenger, will be born and that all evil will attempt to destroy him and his followers.  The rebellious steward, Haggarfuse, unwilling to submit, designs to destroy everything and one-by-one nine worlds fall to complete death and darkness.  It is on the final world, Allivar, which means The One Family, converges with their created beasts and demons.  Arimar at birth is rushed and veiled until he reaches the age of wisdom and is then called to set off on his task.  Having free will he almost commits suicide for the stress is too high with the expectations placed on him from prophecy, which is no more than a test.

Now that you have an idea of the brief history, Arimar sets off on his journey, which is just as perilous as any you have ever read.  There is a journey to the north to confront a possessed king and then there is a journey home through a land where evil’s creations are Bound to Forbidden Lands, with every step being a test of faith.

Then the final battle of good and evil arrives in Last Stand of the Living.  Here all the captains, the seventh son of he seventh generation of each race, rises from the fallen ages, to stand united. There in the battle, that is being lost, Arimar sees all that he loves: his captains and Elissia, whom he hopes to marry one day, sacrifice all they are, but appear to die to in a vain attempt.  When he could easily lose his faith, Arimar is given a choice, to leave with the Unseen and not experience death, or to stay and die with all that remains of his mortal family.  He then bargains with the Unseen that if he gives his own life, would the remaining peoples of the races be saved.  The Unseen asks if he would truly do such a thing.  Arimar offers it freely.

This is where I will tell you no more, because the battle takes a turn you will not see coming, yet was hinted over and over again in the first nine chapters of Rise of the Fallen. All I can say here, is that the battle is the largest I have ever read, which includes those found in the Lord of the Rings.  How is that for a teaser?

The moral is simple, are we the living more worthy of stewardship than the immortals?  Will the pain of loss and death teach us more of racial harmony and the stewardship of worlds?  Are we able to withstand every test and stand for our faith?  Will we, the living, stand against evil in all its forms and do what is right?  Are we worthy enough? We will not see the fleeting nature of life, and the futility of war and hatred?  We will understand the gift of life with all its pains?

This is the gist of the trilogy, then there are the upcoming Chronicles of Allivar, which is a parallel journey of history and events of the nine fallen worlds, the first six ages of Allivar and the final story in the seventh age – the age of light.  When you complete the trilogy you will understand the nature and path of the chronicles.  The first in this series is titled – The Fall of Helloria.

Seven is a significant number for it represents perfect completion.  This is a hint for you as a reader.  All you need to do is take a leap of faith and enter my world of Allivar.  You will think, you will cry, but I promise you this too… you will cheer.

This is a mythology covering creation, life and the end of the ages.  Those who love The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings should easily understand the context and construct of my stories.


Nudists and Tornados

Nudist Humor

Nudist Humor

I have a follower and frequent commenter who is a nudist.  He has a good sense of humor. In May, we bantered over the need to take cover for upcoming storms.  We both live in Oklahoma.  I suggested he have tennis shoes by the ready.  I love going nude with my feet, but that’s about all.  I have nothing against nudists, to each his own, they don’t alarm or offend me.  On occasion I will run free willy around the house, until my wife tells me she needs me to go mow the lawn. Willy just pouts. But in the case of tornadoes I’d like to have a little clothing protection, so wee willy isn’t whisked away in the wailing wind.  I know, I know, alliterations make for bad writing, except absurd humor writing, my specialty.

Some day I just might interview a nudist to see what they find humorous.  For example, do Oklahoma nudists run nude in the winter?  We do get very stiff and cold winds here (no pun intended).  Do they get chaffed in the hot and humid Oklahoma summers?  Now I notice some nude camps play sports.  Do they wear athletic support devices? Do three legged races have a completely different meaning?  Is the potato sack race kinda rough? Are they penalized in volleyball for using their exposed body parts?

How do you recruit members? Please do not send picture of face, just the body.

But the biggest question of all is this, if a nudist is not aroused by the sight of another nudist, what works for them?  Clothing?

