In Memory of the Fallen


Today we celebrate Memorial Day.  However, it is a somber day. A day we remind, or should remind ourselves of those that died defending our country and the cause of good around the world.  It began shortly after the Civil War and was changed to include all those that died in any war. We have Veterans Day in which we give thanks to the survivors of wars.  Yet with Memorial Day the dead cannot hear our thanks, unless you believe in an afterlife.  Therefore all I can do is submit this thanks to the families of those who have died.  Your pain still remains.  For you it is not likely a day of celebration, unless you celebrate the extraordinary life of a hero. This one day each year I feel much different and yes, I shed a tear.

We have many people we admire and even idolize in the USA; the athletes, actors, singers, etc.  Yet, none do I hold in higher regard than those that have served and sacrificed so that I may celebrate a long life.  All I can truly do is to support through a contribution of money to an organization that helps our fallen heroes and their families.  This is such a small sacrifice on my part.

One day in the afterlife, that I believe in, I will be able to give my direct thanks and listen to the story of how they fell in battle.  Maybe one day, men of power, influenced by evil, will come to realize the need for a common peace, and that we are indeed one family, and this is the only world we have. Then and only then, we will lose all nagging doubts that their lives were not lost in vain.  Therefore, hoist your flag, not to politicians and administrators, but to the heroic warriors who have kept our shores free. Most of all give a silent moment of thanks to the men and women who have sacrificed for you.  Maybe in the heavens they will hear you and know they are never forgotten.


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