How to Stay Sane – Read the News


I admit to reading several news sites each day, to stay abreast of financial, political and human trends.  The above images and their headings are real.  I have not altered them in any fashion.  They say you can gain a readers attention with just a few words and a single image.  So what pops out for you?  Well here is what did for me.  Reading from the top row, left to right, I was intrigued with the following:

  1. Crazy Drunk Tourist Acts. Hey! They thought they were sane at the moment.
  2. Twilight Time for Stewart?  Oh please, please, please, please, please, please……
  3. Guy Fights Back With Funky.  As in the Funky Chicken?
  4. Where to Get Dating Advice.  Uh, try good ole mom and dad.

Not convinced you are sane?  Does any of this really catch your eye?  Now for the next  row:

  1. Could Humans Be Cloned?  I sure hope so, I’ll take two Selma Hayek’s please.
  2. The Trillion Dollar Question.  Well since I am a CPA and financial advisor I have 72, trillion dollar questions.  As in, are you folks in Washington really paying attention to the size of the debt and unfunded liabilities?  I don’t expect any of you to understand this, so I will make it simple.  It’s bad, real bad.
  3. Rodents Return from Space Trip.  Why those lucky rats!
  4. Unrelated Celeb Twins.  Wait a minute!  Am I missing something?  How can they be twins and be unrelated?  Then I saw the image of Michael Jackson and thought to myself, “Humans Have Been Cloned!”  Dang it, I said two Selma Hayek’s.

The media spends big bucks on research on what readers want to read.  Only 8 of the 14 images or titles caught my attention.  That’s slightly above 50%.  That is how I know I am still sane, in that my attention to media garbage wasn’t as high as 95%.  Now had they placed an image of twin Selma Hayek’s, I would have been hooked, even if the detail of the article had been about space rats doing the funky chicken in orbit with Michael Jackson’s twin.

Have a great day.


3 comments on “How to Stay Sane – Read the News

  1. Only one really caught my attention, go figure.

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