Why You Should Read My Trilogy – Spoiler Alert


I just finished watching the Life of Pi and was moved deeply by the story. I have the book on my Kindle, but can’t seem to find the time to sit and read as I fulfill my professional duties and the little time remaining to writing.  The story to me is an exploration in faith, not necessarily about religion.  One can have a belief in a creator and not have a religion.  In my trilogy, the Kassaran race, which I relate to those of Asian races, practice the Jita, a form of spiritual meditation.  All the races on Allivar believe in the one creator, The Unseen, but how they practice their faith differs.

Since its release in late 2011, my mythological trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, has slowly garnered reader attention.  Many books have a prologue meant to entice a reader at the very beginning.  I chose not to include this, but an author’s note instead.  By including a prologue, the secrets embedded in the story are given up.  For those readers who cannot wait for the conclusion, I give it you now:

“The Lord of All has heard your cries. He has brought all the powers of the heavens against his foes. Witness them now and rejoice. The Lord has come to stand for you and you shall doubt no more.”

This pronouncement is given by the hero Arimar who appears when hope is all but lost.  He arrives at a pivotal moment with the armies of the seven mortal races and the armies of the ethereal world – the Armies of Light.  They converge upon the forces of evil. Here, the creator, The Unseen, The Lord of Light and Life, also engages in the decisive battle against evil.  Let me detail the themes of this epic adventure story for you to decide if the $2.99 price per eBook is worth your time.

Faith and History

This is a story about faith in something greater than oneself.  If you have no interest in such stories, thanks for reading this far. The first nine chapters of book one are devoted to the establishment of a mythical universe and the fall of immortals on nine of the ten heavenly worlds created.  This also chronicles the rise of evil through a condensed history, so that the real story can then begin. I often refer to these chapters as my “Silmarillion”, or J.R.R. Tolkien’s origin story.  Where did everything come from? How did we get to this point in the hero’s journey?  Context to me is very important in any story I read.

These first few chapters involve the origin of moral behavior and the concept that even the creator had to determine if life itself was worthy.  Those who are of one of the three religions of Abraham will definitely see many similarities.  But it is not a story of Christianity, Judaism or Islam. If you believe a story involving faith cannot be exciting or deeply moving, like the Life of Pi, then I hope to prove you wrong. In the end, I place myself into the mind of the mythical creator which provides a viewpoint I have never read. Therefore the story is unique and original.  However, I am not pushing any religion with all their rules and institutions, just the concepts of morality, mortality and immortality.

Free Will

The story revolves around the theme of free will and the consequences of our actions. Therefore it is also a thinking readers story.  If you like stories that are entertaining and philosophical in nature, you may truly enjoy this journey.  I did not write the story to question anyone’s beliefs or values.

Action, Battles and War

As the Lord of the Rings became progressively more exciting, so does my trilogy. Book one has action, but is mostly character and plot development. Book two ratchets the action and introduces more characters. Book three involves the greatest battle scene you may ever read, with continuing twist and turns.  Readers who have dared to complete the trilogy stated they were exhausted emotionally, as was my intent. As the excerpt above states “you shall doubt no more.” It is also a story on the futility of war.

Death and Resurrection

Like the Game of Thrones, I spare no character.  The story is about life, death and what might be a purpose of an afterlife.  I will say no more on this, because the ending would truly be ruined.  As Gandalf is brought back to life by the Valar to finish his task, so are characters in my story.  Death and resurrection are key themes to an epic hero’s story that evoke our deepest emotions. So if you feel the word resurrection applies only to Christian stories, do not read the story.

Emotional Attachment

I purposely set out to make a reader cry numerous times.  I do this by creating an emotional attachment to one or more characters, no matter your age. There is one character who I put more effort in than any other, Bothar, a gentle giant who has child-like thinking and mannerisms, and knows nothing more than wanting to be good and help. He is the representation of the best ideals of mankind.  I freely admit to crying while watching the Life of Pi.  It is story that will stay with me forever.  It is my hope this one will also make that mark on the reader.


This a story regarding life as we know it, complete with hatreds and prejudices. It is story of racial reconciliation and living together as one human family.  It is often said that we don’t know what we had until it is gone.  This applies not only to family, but the loss of paradise.  In places, the story line is brutally honest.  We cannot hide from the ugliness of life, all we can do is to stand against it and support one another.


It is a story with a major theme of family, not just our immediate family members, but of the entire human family which we take for granted. Allivar means – “The One Family.”

Monsters and Demons

The book involves the interaction between the forces of good and evil.  Therefore, central to the heroic tale is the battle with seemingly superior forces of evil’s creation or as a result of punishment by the Unseen.  As with any mythology there must be a narrative on the origin of the demons and monsters.

