Coffee Chaos – June 2013 Edition (Boobie Booze)


My grandson has great lungs.  Whenever he is ready to eat he is going to let you know.  His mom is breast feeding and while my wife watched him for a short period of time, I had forgotten how hilarious it was to watch infants eat.  They scream bloody murder to let you know they are hungry, but the instant the plastic nipple is in their mouth it’s heavenly satisfaction.  Shortly after consuming the contents they fade into a comatose state as though they had been drinking booze. Then they pass out for 30 minutes to an hour so you can catch up on coffee consumption.  This why I refer to this month’s edition as Boobie Booze, just because the words Boobie and Booze will get me 16 trillion hits.

It is also the same reaction I have each morning when taking my first sip of Colombian Supremo.  I’ll be grumpy, but the second the rim of my insulated mug hits my lips, I’m in heaven, like an infant the moment they taste the Boobie Booze.  But for me it’s the opposite effect, I go from the comatose state to, “Ready Eddie Action Hero.” Although my wife states it more like, “The Chatty Cathy Doll from Hell.”  Now I ask you readers is that loving, honoring and cherishing?

This last month our credit card was hacked, which means we had to get a new card so that our coffee bean company [Coffee for Less – a gratuitous plug]  could deliver our life sustaining inventory of the gift of the gods. This also meant we ran out before the beans arrived.  This is when I wanted to cry and a grown man crying is a truly pathetic sight.  The very day our beans arrived, our daughter accidentally turned off the hot water supply to our Bunn brewer.  Hadn’t I been tortured enough?  This was a true coffee chaos moment.

To end this post, if you are looking for conversation with friends or relatives who have infants, just brew come coffee, pull out the Boobie Booze and enjoy the sweetness of a comatose infant. Not all moments in life should be filled with coffee chaos.

Surely you have a story you’d like to share.


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