Being Original in an Unoriginal Age


When I read Paradise Lost  for the first time I was blown away by Milton’s originality to the fall of man story. I continue to be fascinated by Dante’s Inferno and concept of the underworld  and of course, everything in Tolkien’s world.

As I begin the fifth story of my nineteen story mythology, I laugh at all the movies that are soon to be released like “Batman XXII,” or “The incredibly, incredible Spiderman.”  Appears to me that people no longer want anything original because they might be disappointed, so they stick to the unoriginal and play it safe. I read all the time where editors and publishers literally trounce certain writer’s works, yet still publish them anyway if the consuming consumers buy and demand more.

Let me be frank. I publish this blog to bring attention to the stories I have written. I am bored of the same stories rebooted with more current special effects.  There are few stories that catch my attention these days, so I had to write my own.  Whether anyone wants to join me in my imaginary journey is up to them. Those that have, want more, so I am now putting my writing cap on turbo.  I want to finish this writing journey in my lifetime.

My fifth story is the second story of a series of nine chronicles that supplement the epic trilogy I wrote from years 2000 to 2010.  The readers asked me, “How did the nine heavenly worlds fall?” Being original is always on my mind.  What have I not seen or read in my entire lifetime?  What twists and turns can I inject to make a story attractive to the reader?  In books four and five I explore the concepts of heroines.  My wife, who is the initial editor of my stories has said the fourth book will touch a woman’s heart.  She cried at the ending, which was my intent.  She was also surprised at the originality of how I am approaching the writing of the the chronicles.

To keep my own attention, each story must outperform the one before it.  Each one must lay the ground work that effects not only the full understanding of the trilogy, but effects the subsequent stories and leaves the reader recalling something they read before. When completed, this mythology will become a series that readers will review over and over to catch the subtle hints as though they were on an exploration or a hunt – a hunt for clues and knowledge.

Each one will come with new characters and plots.  Central to the chronicles is the exploration into the seven deadly sins or vices (evil) into the fall of nine heavenly worlds and the seven virtues (good) which apply to the heroes and heroines.  If you didn’t know what they are, here is list:

Lust (Vice) and Chastity (Virtue)

Gluttony (Vice) and Temperance (Virtue)

Greed (Vice) and Charity (Virtue)

Sloth (Vice) and Diligence (Virtue)

Wrath (Vice) and Patience (Virtue)

Envy (Vice) and Kindness (Virtue)

Pride (Vice) and Humility (Virtue)

In other words, an exploration into humanity in a mythological setting.  You might ask, what is original in that? The originality to the story comes to basic questions of life – why are we here and what is our purpose?  Is life merely a test?  What will our purpose be in the afterlife?  Why must heroes and heroines die?  Why must there be pain and suffering?  Will good ever triumph over evil?  Be prepared for thought provoking and fast paced entertaining action stories.  Most of all this mythology covers the topics of love of people, family, the environment and of things unseen.

Come join me on an original epic journey through the seven ages of Allivar.


The Fall of Helloria Prologue – Spoiler Alert

AllivarChroniclesRiseofEvilI am not a fan of prologues.  As an author I want a story to unfold and the reader to grow into the story.  However I understand their purpose to assist readers in a purchasing decision.  Below is the first draft of the prologue for the upcoming release of the 4th book of my 19 story mythology.  It is my hope to have this book released no later than July of this year.  We are in editing phase and then onto eBook conversion.  The title of this fourth story is the Fall of Helloria, the first chronicle of Allivar.  Many readers of my trilogy stated they wished the story never ended.  So I purposely crafted in the trilogy the possibility of a line of stories that brought to perspective a different viewpoint which can only be understood by grasping the complexity of the trilogy.


In the trilogy I gave a compressed history of the falling of nine heavenly worlds and of six ages of history before the main character was introduced.  This chronicle and the next fifteen will go into the telling of the nine tragedies and the six ages of defiance on Allivar.  These stories are of the heroes and heroines of those world and ages, the origin of monsters, and the plots and rebellion of the forces of evil.  Those that read the trilogy know the armies of the seven races appeared on the last day of battle and that the Unseen also unleashed the armies of light.  These stories are about their perspective up to the moment when they arrive in the final  battle of good and evil.  In the trilogy I left hints and clues about them.  Now you will know the full story.

Let the journey begin, again.

Melin awoke in complete darkness, frightened and in severe pain. She could taste the thick steely blood on her lip and the smell of death in the air. At first she had to clear her mind and think back how the best day of her life had become this nightmare. One moment she was the talk of Peartown – she wore a lovely new tunic and was turning the heads of eligible young men. One man of a prominent family was even eager to introduce his son. She had come of age and was more alive than ever. All she dreamed about seemed within touch. Now, she sat silent and still for fear of what would happen next. Above her was a monster and he had taken children in his delusional state and in that darkness they called for rescue. Her mothering instincts came to life and she vowed she would not let evil harm them again. She went from fear to defiance.