Love and Romance

Love is depicted throughout this story.  The main romance between Arimar and Elissia is a unique one that I hope both men and women can appreciate, for it involves an altruistic love.  At the center of Arimar’s love is his faith which guides him to the completion of the task given to him by the creator.  He must sacrifice his love for Elissia until he has completed his task.  Elissia too has to sacrifice her love for Arimar.


Whether it is the conflict between the creator and the immortals, or the conflict of love over duty, or the conflict over our relationships with one another, conflict is a major theme of the story.  How do the characters overcome their weaknesses and rise to heroic feats?


All great heroes or heroines sacrifice their own needs for a greater good.  In the end, they are usually rewarded or they carry a great burden. What will Arimar’s fate be?

Justice, Forgiveness and Redemption

It is a story that ends with justice and forgiveness of many characters actions who hold on to the smallest of their faith.


I love reading books where I can say, “Wow, I never saw that coming.”  I can promise you this much, you may spend a lifetime tracing the clues I embedded.  I spent 10 years in the writing of this story, all 273,000 words of it, attempting to provide meaning or purpose for almost every sentence.

A Unique and Conclusive Ending

I do not like stories that leave me hanging.  I wanted a conclusive ending with very little questions unanswered.  Because it is constructed as a mythology, it has the elements of mortal creation, history, and end of times. What sets my story apart is the message given by the creator to the world of the living.

There you have it.  A story constructed around the basic themes present in all great epic adventures.  If you are looking for something new, give my stories a try. If you have questions before or after the story, contact me.

The trilogy is constructed so that future stories are not necessary for their enjoyment. If you like them and want more, just know the Chronicles Series is what awaits you next.  Sixteen stories to chronicle the condensed history of the nine fallen worlds and six for the ages of Allivar.  The final book, The Age of Light, will chronicle the behind the scenes story of the gathering of the seven armies and the armies of light as they appear in the final battle.

So if you enjoy the world of Middle-earth, mythology, and an exploration of faith such as the Life of Pi, you should give my trilogy a try.



I am Beloth

I am the greatest military general in the service of the seventh king of Allivar.  My name is cursed by my race, the Vanavaran, the black skinned fishermen of the world of Allivar. Should I appear to them this day, they would behead me. for they have suffered like no other of the races.  It is because of our skin that an unwarranted fear exists. We are not evil, yet in the service of the king, I carry out his oppression, for the king fears the rise of the fallen races.

Into the city of the line of kings Yubal, comes the man named Arimar – the foretold messenger of freedom. Can he give me the freedom I seek?  Can he restore me, make me whole and loved by my own race again?  Can he free my race of the fear the other races have of our black skin? I fear he can do none of these, yet with each moment I witness his actions, he surprises me and I am compelled to follow him. He has survived the king’s giant champion, Ergon, in the coliseum and crumbled the place generations of “Blood Run” into the sea.  He has freed the enslaved from the combs and healed their diseases and hearts. He has ordered me to place a small droplet of water into the cursed river and it is healed.  I do believe now, and I will be his captain, and soon he will convince the king.  I am now a freed man, the air smells different on this day, and for how long I do not care, for we are bound to the forbidden lands, the Marog, and there with the help of my protege, Murlach, all our skills in the art of war will be tested.

After all that we have been through fighting the evil of the Marog I find myself in the midst of my people.  It is at that moment they realize I am the long lost seventh son of the steward, and my birth name is Zulaf. I have been forgiven and accepted into the arms of my father and family. I will finish my journey with Arimar to his homeland and from there I hope complete freedom, will be mine.  We learn of the coming seven armies of king Yubal and the unleashing of the Marog, all has been unbound against us, and in six months time we must construct our defenses with a five mile long trench and wall. I will train all the followers, all the races, the  women and the children to fight to the death and whatever end may come. Here we shall make the last stand of the living.

I shall set aside my birth name of peace and carry the name that once brought fear to this world, I am Beloth.


I am King Yubal

I am the king of Allivar, the seventh king of the line of Yubal, I have been given the surname “The Destroyer.”  Yet, I reluctantly take this crown passed to me by my father before he went mad, it is my life’s burden and bane.  The one I love, Narcissia, all but hates me.  I see this in her actions and her eyes.  I would give all that has been passed to me for her love.  Who can give me this? Who can end my nightmares and pain?  I know of the prophecy and of the one foretold.  I am told this chosen one, this Arimar, is one to usurp my power and free the slaves that my wealth and power are derived from.  I have been told to fear the rise of the fallen seven races.

