Sex Cells


I am an author.  They tell me that I needed a blog to sell my story’s, but all people seem to want to read about is sex.  Don’t you ever get bored with all the talk about sex, the books about sex and the shows about who has had sex with who? Some of you may have more sex toys, than pet or child toys.  Can’t there just be references or innuendos about sex?  Do you really need narrative after narrative, and graphic detail about sex? We have erotic vampires, werewolves and even zombies (I don’t even want to know.) Don’t you get it yet, or do you need recall on what sex is?  Sex in a story is fine if it actually leads to assist the plot.When Rhett Butler rushed Scarlet O’Hara up a flight of stairs and then the next scene shows a glowing and devilishly smiling Scarlet, surely you know they had sex, and probably good sex.  Now isn’t that actually more sexier than seeing it?  Don’t tell me you don’t have an imagination?  Sometimes I am disappointed when a woman gets naked after appearing in sexy lingerie.  The mystique and the mystery then disappears and I find myself wanting to get back to the story.

In my current draft [In edit phase] of the fourth story of my mythology, The Fall of Helloria, I make references to sex just twice. The first to display the sick act of taking sex from another by evil force.  All I use in the narrative are the words defiled or defilement.  I go into no further details.  If needed, use your imagination, you’ve seen enough on TV to last a lifetime.  The other narrative is of the love making by a husband and wife, the gathering of two into one mind and body. Again, I supply the innuendo, you supply your own imagination.

In the fifth story, now in writing phase, you will meet Queen Maggith and she will be consumed by lust and envy, which lead not only to her demise, but the demise of an entire world.  She will make Bella look sane by comparison with her obsession of Talon.  This is why I write Fantasy. I control the absurdity of the characters.  But graphic sex is not my thing.

What was the difference in the minds of people when the Lord of the Rings was released in 1954?  What was so compelling that rock stars made lyrics about the story? How has the mythology created by Tolkien captivated so many without a single narrative on sex?  Some have compared George R.R. Martin with Tolkien.  Well if they wish to that’s fine, but I think they are vastly different.  I am sure Mr. Martin was bombarded by sex in stories for a much longer period of time due to our current moment in time and over the last 40 years.

These days we read about new “adult” hotels and resorts, adult clubs, etc. We have had a long period of time in which popular music and the beat are geared to body grinding and not much more than that.  STD’s appear to be a norm in our nation (110 million people infected as estimated by the CDC).  Somewhere the term adult has lost its meaning.  As a noun it means,  a person who is fully grown or developed.  Is this just the body, or the mind?  How can so many have so much access to information and still refuse to use it wisely?  Just yesterday a study concluded kids as young as 8 are now actively watching porn on the internet and actively lying about their age to get on the sites.  Soon there may be no creative imagination in our youth, because they were not given much of an opportunity to slowly develop.  Can we adults expect them to be fully developed in the mind at that age?  Who are their protectors?  The adults? How can they protect when they are the ones begging for more?

Don’t get me wrong, the marketplace determines what sells.  It is just somewhat confusing why some good stories go unread. Today, you would think our brains have evolved so that every message from our ears or eyes had to pass through a sex cell.  How many current day stories, when you remove the sex, were truly stories? How many were formula novels that just shifted around the names, the locales and even the sex? Don’t you ever feel duped?

Just a thought – a daily thought.


4 comments on “Sex Cells

  1. Jada M. says:

    Like 50 Shades of Grey?

    • ewgreenlee says:

      I haven’t read 50 Shades, nor really have any interest in it. I would lay odds many read it for the curiosity of the story. I’ve read a few reviews. Sex sells, there is no mistake in the claim. But it would be refreshing to see more stories and series with just innuendo. But hey, I’m an old fart!

      • Jada M. says:

        Maybe it’s where you look? I can’t remember that many books that have blatant sex scenes. But maybe because most fantasy books I’ve read are YA?

    • ewgreenlee says:

      This is just an observation of the tweets I see, FB posts, news feeds from various MSM, and statistics I read.

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