“Hey baby, put on that shirt!  Oh yeah, yeah, now the fur coat, oooh it’s getting hot in here!”

Or is it a hairdo or Tattoos? Do nudists go on and on about manicures and pedicures?  How can you possibly engage in conversation and control your eyes at the same time?  I’d go cross-eyed and pass out from vertigo.

You see, for me, the sexiest thing in life is seeing a woman in lingerie.  If provides mystique and a tease.  Once it’s all off, I find there isn’t truly that much differentiation.  It’s like stripping your sisters Barbie dolls naked and being terribly disappointed.

“That’s it?! I was going to have GI Joe come over and open a BarbieQ Nudist Colony. Why bother now.”

Sex and nudity are overrated. We spend way too much time on them.  This is why I write absurd post on them, so that you will read them, since my fantasy trilogy and the upcoming chronicles seem of no interest.  Sorry, no nudity or salacious plots, just a quest, a completely clothed quest.

So as I close this post, I am not judging a nudist, I respect their beliefs in wearing no briefs.  Besides if we were all the same, life would sure be dull.  Oh and by the way, my reader really liked a reference, not my own, of Dashing Danglies.  I’ll leave this to your salacious imagination.

Sex Cells


I am an author.  They tell me that I needed a blog to sell my story’s, but all people seem to want to read about is sex.  Don’t you ever get bored with all the talk about sex, the books about sex and the shows about who has had sex with who? Some of you may have more sex toys, than pet or child toys.  Can’t there just be references or innuendos about sex?  Do you really need narrative after narrative, and graphic detail about sex? We have erotic vampires, werewolves and even zombies (I don’t even want to know.) Don’t you get it yet, or do you need recall on what sex is?  Sex in a story is fine if it actually leads to assist the plot.When Rhett Butler rushed Scarlet O’Hara up a flight of stairs and then the next scene shows a glowing and devilishly smiling Scarlet, surely you know they had sex, and probably good sex.  Now isn’t that actually more sexier than seeing it?  Don’t tell me you don’t have an imagination?  Sometimes I am disappointed when a woman gets naked after appearing in sexy lingerie.  The mystique and the mystery then disappears and I find myself wanting to get back to the story.

In my current draft [In edit phase] of the fourth story of my mythology, The Fall of Helloria, I make references to sex just twice. The first to display the sick act of taking sex from another by evil force.  All I use in the narrative are the words defiled or defilement.  I go into no further details.  If needed, use your imagination, you’ve seen enough on TV to last a lifetime.  The other narrative is of the love making by a husband and wife, the gathering of two into one mind and body. Again, I supply the innuendo, you supply your own imagination.

In the fifth story, now in writing phase, you will meet Queen Maggith and she will be consumed by lust and envy, which lead not only to her demise, but the demise of an entire world.  She will make Bella look sane by comparison with her obsession of Talon.  This is why I write Fantasy. I control the absurdity of the characters.  But graphic sex is not my thing.

What was the difference in the minds of people when the Lord of the Rings was released in 1954?  What was so compelling that rock stars made lyrics about the story? How has the mythology created by Tolkien captivated so many without a single narrative on sex?  Some have compared George R.R. Martin with Tolkien.  Well if they wish to that’s fine, but I think they are vastly different.  I am sure Mr. Martin was bombarded by sex in stories for a much longer period of time due to our current moment in time and over the last 40 years.

These days we read about new “adult” hotels and resorts, adult clubs, etc. We have had a long period of time in which popular music and the beat are geared to body grinding and not much more than that.  STD’s appear to be a norm in our nation (110 million people infected as estimated by the CDC).  Somewhere the term adult has lost its meaning.  As a noun it means,  a person who is fully grown or developed.  Is this just the body, or the mind?  How can so many have so much access to information and still refuse to use it wisely?  Just yesterday a study concluded kids as young as 8 are now actively watching porn on the internet and actively lying about their age to get on the sites.  Soon there may be no creative imagination in our youth, because they were not given much of an opportunity to slowly develop.  Can we adults expect them to be fully developed in the mind at that age?  Who are their protectors?  The adults? How can they protect when they are the ones begging for more?

