Winter Storm Name Games


Winter Storm #8
Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Humperdingledinger

This week Cleon is on its way to freeze us into submission.  But who came up with the name “Cleon?”  Seriously, can’t you weather folks be a little more creative?  We want to see you pronounce a few more difficult names to spice up the weather forecast.  They’re boring!  If people flock to watch Ron Burgundy, you are missing out on how to clearly captivate our society’s craving for more intellectually stimulating entertainment.

Here are some names this creative person has coined for his own storm systems.  But you must say them rapidly three times in succession:

  1. Frozen Freddy TwerkenMcKnipplemeister
  2. Icy Ickabody Igloosickle
  3. Sleety Slick Willy Slushy
  4. Wendy Windy Wintergreen
  5. Frosty Bitten Frigidderriere
  6. The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Humperdingledinger (For my Hawaiian viewers)
  7. Unz Me Coldzee Bunz Unz Zee Me Slippenzee Sidewalkenzee (in a German accent, guzzling a beer)

You see!  People would tune in just to watch you try to pronounce these storms.

But, don’t stop there! Because BBB Enterprises is ready to sell you the top new game of Christmas 2013.  That’s right! Big Bobby’s, “Name that Storm!” My readers can do this at home.  Turn off the sound to your TV and pretend you are a forecaster.  Bedazzle your friends at your next winter storm party.

Here’s how it works.  We sell you the Twister game, a keg, cards to draw from a deck with preset storm names.  If you get the wildcard, create the next great storm name.  Your job is to tell the forecast while in the Twister TwerkinNippleTwister position while drinking a cold frosty beer.  How fun!  And it’s only $999.99 with FREE shipping.  Order today, today, today…

Big Bollocks Bobby

Big Bollocks Bobby
BBB Enterprises


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