Hey, I can do that!


You see them all the time, little sayings embedded around cute pictures of puppies and kittens, or women without coffee (not so cute).  I always wondered how they did it.  In 2011, I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite Master Edition so that I could become a self publisher of my fantasy mythology.  I have been able to compose my book trailer and create my website.  Each day I learn something new.   Last week I began the process of editing and formatting my fourth book of the nineteen book mythology with Adobe InDesign.

Today I learned how to use images cropped out of a photo with PhotoShop  and imported into an Adobe Illustrator file.  There I added simple text and exported the result to a PNG format which you now see above.

As you can see Famous Hamish is now getting quite skilled at the art of manipulation.  What do I have planed next?  Is it a trip to Disney Land or Vegas?  No, it’s a project to start illustrating by tracing sketches of my creatures, maps, and scenes from the stories for the web and advertising.  From there I can then design my own eBook covers.

Where will this all end?  Heck, who knows, right now I am having a blast learning a series of software products that will bring one step closer to a dream of complete publishing prowess.  Only audacious haggis hurling Famous Hamish would dare such a journey.


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