Don’t get me wrong, the marketplace determines what sells.  It is just somewhat confusing why some good stories go unread. Today, you would think our brains have evolved so that every message from our ears or eyes had to pass through a sex cell.  How many current day stories, when you remove the sex, were truly stories? How many were formula novels that just shifted around the names, the locales and even the sex? Don’t you ever feel duped?

Just a thought – a daily thought.

I can, I will and I did

I just finished watching Les Miserables.  Something struck me from the lyrics to the song, “I dreamed a dream” which ended with, ” Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.”

This last week I came to the realization that it is not life itself that kills the dreams of dreamers, but people.  I subscribe to various websites, blogs and Facebook pages about writing and publishing.  My sister has a masters degree in creative writing.  Every step of the way I took from the year 2000 to the present was to live a dream of becoming a writer.  I have a vivid imagination. I day-dream of stories that entertain me and I want to share that imagination with others. Over ten years I wrote and completed the epic high fantasy trilogy, The Chosen One of AllivarI can, I will and I did.

Article after article tells the dreamers that if you are not one of them, the highly educated perfectionist in writing and grammar, then you are vain and self absorbed.  When did the simple enjoyment of telling a story become vain?  Who sets the rules?  Self publishing technology has opened the doors for those of us who are story tellers.  We have no goals of becoming a teacher, a doctorate or member of an elite club where people congratulate each other over their own self accomplishments.  Now, who are the vain again?  How many books, other than academic, have many of these people actually written and shared with the world?  I can, I will and I did.

Life is not always about perfection, but the pursuit of perfection.  We will never obtain it.  If you have a story in your mind, it will never be perfect.  Why?  Because their are seven billion people in this world that will have a differing viewpoint that they want to inject into your story.  To compensate for their own inabilities they trash your story, your grammar and anything they can including the easy cop out of calling you a vain author.  Those that do this stand before mirror of self pity and envy.  It is how they compensate for their own fear of rejection because they cannot tolerate how in the world no one can see their perfection.  Let me tell you, I’m not perfect, my stories have flaws, but did they entertain you?  That is truly the question.  Did my stories give you pause to consider humanity and uplift you in a period of history where so much conflict exists, where degrading our fellow man or woman is now considered entertainment?  I want to write different stories.  I can, I will and I did.

Some of you might think that I am a starving writer.  I am CPA, an investment advisor, a technology consultant and now a licensed realtor.  These professional designations is what feeds my family. I have climbed the ladders to the top of the various walls.  On the other side are countless opportunities to experience more in life.  There was nothing to prevent me from experiencing all that I have, because I had the will to do so. I can, I will and I did.

In 1998, I went independent and have been ever since. Has it been a fairy tale?  Hell no. There were those I was employed by who controlled my career, who held me back, who never mentored or offered encouragement.  Why?  Let’s face it, businesses make money when they control those that perform most of the work.  They retain enough knowledge so that you cannot outshine and replace them, or attempt to go independent.  They further justify their agenda by convincing you that their management of your work is what will bring you success.  Does this sound familiar?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments and articles by those in the publishing industry, who rant and rave about how poor the grammar is of self published authors and the justification for their services. I chose to be an independent author simply to tell a story and control my destiny.  To date, I’ve made a few thousand dollars from my efforts, which some will say is not a success.  I’ve not won any awards or accolades, or have been patted on the back by fellow writers, including those in my own family.  Who defines my happiness and self worth of accomplishment and success?  Is money the only measurement?  Is a plastic award, a paper certificate, or trophy what you seek?  Is it the inclusion in some monthly newsletter or trade journal that you seek?  Is it the trips to writers conferences in the Bahamas you seek?  Whatever it is go for it!  Just do not belittle those that have a simple dream. Life is hard enough without all the human induced misery. Separate yourself from those that choose to live life dictated by others and those absorbed with the word “Can’t.”  I can, I will and I did.