There he stands, Arimar, in my court in direct defiance of my power, yet he presents a confidence and power I have never seen before.  He asks only for the freedom of the seven races, my heart is willing, but a battle rages in my mind.  Am I going mad?  I will throw him into the coliseum and see if he can survive the spectacle of “Blood Run.” He has attracted the attention of Narcissia and she secretly desires him.  If I cannot have her then no one shall.  For every decree I order, I curse my own royal subjects. There is death, disease and hunger in my streets now, yet something clouds my mind and has taken control of me.  I want this to end, I can no longer bear it.   I will free the slaves if Arimar can end my suffering.  I awake this day to find my mind cleared, Arimar has freed my mind and my soul from the possession of Haggarfuse, who has been bound to forbidden lands.  He will leave the kingdom now and I learn that his only path to his homeland is through those very lands. How can he survive the horrors that dwell there?

The damned one has returned.  This time with a wrathful vengeance and he possesses my mind and soul fully.  Through me, Haggarfuse, the destroyer of worlds, will rise the seven armies of Allivar. I realize now that I was no more than a pawn in an ethereal battle, and what power I had been granted was merely temporary. Haggarfuse has used my power to bring forth this final war. We rally our forces of the armies and navies to set siege on the homeland of Arimar. I have beasts at my command and the forces of Arimar are too few, yet they fight bravely day and night now for forty days. We will kill them all and burn everything, nothing will survive, this will be the last stand of the living.  The age of the mortals will come to an end. What have I become?  I now know the origin of my surname.

I am King Yubal – the destroyer of Allivar, the last heavenly world.


I am Feng

I am a master of the sword and of Jita, the art of self control. I am of the race of the Kassaran.  They say my race has skin the color of a peach and we are said to be the stoic ones.  As the seventh son of my honorable father, I have been asked to join Arimar and Killeon on their journey. Arimar is the one my father has told me of since I was a boy, and I am asked by my father to protect him with my life.  Arimar seems no more gifted than myself, so why was he chosen? How is he to bring rise of the fallen seven races? He even asked me to teach him the art of the swords.  I admit to great interest in his swords, said to forged by the very creator himself. The very swords that destroyed our most precious family sword, one that I believed could not be broken. Only he can wield their powers. On my journey I have my first encounter with the race of the Kernsh, Killeon is his name.  He is sometimes loud and boastful, but good natured and courageous.  Then there is the giant Bothar, clumsy, yet so kind and gentle as a small child.  Together the four of us will venture north to lands of the king. On that journey I met Sami, the daughter of Samantharia, and I can’t get her out of my head. She shall test my Jita.

We have been captured and placed into coliseum for “blood run” and there my Jita and sword skills are to be tested.  Any doubts I had in Arimar have been silenced forever, he is the one and I will gladly give my life for his quest.  Yet he does not involve me or his other friends, he must deal with King Yubal in his own way and by himself.  I lived in the wilderness all my life and now the great city of Haggaly has opened my eyes to the world I have only heard of.  So many people living in fear and oppression and Arimar is here to free them.  I don’t know how he did it but Arimar has won the freedom of us all and now we must plan for the journey home.  We soon discover we are bound to forbidden lands and on that trip home Sami joins our company, with her by my side I am surely being tested. Every step we take feels was though our faith and wisdom are being tested as we enter the lands of the Dragons and the Gregoron horde.

We survived the journey home and there we learn of the coming final war.  All my friends and all the captains of the races have gathered to build the great wall of Masara. We have sent word to our families far and wide that they must come to our aide to defeat the seven armies of Yubal.  I know once my kin receive the word they will appear ready for battle, to make one last stand and prove their worthiness and their Jita.  To my dismay, we have learned our couriers have been intercepted and that we will stand battle alone.  Arimar tells us all we must stand our ground for forty days and nights and all will be decided. We are outnumbered and I do not see any hope for victory, our losses mount and all that I have found dear in this world is vanishing before me.  Remember my valiance dear father, I am Feng.


What I Love About My Story (Trilogy)

I saw this blog post title (What I love About My Story) and decided it should be one of mine.  To keep it simple I will just give bullet points:

  • It has action.  Action that increases tenfold with each book.
  • It has characters I love and I characters I hate.
  • It has meaning.  It’s a fun read but one that made me think.
  • It has romance as I envision it.
  • It has monsters and demons.  Those things I have loved since I was child.
  • It is about children, teenagers and adults.  I have been all three.
  • It is about the reconciliation of races.  Something I wish I could click my finger and solve.
  • It is about good and it is about evil.  That which I can see in human form and that which scares me in the gray shadows of the night.
  • It is about love.  Love of family, love of others, love of our world, and the love of something greater than myself.
  • It rivals in intensity the greatest adventures I have ever read.
  • It made me laugh and it continues to make me cry.
  • It gives me comfort.

These are the main points of why I love my trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar. It was a labor of love for ten years.  I have finished one leg of my journey as a writer, but the journey has not ended. For this mythology has been growing in my mind for twelve years and the adventures are growing larger by the moment. I will continue to add new reasons why I love what I have created. Come share this journey with me.  You will not be disappointed.

