The Man Club – February 2014 Edition (The Manslater)

Men need all the help they can get with women and technology geeks need to get busy with solutions.  The Man Club, in its quest to provide members with valuable services and products, introduces THE product gift of 2014 – The Manslater.  Here’s the product advertisement.

Responses from members have been positive, like:

Shut up and take my money.

I had mine surgically implanted.

It works great with Google Glass.

I bought the SmartPhone edition.

Ooh, I love my iManslater.

What a life saver.

I don’t even have to think anymore… thank you Manslater!

Now that you have seen the product in action and read our member comments now all you have to determine which memory version you want, which like women, is complicated, short term, and expensive.

Kilobyte (aka the Blonde Version, simply because they are limited to a vocabulary of a 1,000 words)
Megabyte (aka The Valley Girl version “it’s like, mega cool, for sure!”)
Gigabyte (aka the girl that never stops laughing version)
Terabyte  (Pronounced Terror Bite)
Petabyte (Pronounced Petty Bite)
Exabyte (The Exasperated Version)
Zettabyte (The Sextillion Version [That’s 10 to the 21st power, but not a hanky panky invitation])
Yottabyte (The Stars Wars Geek Girlfriend Version)
Brontobyte (The prehistoric older woman date Version, not to be confused with the Cougar XLR version currently in BetaByte testing)
Geopbyte (aka the Woman from MENSA Version)

So what are you waiting for?  I’ll even throw in free shipping and handling. But if you act now, I’ll double your order.  Give one to your fellow buddy who is showing signs of mental fatigue.  They make great wedding gifts.  But don’t stop there, I’ll throw in the Ronco Fishamatic too!  All for $1,999.36. Order today, TOday, TODAY!

And thank you for being a member of the Man Club.


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