Digital Doodles

From time to time I may add a few of my digital produced doodles.  Yes, it is insane, my middle name.

My first work of art is a play off the Dos Equis Man – the most uninteresting man in the world.


My second is for all my friends across the pond and their love or hatred of Haggis the pudding and the beast.


I kid about haggis hurling, which has a double meaning.  Haggis is so nasty looking, you just might upchuck (hurl), or you may be a world champion hurler of haggis, as in the sport:


Even Famous Hamish – The King of Haggis Hurling has is burdens.



2 comments on “Digital Doodles

  1. That Haggis looks yucky!!! Even the term Haggis sounds icky! But I would taste it.
    Cool how you doodled yourself into the pics!!!
    You have a terrific sense of humor!!!

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