Anti Social Media – Welcome to SneerBook

Why do they call it social media?  It’s all a lie.  Social media is just the politically correct way of saying it.  There are folks getting rich giving you a medium to post some really nasty stuff, you just hope you don’t get caught, well until today.  Welcome to SneerBook the first official anti social media.




That’s right, for only $19.95 per month you can get on SneerBook and be as obnoxious as  you want to be.  Are you sick and tired of all those icky sweet selfies?  You bet you are.  So join SneerBook today and post your most obnoxious sneer possible. Practice your condescending attitude on others, see how long your anti-friends list lasts.  Have the blast of your life.  Tired of reading how many dates with Mr. Wonderful your female friends are posting?  Simply click on the “Sneer” button and select from of list of sneers from your photo list, or select “Cattle Prod” to submit a socially disturbing jolt of electrically, or upload the Stuxnet virus.  We give you the tools to be as snarky as you want to be, we let you hijack friends list, or press the instant create clique button to block you.  We have it all.

Our next version will be spectacular with the first voice response system “Sniri” which you can use to create sardonic and sadistic algorithms to invade others  privacy and taunt them with posts like:

  1. “Your nude photo will be posted live at 12:00 am tonight”, and at 12:01 “Just kidding.”
  2. “Not that same high school picture again! Aren’t you 85 now?”
  3. “Okay, okay go to Hawaii already.  Disappear puhleeze!”

With release 2.0 we will introduce our new shorter version called “Swatter.”  Will give you 140 characters to say whatever anti social ideas come to your mind or to instantly dispense digital vigilante justice. Try to delete a Swat and it just replicates it to all your Swatters. How anti establishment can you get?!  We’ve thought of everything, but since you will desperately want to be a member and make us rich,  I’m sure you want to be proactive in our future features.  Simply click on the SneerBook anti-privacy feature so you can share your sneers with us and our advertisers.  We’ll post things you absolutely do not want so you have something to sneer about.  Click our user agreement disclosure, which you know you are too lazy to read, and select “I sneer at the world” as acceptance that there are no rules, it’s so anti, anti-social all the malcontents will be sharing with the rest of the dysfunctional world and we will have 750,000,000 members before New Years.

It’s time for something completely original and disturbingly honest – join SneerBook!!!


An Anti Social Subsidiary of
Big Bollocks Bobby Worldwide Enterprises Conglomerate Algamated, Inc, LLC

Big Bollocks Bobby

Big Bollocks Bobby Our Proud President


Legal Disclosure – I know you won’t read this, but this is satire.  You know… that stuff you see on SNL?  It is meant to be absurd.

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