Miley’s Twerking and Jerking


You Homo Sapiens – there you go again.

That’s it – I am officially an OLD FART.

I haven’t watched MTV since “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  This morning I read about Miley Cyrus’ doing a rather non-lady like routine at a “VMA” awards.  It was so raunchy they caught Will Smith and family aghast.  People are talking about it left and right.  Some say she is just all grown up and having fun, while others call her names I will  not repeat.

Honestly, if my daughter was still a child, I would have screamed “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”  Then I’d jerk that twerking television set and heave it out the window.  Here’s a test, if this is such a grown up and acceptable behavior, have your six-year old do the routine in front of friends and neighbors.  Now you would say that I am being unreasonable, but when our children watch this and see the reaction of adults applauding to it, what message are we sending, “Look sweetie, grown people acting like chimpanzees with pasties!”  Except when they go to the zoo they don’t see the chimpanzees running around in bras, thongs and bustiers.

One time my young daughter tried to get away with buying g-string underwear.  When I found them, I put one on (over my jeans) and danced for her.  I seriously thought the image would gross her out so much she would never consider such a thing again.  What is it with the dental floss?  Wait… I really, really do not want to know.

Now what would really be fun to watch is a female group composed of Madonna, Gaga, Spears and Cyrus – aka, “The G-string Quartet.”  Throw in a few monkey’s on the stage, a few cougars, a rhinocyrus and a slab of raw meat, then you are all set for a night of wholesome family entertainment.

Yet, sadly, we demand more. That’s a good thing, for without human absurdity satire writers would be unemployed and forced to humiliate ourselves with an all male dancing band “GSync.”  Imagine it if you can.  Excuse me while I get sick.


6 comments on “Miley’s Twerking and Jerking

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    We are pretty open to many things, however we have not seen the video but from what has been said about it, it was not for young viewers but unfortunately that was more than likely the largest segment of viewers, if so that is most unfortunate and the producers of the show should know better.

    • ewgreenlee says:

      They know better, it sells. I personally have no concerns for the matters of mature adults or a group of mature adults in privacy. They know, or should know, of potential consequences of their actions. I only feel children are not being given enough time to enjoy the innocence of being immature. Appears maturity is what screws people up!

    • ewgreenlee says:

      I just read about it and saw the Smith’s family reaction. For me, I just love watching old rockers playing their instruments and singing – the old, old, old MTV way.

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