I dreamed a dream of one day, before my death, of writing an uplifting and inspiring story, because I can, I will and I did.  My success can be summed up in the words of a 14 year old aspiring author,

“I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan, but I have to say that this was 100 times better than the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion combined!”

Should I die tomorrow, there is my accomplishment, there is my reward.  I was loyal to myself. I used my own capital and took the risk to live my dream.  So next time you stand before the mirror of self doubt because someone called you vain, remind yourself that it is you who controls your destiny and then boldly proclaim – I can, I will and I did.


The Chronicles (Spoilers Alert)

My wife informed me last night that one of my first readers and reviewers to give me five stars wanted to know when the next book was to arrive.  The first book of the chronicles is nearing completion.  For those that have read the trilogy, I want you to understand that those three stories took ten years.  I promised myself the next books would not take that long.  However, writing an interrelated series of books is difficult, especially when in the ending there will be 19 total stories.  To give readers of the trilogy a heads up on what is to follow, I first have to issue this spoiler alert.


As you recall, in the final battle between good and evil, Haggarfuse finds himself surrounded by the armies of the freed races, something he did not expect, nor should the reader.  I purposely did not create narrative so that their arrival on the 40th day of battle would be a huge surprise.  Did you know I gave hints throughout all books about the forty days of travel time to Mosiam? This explains why their aid did not arrive until the 40th and final day of battle.  Ah, you didn’t truly read the history of the first nine chapters, did you? Arimar had a dream as a boy of three doves turning to war eagles.  This is not referred to again until the first day of battle arrives and he sees three eagles head east, west, and north to send out the call for aid, which were the remaining three loyal Charafuse.  Even Arimar did not make the connection.  He and his followers, only 140,000 of them, believe they are about to face alone an army of four hundred million.  They are told only to make a stand.

The chronicles, especially the last 7 stories to come in the resistance series, will bring all the detailed history of Allivar and the relationship of Arimar’s line into focus, and the events that took place for the races to gather their strength and attack Haggarfuse. Go back and read those first nine chapters.  All of Arimar’s line was taken by the Unseen with a promise to be reunited at a given time. When they combine their powers with Arimar’s, they become invincible and reunited force of seven. Notice the seven swords on the cover of Last Stand of the Living.  As heroic as the battle scenes were, the march of the races to their aid shall be just as heroic and just as emotional.  The urgency to arrive and save their sons and their world becomes paramount task.

Now as Haggarfuse discovers he is losing the battle, he summons the armies of Charagrung, lead by Gahar, the lord of the underworld.  The very first book of the chronicles, the Fall of Helloria, is the story of Gahar, a mortal who falls to the lies of Haggarfuse.  Haggarfuse also learns of the source of the Unseen’s power and uses it to destroy Helloria, but deceives mortals so that the destruction appears to be of their own making.  The heroine of the story, Melin, will die tragically but will enter the light and protection of the Unseen.   While in the light, she and all the other mortal souls of goodness will await for justice.  Recall as Haggarfuse summons Gahar and releases all the bound forces of evil from the Marog.  You may be thinking to yourself, how can the mortals win against such ethereal forces?  Here the Unseen releases all the souls of history and from all the worlds.

The first nine stories of the chronicles are to be devoted to their stories of faith and heroism.  Recall that the Unseen in book one stated to Haggarfuse that the good souls were his, and the damned souls would become the Charagrung, ever clinging and gnawing at Haggarfuse’s heels as his punishment for bringing evil upon mortals. These stories will be told by the characters of the trilogy, as though reading a book of history.  Recall that in the bible we each have a book of judgement that will be opened one day.  These characters from the trilogy, those you have learned to love, create a reunion of sorts for the reader.  Each of these stories will end with a chapter titled Into the Light, which will turn the tragedy into a story of hope and will end with a cliff hanger of what will take place on the next  world to fall.  At the end of the ninth book, all the forces of good converge in waiting on Allivar, with each world having their own captain that will rise from the Porsian ocean to decimate the last hope of Haggarfuse. Also important in these stories are the origins of dragons, giants, the gregoron and other evil creatures.  The rise of evil will have been completed, with Allivar solely in their sight.

