The Chosen One of Allivar is a mythological fantasy trilogy inspired by numerous tales, mainly from the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.  As such, a mythology must have a creation story.  Tolkien fans will recognize the Silmarillion as the history of Middle Earth from creation through the second age.

Rise of the Fallen develops the mythology and the rise of evil and mortals through the fall of nine of ten heavenly created worlds.  At the end of the first age, Allivar is the only standing world and the final battle ground between good and evil.  As foretold by the creator, a messenger shall be born in the seventh age and he will be sent into the world, if he can manage to stay alive, to reunite the seven races and plead for the release of all enslaved.


Rise of the Fallen is the introduction of the hero and protagonist , Arimar, raised at birth to the age of forty by his mentor, Marimon, all the while protected in a veil upon sacred grounds, while the world around Arimar is enslaved and suffering. In this coming of age tale Arimar deals with doubt, the absence of family and love.  He reluctantly submits to becoming the foretold messenger and accepts gifts of power and weapons to aid in his quest.

Rise of the Fallen has classical elements of the story of good and evil, with a reluctant hero and a merciless immortal antagonist, Haggarfuse, who sets out to destroy Arimar and all mortals.  As Arimar sets out on his long journey to confront King Yubal, he gains beloved friends and allies from the seven races,  who he must reunite.  Rise of the Fallen begins this epic journey and tale, only to enter forbidden territories.

Bound to Forbidden Lands

Bound to Forbidden Lands is the second story in the trilogy and centers around the hero Arimar and his direct involvement with King Yubal to free the slaves of the seven races.  Here Arimar meets Elissia and is caught between duty and love.  Love, which he is forbidden to accept until his task is done.  With the help of his new found friends and with power gifts presented to Arimar by the Unseen, he wages combat against giants in a coliseum and demons of the underworld all in an attempt to prove  he is the one foretold.  Through a series of events he finally convinces the possessed king and queen to release the enslaved, yet a path that brought them to the kingdom is now lost and the only way home is through the Marog – the Forbidden Lands.

There in the Marog his attention is divided into leading his freed followers and protecting the one he loves, Elissia.  As the perils grow fighting the Watchers demonic offspring, the Luminars and Luminags, he must stay one step ahead of the guardian dragons of the lands, who in a prior age have been bound for their own rebellion of their immortal makers.  He must take his five hundred thousand followers through the lands as quickly as possible before they all perish by the evil bound there.


He lives!  Arimar lives!

Last Stand of the Living is the final chapter in the trilogy and brings about the telling of the end of times.  Here the journey of Arimar, his company and captains arrive home after an attack of certain death by a miraculous intervention  only to discover King Yubal, possessed by Haggarfuse, has amassed the largest army in the history of the heavens for a final confrontation between living mortals and all the powers in the ethereal world.

Arimar and his followers have six months to construct a defensive wall, five miles long and weapons necessary to kill as many as possible, for the forces of Haggarfuse amount to four hundred million against their two hundred thousand.  They have been charged to stand for forty days and nights and at such time a great revelation shall come forth.

It is at the wall that the greatest battle of the heavens is to be fought between mortals and immortals with the end of times to be decided. Here the mortals must stand for love, for family, for land and sea, and for each other as evil – one last time.

AllivarChroniclesRiseofEvilThe Chronicles of Allivar are sixteen stories now in writing that are divided into two series.  The first being the rise of evil series, which chronicle the fall of the nine heavenly worlds.  In the trilogy I developed nine chapters to condense the history since creation, with numerous clues and hints that are only revealed in the final story – Last Stand of the Living. My readers wanted more, so I left the possibility open to explore the stories of heroes and heroines, the creation of monsters and the fall of immortals from the grace of their creator.

 AllivarChroniclesResistanceIn this final series I cover the stories of the peoples of the Allivar and their resistance against evil on the remaining world of Allivar right up to the moment of the final battle.  These are a chronicle of the seven ages and of the battles of the seven races to keep the world alive until the coming of the one chosen.

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