The Chosen One of Allivar Trilogy

Rise of the Fallen (Published)

Bound to Forbidden Lands (Published)

Last Stand of the Living (Published)

The Chronicles – Rise of Evil Series

The Fall of Helloria (Near Completion)

The Fall of Europia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Jeronia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Isoria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Glutonia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Floria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Denmaria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Clempatria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Borealia (Premise Phase)

The Chronicles – The Resistance Series

The Age of the Warrior (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Barbarian (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Slayer (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Bloody (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Damned (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Conqueror (Premise Phase)

The Age of Light (Premise Phase)


When writing my fantasy trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, I listened to movie soundtracks as inspiration for the most touching scenes.  My favorite of all times is The Lord of the Rings movies.  The movies, the books and all things J.R.R. Tolkien inspired me to devote ten years of my life to create my own and very original mythology. The Lord of the Rings is a story of heroic sacrifice, the basic theme of all my favorite books and movies.  I own the entire soundtrack and have seen the symphony in person. To say I was awestruck and inspired is an understatement.  Nothing can compare to the sound of a live symphony with adult and children choirs, it is almost angelic and other-worldly.

One of my other favorite movies is Braveheart. If you have ever seen the movie, specifically the scene of the execution of William Wallace and the subsequent freedom of Scotland, you cannot help but be emotionally touched. The music to the scene heightens the emotions. Obviously history of the events is much different, but the objective of connecting with viewers and especially with men, is the key point to remember.  Many of us men want to be heroic and gallant for a cause greater than ourselves.  We will risk life and limb for our family and country. Unfortunately we are trapped in an unromantic age. Gone are the ages where war is waged with sword and armor.  We live in an age where life as we know it could end in a single mechanized and even remotely controlled battle.  We may never have to come face to face with our enemy, know of their own pains and struggles, or that deep down inside they are as human as we are.

In the final story to my trilogy, Last Stand of the Living, I wanted to capture the essence of the emotions of Braveheart as the world for Wallace was coming to an end, but that by his actions, even after death, victory is possible.  The hero of my trilogy, Arimar, is a reluctant hero, one that would rather have peace and spend time with those he loves. In the end he is given a choice, and that choice leads to the fate of all. A fate that will have you the reader, riding an emotional roller coaster from one emotional peak to the next, and the next, and the next, leaving you drained, breathless and pondering the world in which you live, the meaning of life, the resounding power of love, and the value of family.  For it is a struggle of good and freedom from evil, and one where there must be a victor. Maybe one day my story will find its way on the big screen, for I wrote it specifically to challenge a filmmaker, with its very own empowering soundtrack. When you are done reading the final book, play this song and let me know if I connected.

What movie soundtrack moves you?

CPA versus Author (Jeykll and Hyde)

Alien vs Predator, Cowboys vs Aliens, Pokey vs Gumby – you name it there is always some duel between conflicting forces, but none more serious than those in our subconscious.  Inside of me are two conflicting characters.  One is the logical and analytical, drab and uninteresting CPA whose sole existence is protecting the good of the public interest. Then there is the author, whose imagination  was unleashed from the mortal prison of conformity to create or destroy.  Oh the power!


Since 1998 I have fought a battle over the complexities of the mortal induced madness called “The Code.”  Yes, that ridiculous collection of laws and regulations that bleed the unsuspecting turnip and even bloodless vampires every April 15th. Then there is the financial statement.  Yes the one that not too many read or understand.  The will buy a stock based on “coolness” factor rather than P/E ratio. I can spout off tax code and financial standards till I am blue in the face and my client crashes on the floor from a boredom induced sleep. I see myself as Dr. Jekyll, but my clients see me as hideous Mr. Hyde.

The Author

I have written stories, many still trapped in the dungeon of my mind, since 1976, but in 2011 I unleashed the product of a decade’s worth of plotting in my mythological quest with the trilogy – The Chosen One of Allivar.  Somewhere my other personality was dying to be set free and the words came easily, although not grammatically correct, which I blame on being a CPA.  Hey,  it’s a numbers thingy.  For ten years the hideous Mr. Hyde went to work plotting massive battles and evil deeds, while Dr. Jekyll said concentrate on tax returns and books.  I admit fully Mr. Hyde was winning within.  I wanted to break free and join the ranks of the deviously creative.

So what stands in the way of Mr. Hyde’s triumph?  You.  Yes you, the reader.  Here is your chance to cheer the Mr. Hyde in me.  Buy my books, review and rate me, then utterly and completely defeat, yes, defeat Dr. Jekyll.  Will you join me in my quest?  I need captains who will lead me to victory and seal Dr. Jekyll to the dark abyss forever.  So spread the word amongst the lands and across the seas.  Mr. Hyde shall soon be on the loose with more great tales of epic proportion.  Rise now!  Rise now!  For death and glory and new published story.

Dramatic – yes?