Now the final seven stories are the stories of the history of Allivar as written by Arimar’s line, which represent six ages and the seventh age, which is the arrival of Arimars birth and what was occurring behinds the scenes of the gathering of the forces of light and the freed races marching in unity to make come to the aid of Arimar and the sons of the races. Here the prophets, like Gandalf, have been set on path to resist the plans of Haggarfuse and keep the peoples of Allivar hopes up that one day evil shall be defeated.

The Fall of Helloria will be my largest story to date, because everything in it must reinforce the trilogy and be cleverly aligned to reinforce what will follow.  Now if my readers would write reviews and tell people of the trilogy, maybe I could devote all my day to writing and complete this series in two years.  There are just so many hours in a day.  I promise the wait will be worth it.



The Fall of Helloria (Near Completion)

The Fall of Europia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Jeronia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Isoria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Glutonia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Floria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Denmaria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Clempatria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Borealia (Premise Phase)


The Age of the Warrior (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Barbarian (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Slayer (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Bloody (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Damned (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Conqueror (Premise Phase)

The Age of Light (Premise Phase)

Generations of Family Love


Many families do not have the opportunity to take just one photo of a series of generations within a family.  The above photo is of my family’s four male generations, beginning with the patriarch all the way to the newest member of the line of Greenlee’s – Brogan.  What a heroic name, which will certainly find its way into one of my chronicles stories.    I want you to consider the following quote, which appears in book two of my trilogy, Bound to Forbidden Lands:

 “Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family.  Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted.”  Paul Pearshall

This picture immediately became very special to me, for a variety of reasons, most of all, it helps me get a point across about the story I spent 10 years in writing.  It is a fantasy story wrapped around that basic instinct of family.  Arimar the hero is separated at birth by evil forces because it has been foretold he will free the lands of the seven races and reunite the family’s of the living.  Arimar does not know of his family’s fate. If he had a photo, he stands alone, he has no connection to family, but he has been promised by the Lord of Light and Life that he will learn of their fate.  He becomes distraught as a teenager when he feels there is nothing to live for and almost commits suicide, but his faith and his basic instinct to know of his family’s fate drives him forward.  He will endure great sacrifice even until the end, questioning his own being.

My highest goal in writing this story was to rip the heart and soul out of a reader, just for a moment, to bring some clarity to life.  For we have much to lose in this world. This world that we have taken for granted. It is a story filled with evil, war, and death. Yet at its central theme is life and family.  I gave a monumental effort to bring the reader to a point where they will no longer take for granted the precious moments and people in life. For Allivar means “The One Family”, and is an allegory of the time we share on this great miracle of the heavens we call earth.

I have a close family that is passionate for life.  We argue like crazy and sometimes we yell and hurt feelings, but there is no power in this realm that can separate us from being ready to stand for each other.  In the coming years the patriarch will disappear from this photo and only memories will fill the void. This is the unavoidable consequence of being mortal. He will be missed greatly, but he set the foundation for all that is to follow. His legacy, his spirit will never die and will rest in each successive generation, if we are good and wise stewards.

Hopefully, I will stand long enough on this world and will move to the top of the photo, when my great grandson arrives, with hope that he shall carry on a line of men of high values and ethics in a falling world.  As with Arimar, I too, will one day leave this physical world to enter an ethereal world, where those that preceded me will welcome me with open arms and there will be no more pains of the mortal life. So I stand for my faith and beliefs.   My story of family, as much the photo above, is very dear to me, and yes, I would lay down my life for any and all of them, just as Arimar would.  This dedication and quote appear in the last book of the trilogy, Last Stand of the Living.

I dedicate this final book to my parents, Wayne and Dixie.  There will come a day when we must part this physical world and enter the ethereal.  This separation will be short and we will gather for new celebrations amongst the heavens.

“For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.” William Penn

Please, today, tell a family member of your love for them and take nothing for granted.