Famous Hamish Hogmanay

There are always men out there who are willing to try anything to make a living, and Famous Hamish is no exception.  So why not book your next vacation to a little known Hawaiian paradise hideaway.


We hear it all the time, people getting tired of the same old grass skirts, hula dances and pigs in a pit dinner buffets.  They want a new and different sort of Hawaiian experience.

Welcome, says Famous Hamish, also known as the Island Highlander, or Hottie Scottie to our female guests, to the experience of a lifetime. You see, Hamish wound up on a little known deserted Hawaiian island named Ilikey SippiMaiTaiIki, which was once a home to three wayward Scottish lepers. Now it is a must see destination for your family vacation.

Come ride the waves.  Glide effortlessly on our tropical zip line and the feel the wind rushing between your skirt, ah – freeeeeeeedom!  Lay back and relax on our natural feeling sheep plucking part hammocks.  Get up, get down, and dance to the nightly “beach dance” with instructor Michael Flatfoot O’Finley.  Finish the night off with the art of Haggis filled coconut hurling and eating.  There is so much to do and so much to learn of the island highland culture.

You too could be the next island highlander. So come visit us soon and learn the real meaning of – Hang Loose Dude!



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