Twilight VIII – Revenge of the Herapalca

On July 4th I had a relaxing day sitting by the pool sipping Mai Tai’s with very old friends.  We talked about new grand babies and those not yet arrived, diets, movies, etc.  Of the funniest moments was a discussion of the Twilight series. My friends wife asked me about my mythological stories and somehow we came upon the success of the Twilight books and movies. They watched them all so I asked her weren’t they getting sick of vampires, werewolves and zombies?  My friend’s wife said she had a thing for Jacob more than Edward.  Her husband replied that he liked the series but that Jacob reminded him of an Alpaca.

Not having seen the movies or the character, I researched his claim and by God it appears others agree, here is the evidence.  I thought he was a werewolf, not a herapalca.


Who knew Alpaca’s could be so sexy before their transformation?  So why aren’t there supernatural Alpaca stories?  They can be quite dangerous, courageous and sensual.  Mix a little Alpaca Kung Fu, spitting and hurling fur balls and you have a perfect arch nemesis, plus Bellarina will stay very, very warm as they hide out in the cold forest as she makes a plethora of awkward stares and little meaningful dialogue.  Trust me it will be a huge international bestseller, Twilight VIII – the Revenge of the Herapalca.

Alpaca Kung Fu

Alpaca Kung Fu
Aiyeee Yaaaa!

So for all you Meyer’s wannabes, get busy writing something original – bring in the pack of sexy and furry Alpaca’s.


Don’t call me Fluffy!
I’ll rip your bloody spleen out.


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