A Call to all Women


Damn You Lilith

This is a call, like the lighting of a beacon, for the response of as many women as possible.  I am an author and a man, a manly man.  I don’t have hidden feminine traits.  Therefore, you might consider me an old fashioned Rhett Butler type.  I write about heroes and heroines as I would like to see them.  Right now I am on the 5th book of a 19 story mythology.  This current story deals with the fall of a world by an evil queen, who wasn’t always evil.  As I discussed the plot with my editor (my wife) she mentioned that she hoped I would try to explain why women can be, well, so petty.  As a manly man in search of the great mysteries in life, frankly my dear I haven’t a damn clue.

So, with this in mind, this story has to do with two queens, one who is targeted by evil for her shortcomings, her vices.  If you have ever studied the seven deadly sins you know that you can probably pinpoint any human failing from one or more of those deadly vices.  Haggarfuse the Deceiver, an immortal bent on rebellion, is well aware of these vices now from observation of the fall of the first heavenly world of Helloria (book 4 in edit phase).  He is now on a mission to use these mortal weaknesses to create the most evil queen ever and I mean ever, to destroy the world of Europia.  This is a story I have been drooling over for at least three years to write.  What things have modern women seen that even they despise in their own sex?  This is where you ladies can come to my aid.  You can even respond anonymously.  I can write my perspective as a man and frankly my dears, be shot down as a sexist pig.  So remove the male perspective and hit your own sex with your best shot.

In my image above I refer to Lilith [Read more in this link] as one of my inspirations to this evil queen.  In some legends Lilith was the first wife of Adam.  Yes, that’s right.  Adam was divorcee, so to speak.  Lilith would not submit to Adam and was cast out of Eden to become the first succubus [Read more in this link]   She even mated with the archangel Samael (talk about juicy material?)Some legends even state she invades infant cribs to rob the breath of infants, as her revenge against Eve. Therefore women chanted a lullaby to protect their infants from Lilith who became a demon.

This is just one source of original evilness that is going to relentlessly attack and destroy an innocent female child and subsequently the world she is a part of.  Don’t be dismayed there is also a good queen in the story, although it must be a tragedy, it will end on a positive note.  Queen Maggith is the lead evil character, a name I derived from a combination of Maggot and Lilith.  Unfortunately, a friend of mine from Corpus Christi wanted to be in one of my books, so I made her the good queen Tamylla, and then her friend Maggie also wanted to be in one.  Well Maggie, sorry, but you drew the last straw.  Please don’t hate me forever. Maggith is going to be terrible, every woman on earth is going to hate her.

For those of you ladies who may not know these vices here are the seven deadly sins:

  1. Pride – considered the highest sin of all.
  2. Lust – a definite theme in this story
  3. Greed
  4. Envy – what can I say!
  5. Gluttony
  6. Sloth
  7. Wrath – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (one of my chief themes in this story)

So, place on your thinking tiara or crown, and tell me what characteristics you think would make the most awesome evil queen ever.  What causes women to be petty?  Thanks for being a good sport too.


6 comments on “A Call to all Women

  1. Rana says:

    Honestly, I think you might want to make her evil by using the tropes which most women aren’t. The worst vices of women, in my opinion, are envy, lust, and greed, which all put together bring on wrath.

    Women aren’t gluttonous per se; they don’t want ALL THE THINGS, but the things they do want, they better damn well get, even if that thing doesn’t want to be gotten (aka women fighting over a man’s choice in a woman). Women do not pride themselves in who they are, they take pride in what they have and what they don’t earn. If the don’t have to earn it (especially when they don’t have to earn it fairly) to get praise for what they have, they want it all the more. This is not to say that women don’t work for what they get and have. They simply work in the wrong direction to get what they want, so they are by no means sloth.

    I would find an evil woman character to be the most interesting if she were slothful, gluttonous, and full of pride. This is not to say she ought to be a huge blob of fat in a chair with a scepter frowning at everyone and demanding she’s big boned. I want to see a fair woman who doesn’t earn what she has at all, who hoards what she has and takes credit for getting it for herself when she really doesn’t do a damned thing. She’s not jealous or envious of anyone, she simply takes what they have because she has the power to. A woman with absolutely no real drive at all, but who makes it a point to bring misery to all she meets, just because it amuses her. Have her come up against something she cannot have, no matter what she commands, and let her power crumble into madness, into pure wrath with no way to direct it. Let her sloth, gluttony, and pride completely reverse into envy, lust, and greed, and have her not understand them, which makes her all the more wrathful, until there is nothing left but pure rage.

    THAT would be an awesome evil woman. At least to me. XD

    • ewgreenlee says:

      Great insight!

      My initial characteristics for this queen are pride, envy, lust and wrath. Gluttony usually is derived from self loathing, which she will not have. This vice will appear in one of the next seven stories, but not this one. As an extremely proud queen she believes she is the most beautiful female in this world. Gluttony would not support this pride, in my most humble opinion.

      I may include some characteristics in which she fights the influence of evil, hence sloth (The unwillingness to do what one knows is right.)

      Pride is her greatest vice, which leads to the quest for ultimate power. The hero of the story is Talan, a sailor which she covets, but he selects the good queen whose beauty is internal and sets the stage for the unleashing of her wrath.

      I’ll see how I can incorporate your thoughts into the story. Thanks again!

    • ewgreenlee says:

      I just came back from a haircut and discussed with woman barber. She stated she believes women are in constant competition with each other, but they have no idea what they are competing for! Okay, as usual, I’m confused.

      • Rana says:

        Ha! So true. Women will compete for attention when there’s only the two of them in the room. It’s pitiful. Truly pitiful. XD

    • ewgreenlee says:

      So why do you think that is? Has society established some sort of competition?

      • Rana says:

        Not really sure, to be honest. It probably has something to due with a combination of society being most entertained by women who fight over nothing (causing women to think there is some appeal to acting as such) and women generally having a lot of freedom but not a clue what to do with it. There are only some women who have these fights for attention, and usually they are women who have nothing else to offer of themselves but to be a spectacle.

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