Mastering The Art of Deflection – Cat Meme Overload

We humans are an interesting species.  We rarely take a good hard look in the mirror, instead we project our insecurities onto others and even the animals species.  When we do this we feel better about ourselves.  We laugh at ugly dog and cat contests to deflect our own imperfections and if anyone calls us out, we cry foul as someone hits a home run over the political correctness ballpark.  What if animals could talk? Would we like what they have to say?


As far as I know Homo Sapiens are the only life form that evolved with a brain to apply logic and reasoning.  Now you don’t see grumpy cat, or any  cat,  running around in a G-String at your local SuperBrainMart.  Oh no, we have these shopping centers set aside for this single species who deal in logic and reason – GggggacACK (Sorry, hairball)

You don’t see grumpy cat holding a smart phone and falling into a subway or water fountain.  Soon we will witness more brilliant Homo Sapien ingenuity with smart watches and glasses so we can – take photos of cats and other people to make fun of. I love watching technology advance and progress the intellect of the human species.

What if animals had their own social media like – Nutters, Moron+1 and FurrBook?  What would they post about us?


Of course we’d be spying on our own cats and extending our voyeuristic nature.  Then we’d hack FurrBook and upload salacious photos, or post nasty comments to intimidate our fellow cats.


My point to this rambling is, well, nothing really. I was just experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator.  But if we are not careful, we will evolve into Homo Absurdious and cats will rule the world, like they don’t already.


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