Above in the daylight was the young man Gahar, once shunned by his father for the unjust cause of his mother’s death at his birth and then shunned again unjustly by the one he had loved all his life, Sondria. After a long struggle in his mind between good and evil, he succumbed to the darkness, for Haggarfuse, the immortal steward of Helloria, promised him all his desires – immortality and power. He was now the monster Melin feared, fallen and separated forever from the light of life and love. For his perceived torture, he now set upon the path of destruction against all for the source of his pain – all living mortals. Here in this world his path of vengeance began.


     I am Arimar, the Chosen One of Allivar and you know of my story, but there are stories of worlds and ancient times that must now be told and never be forgotten. Our future is not yet certain and all depends on what we learn from our history. Come now and take your seat for the telling of the first tragedy of the heavens is about to begin. This is the chronicle of Helloria, the first fallen world, where by evil’s influence the lives of a young man and woman shall cross and the first battle of the heavens shall rise.

     Do not fool yourselves, this story does not have a happy ending, yet where there is tragedy, there is also hope. One shall exit darkness to enter the light and be protected forever. The other will be separated from the light and enter an eternal darkness. Here on Helloria the first mortal judgment has taken place and the battle of good and evil both in the living and ethereal realms begins, with consequences that will span millennium and the heavens. Here on Allivar is where the fate of all the forces of good and evil collided for a final confrontation. Now you shall know the entire story of the rise of evil and its rebellion against the heavens… and the gathering and defiance of the good armies of light.

Well, what do you think?  Are you eager to return to Allivar?

I can, I will and I did

I just finished watching Les Miserables.  Something struck me from the lyrics to the song, “I dreamed a dream” which ended with, ” Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.”

This last week I came to the realization that it is not life itself that kills the dreams of dreamers, but people.  I subscribe to various websites, blogs and Facebook pages about writing and publishing.  My sister has a masters degree in creative writing.  Every step of the way I took from the year 2000 to the present was to live a dream of becoming a writer.  I have a vivid imagination. I day-dream of stories that entertain me and I want to share that imagination with others. Over ten years I wrote and completed the epic high fantasy trilogy, The Chosen One of AllivarI can, I will and I did.

Article after article tells the dreamers that if you are not one of them, the highly educated perfectionist in writing and grammar, then you are vain and self absorbed.  When did the simple enjoyment of telling a story become vain?  Who sets the rules?  Self publishing technology has opened the doors for those of us who are story tellers.  We have no goals of becoming a teacher, a doctorate or member of an elite club where people congratulate each other over their own self accomplishments.  Now, who are the vain again?  How many books, other than academic, have many of these people actually written and shared with the world?  I can, I will and I did.

Life is not always about perfection, but the pursuit of perfection.  We will never obtain it.  If you have a story in your mind, it will never be perfect.  Why?  Because their are seven billion people in this world that will have a differing viewpoint that they want to inject into your story.  To compensate for their own inabilities they trash your story, your grammar and anything they can including the easy cop out of calling you a vain author.  Those that do this stand before mirror of self pity and envy.  It is how they compensate for their own fear of rejection because they cannot tolerate how in the world no one can see their perfection.  Let me tell you, I’m not perfect, my stories have flaws, but did they entertain you?  That is truly the question.  Did my stories give you pause to consider humanity and uplift you in a period of history where so much conflict exists, where degrading our fellow man or woman is now considered entertainment?  I want to write different stories.  I can, I will and I did.

Some of you might think that I am a starving writer.  I am CPA, an investment advisor, a technology consultant and now a licensed realtor.  These professional designations is what feeds my family. I have climbed the ladders to the top of the various walls.  On the other side are countless opportunities to experience more in life.  There was nothing to prevent me from experiencing all that I have, because I had the will to do so. I can, I will and I did.

In 1998, I went independent and have been ever since. Has it been a fairy tale?  Hell no. There were those I was employed by who controlled my career, who held me back, who never mentored or offered encouragement.  Why?  Let’s face it, businesses make money when they control those that perform most of the work.  They retain enough knowledge so that you cannot outshine and replace them, or attempt to go independent.  They further justify their agenda by convincing you that their management of your work is what will bring you success.  Does this sound familiar?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments and articles by those in the publishing industry, who rant and rave about how poor the grammar is of self published authors and the justification for their services. I chose to be an independent author simply to tell a story and control my destiny.  To date, I’ve made a few thousand dollars from my efforts, which some will say is not a success.  I’ve not won any awards or accolades, or have been patted on the back by fellow writers, including those in my own family.  Who defines my happiness and self worth of accomplishment and success?  Is money the only measurement?  Is a plastic award, a paper certificate, or trophy what you seek?  Is it the inclusion in some monthly newsletter or trade journal that you seek?  Is it the trips to writers conferences in the Bahamas you seek?  Whatever it is go for it!  Just do not belittle those that have a simple dream. Life is hard enough without all the human induced misery. Separate yourself from those that choose to live life dictated by others and those absorbed with the word “Can’t.”  I can, I will and I did.

