Well That’s Just Swell!


Yesterday we took a little trip to photograph the swells and waves breaking near Kealia Beach outside of Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii.  The photos of me are absolutely fabulous, but the waves in the background do not do it justice.  These waves were HUGE!!!  Well, to me at least, a middle-aged chubby guy from west Texas who jumped on the curb to avoid being swept away from a rain (a word as unfamiliar to Hawaiians as snow) induced swell of six inches.  So not one of my faithful readers (well, one that I know of) will ever believe they actually were HUGE until I found this video.

See, I told you they were HUGE!  The majesty and power of these swells is generated from the winds of hurricane Ignacio which spared us his wrath.  He might cross over the international dateline and become a trans tropical typhoon and be renamed “Wanton.”  We are supposed to get more swells from hurricane Jemina later this weekend.

Maybe soon I’ll challenge myself and venture into these waters and hang ten, or as many parts as I can, on a tree, in the mountains.  The lovely Mrs. Greenlee will look at me and reply,

“Well that’s just swell.”

I know, I know, extra lame and greasy humor.  What do you expect from a Haole?




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