Hanging Loose

I am going to Hawaii very soon and meet with a company of realtors.  I decided to take a look at their office which I found on Google Street view.  As impressive as Google is, I decided to take it for a road trip on Kauai’s Kuhio highway headed west towards Hanalei Bay.   You’d be surprised what you will see on a virtual road trip.  For example, Hang Loose is something the people of Hawaii say all the time, but Google caught evidence that they actually live it.  Here you see a Hawaiian actually hanging loose his leg out of the window, while driving, while texting, while photo shopping, while … well, you get the point – THEY HANG LOOSE!



So sit back, hang loose as you take a trip with your most beloved blogger on Kauai’s northern boundary, guaranteed to be exciting with every twist and turn.   Our next photo op is the Sammy Hagar lookout where everyone steps out, strums their air guitars and sings “I can’t drive 25!” Come on, you know you want to.


Unfortunately, even on virtual tours you run into road construction and just like on the mainland there’s never ending construction.  Here you have indisputable evidence that even on Hawaii no one truly works on roads.  At night, aliens from Mars come and do the work.  Then there’s the guy with his hands on his hips, undoubtedly the alien supervisor. Nothing upsets me more than a virtual traffic jam.  If only I had a virtual horn.


Next on our virtual tour is a favorite of locals, tourists and aliens alike – the famous Hanalei Necking Cave.  It is said that only the most experienced and intrepid necker’s should enter this most treacherous cave.  If I understand correctly, Hanalei means “Make Lei”, but I’ll pretend it means “Make Out.”


These roads are narrow, so narrow that at times only one car can fit on a bridge along with an occaisional diver, even though prohibited, as is driving with dangling legs, while texting, while photo shopping…, oh well, you get the point – THEY HANG LOOSE!


But as with all things the road must end and at the end of that road you sum up all your feelings and emotions, you pause and reflect on that moment that is magical, philosophical and even spiritual but as with all things we must return to reality.



Thank you for taking this virtual tour with Obnoxious Ready Eddie’s Tours. If your not satisfied with your experience, too bad. It didn’t cost you anything, besides you have Google Street view – use it!  See what those privacy invading cameras pick up next.  As for me, I’m going to stare at this image a little longer and can’t wait to see and photograph it in person, as I will all the bikinis on the beaches, for those photos there will be a fee.  Hey, someone has to pay this blogger’s staff!



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