I dreamed a dream of one day, before my death, of writing an uplifting and inspiring story, because I can, I will and I did.  My success can be summed up in the words of a 14 year old aspiring author,

“I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan, but I have to say that this was 100 times better than the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion combined!”

Should I die tomorrow, there is my accomplishment, there is my reward.  I was loyal to myself. I used my own capital and took the risk to live my dream.  So next time you stand before the mirror of self doubt because someone called you vain, remind yourself that it is you who controls your destiny and then boldly proclaim – I can, I will and I did.


I am King Yubal

I am the king of Allivar, the seventh king of the line of Yubal, I have been given the surname “The Destroyer.”  Yet, I reluctantly take this crown passed to me by my father before he went mad, it is my life’s burden and bane.  The one I love, Narcissia, all but hates me.  I see this in her actions and her eyes.  I would give all that has been passed to me for her love.  Who can give me this? Who can end my nightmares and pain?  I know of the prophecy and of the one foretold.  I am told this chosen one, this Arimar, is one to usurp my power and free the slaves that my wealth and power are derived from.  I have been told to fear the rise of the fallen seven races.

There he stands, Arimar, in my court in direct defiance of my power, yet he presents a confidence and power I have never seen before.  He asks only for the freedom of the seven races, my heart is willing, but a battle rages in my mind.  Am I going mad?  I will throw him into the coliseum and see if he can survive the spectacle of “Blood Run.” He has attracted the attention of Narcissia and she secretly desires him.  If I cannot have her then no one shall.  For every decree I order, I curse my own royal subjects. There is death, disease and hunger in my streets now, yet something clouds my mind and has taken control of me.  I want this to end, I can no longer bear it.   I will free the slaves if Arimar can end my suffering.  I awake this day to find my mind cleared, Arimar has freed my mind and my soul from the possession of Haggarfuse, who has been bound to forbidden lands.  He will leave the kingdom now and I learn that his only path to his homeland is through those very lands. How can he survive the horrors that dwell there?

The damned one has returned.  This time with a wrathful vengeance and he possesses my mind and soul fully.  Through me, Haggarfuse, the destroyer of worlds, will rise the seven armies of Allivar. I realize now that I was no more than a pawn in an ethereal battle, and what power I had been granted was merely temporary. Haggarfuse has used my power to bring forth this final war. We rally our forces of the armies and navies to set siege on the homeland of Arimar. I have beasts at my command and the forces of Arimar are too few, yet they fight bravely day and night now for forty days. We will kill them all and burn everything, nothing will survive, this will be the last stand of the living.  The age of the mortals will come to an end. What have I become?  I now know the origin of my surname.

I am King Yubal – the destroyer of Allivar, the last heavenly world.


I am Haggarfuse

I am the eight Charafuse, or guardian of the light, steward of the mortal world of Helloria. I was created and given charge to watch over mortals, a task I was given no choice, no free will to decide.  Yet the mortals are given the will to decide their own fate.  They are weak and doomed to death. How would these mortals fare with the intervention of evil? It is my challenge to the creator. A wager that he has accepted, with conditions.  He foretells of the coming of his chosen one, who will one day decide the fate of all.  A mortal from the Nephilliad race, one from the seventh line of prophets.  Due to my neglect of Helloria, all there perish under my guidance by the fallen mortal Gahar.  And for that fall of one of his heavenly worlds, the Unseen damns me to the horrid sight of a Charamorg. I am now a guardian of the dead and damned. I will be the destroyer of worlds. I am the first fallen Charafuse, but I shall rise and one by one I will set into motion the fall of  the ten heavenly worlds, with Allivar being the last.  I will toy with these mortal pawns and subject them to a life of slavery and torment.  The day has come and the one foretold is born, Arimar is his name, and at first it will be rejoiced, and then that name will be cursed.  I cannot risk the rise of the fallen races. Now that he has set off, I will follow his every step.

