Famous Hamish Hot Rods and Hot Haggis To Go


Welcome to Famous Hamish’s Hot Rods and Hot Haggis To Go.  We want your buying experience to be pleasant, even though you are a peasant.  Take for example this 1932 Highland Hummer.  Aye, what a beauty!  It only has 3,000,000 miles and is only $4,500.  They don’t make beauties like this anymore.  Relive your drive-in movie days, fog up some windows. No more of those fancy schmancy cockpits separating you and your lover – ooh la la!

Need financing? Let Big Bobby of BBB Enterprises handle your financing, only 3% for 30 years, 30% for 3 years – we give you options!

Big Bollocks Bobby

Big Bollocks Bobby

Got three kids you say, no problem!  The back seat has the Famous Hamish Highland Hump that your luckiest kid can straddle – Yee Haw!

Come on in and while we prepare the papers and have a Haggis on us.

Haggis Scotlant traditional

Now sit back and relax to our soothing piped in music. (Think Daniel Boone Theme Song)

Big Bobby is dog,

but a gifted dog!

Big Bobby has some Bollocks,

Yes, Big Bollocks!

He was brave, he was fearless

and all the girls just said YES.

Big Bobby is a dog,

A very bow-legged dog!

With a whoop and a whimper,

He’s a winner and a natural born limper.

What a Bollocks! What a do-er!

What a car dream-come-er-true-er was he!

CONGRATULATIONS – you are approved.  Here’s your keys and and 30 second warranty.  Thanks for shopping Famous Hamish Hot Rods and Hot Haggis To Go.


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