With the help of friends of the seven races Arimar has eluded me. He now sets his task on converting King Yubal to a believer and freeing the enthralled. I have plans for him now, to give him hope and set them on a path, bound to forbidden lands, the Marog, where I will rise the other fallen Charamorgs to taking my side. There in the Marog they will see a taste of the forces of darkness, who too, have despised the mortals. And with assistance they will die in these lands. My power grows and soon I will have enough forces to seal the fate of Allivar forever.  Yet, I underestimated their resolve and to my dismay they escape the Marog, but I have one last surprise in wait.  They live! I have violated the Unseen’s conditions and now I must possess the souls of mortals to wage war upon those freed by this Arimar, this usurper to my power, and I will defeat them.

I have gathered the seven armies of mortals, and the dragons, the giants, the Charagrung and Gregoron of the Marog to wage the final war.  From across the lands my power emerges, four hundred million strong, and we march to the holy ground at Masara.  Upon our arrival we are met with a strong resistance, with a newly constructed rock wall, and new weapons of war.  I admire their bravery, but they will still fall. I cannot and I will not be stopped.  I will deal with their forces here first and then decimate the last of the free lands later.  For forty day and forty nights they have held us at a line, their stand strong as my wrath, but it is to be the last land of the living. Prepare to meet your maker Arimar and ask him why he allowed mortals to experience so much suffering and death.

I am Haggarfuse and I will not bow down to a mortal, even if the void of unforgiving darkness is my fate.


I am Feng

I am a master of the sword and of Jita, the art of self control. I am of the race of the Kassaran.  They say my race has skin the color of a peach and we are said to be the stoic ones.  As the seventh son of my honorable father, I have been asked to join Arimar and Killeon on their journey. Arimar is the one my father has told me of since I was a boy, and I am asked by my father to protect him with my life.  Arimar seems no more gifted than myself, so why was he chosen? How is he to bring rise of the fallen seven races? He even asked me to teach him the art of the swords.  I admit to great interest in his swords, said to forged by the very creator himself. The very swords that destroyed our most precious family sword, one that I believed could not be broken. Only he can wield their powers. On my journey I have my first encounter with the race of the Kernsh, Killeon is his name.  He is sometimes loud and boastful, but good natured and courageous.  Then there is the giant Bothar, clumsy, yet so kind and gentle as a small child.  Together the four of us will venture north to lands of the king. On that journey I met Sami, the daughter of Samantharia, and I can’t get her out of my head. She shall test my Jita.

We have been captured and placed into coliseum for “blood run” and there my Jita and sword skills are to be tested.  Any doubts I had in Arimar have been silenced forever, he is the one and I will gladly give my life for his quest.  Yet he does not involve me or his other friends, he must deal with King Yubal in his own way and by himself.  I lived in the wilderness all my life and now the great city of Haggaly has opened my eyes to the world I have only heard of.  So many people living in fear and oppression and Arimar is here to free them.  I don’t know how he did it but Arimar has won the freedom of us all and now we must plan for the journey home.  We soon discover we are bound to forbidden lands and on that trip home Sami joins our company, with her by my side I am surely being tested. Every step we take feels was though our faith and wisdom are being tested as we enter the lands of the Dragons and the Gregoron horde.

We survived the journey home and there we learn of the coming final war.  All my friends and all the captains of the races have gathered to build the great wall of Masara. We have sent word to our families far and wide that they must come to our aide to defeat the seven armies of Yubal.  I know once my kin receive the word they will appear ready for battle, to make one last stand and prove their worthiness and their Jita.  To my dismay, we have learned our couriers have been intercepted and that we will stand battle alone.  Arimar tells us all we must stand our ground for forty days and nights and all will be decided. We are outnumbered and I do not see any hope for victory, our losses mount and all that I have found dear in this world is vanishing before me.  Remember my valiance dear father, I am Feng.


What I Love About My Story (Trilogy)

I saw this blog post title (What I love About My Story) and decided it should be one of mine.  To keep it simple I will just give bullet points:

  • It has action.  Action that increases tenfold with each book.
  • It has characters I love and I characters I hate.
  • It has meaning.  It’s a fun read but one that made me think.
  • It has romance as I envision it.
  • It has monsters and demons.  Those things I have loved since I was child.
  • It is about children, teenagers and adults.  I have been all three.
  • It is about the reconciliation of races.  Something I wish I could click my finger and solve.
  • It is about good and it is about evil.  That which I can see in human form and that which scares me in the gray shadows of the night.
  • It is about love.  Love of family, love of others, love of our world, and the love of something greater than myself.
  • It rivals in intensity the greatest adventures I have ever read.
  • It made me laugh and it continues to make me cry.
  • It gives me comfort.

These are the main points of why I love my trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar. It was a labor of love for ten years.  I have finished one leg of my journey as a writer, but the journey has not ended. For this mythology has been growing in my mind for twelve years and the adventures are growing larger by the moment. I will continue to add new reasons why I love what I have created. Come share this journey with me.  You will not be disappointed.

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