To be or not to… wait, what was the question?

Every so often someone on Facebook will post a photo for the sake of laughing at absurd generations past.  Today’s post was no different.  Do you recall the great mullet outbreak?

The McMeth's

The McMeth’s

That’s right, the great mullet outbreak of the late 1980’s.  Everyone in the family had to get in on the act – of insanity.  These people either have the brain the size of a sheep, or are on massive intake of drugs and moonshine (Hillbilly Napalm).

For example, our lovely family above, the McMeths; are Milly Jay, Billy Ray and little Billy Jay Ray.  Don’t they just look sassy in denim and leather trim?  So sweet, they just achy-breaky my hearty.  I was trying to figure out which camera they were staring at, as it seems all three of their eyes are fixated at a different directions.  It’s so cute, little Billy Jay Ray has a macho shark tooth necklace to show off all his little chest hairs, of which he inherited from Milly Jay.

I can’t tell but I really think Billy Ray is saying something like a recitation from MacBeth, only in hillbilly twang and composition:

To be, or not to be, uh what is duh question?
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Crutches of outrageous welfare,
Or to take hams against a double-wide of troubles,
And by opposing end them: to die, with sheep
No more; and by a sheep, to say we end
The Achy breaky Heart-ache, and the thousand therapy shocks
That Flesh is hairy too? ‘Tis a saucy consummation
Devoutly devoured to be wished. To die to sheep,
To sheep, perchance with butter cream; Aye, there’s the dry BBQ rub,
For in that sheep of death, what dreams may come…

Billy Ray then awakens, puts on his coke bottle thick tri-focals with tinted technology and realizes he can’t read,  “Sleep?  What the …?  I thought it said Sheep.  Well heck, no wunder it made no sense.”

Isn’t it comforting that some trends just die off and the next generation of conforming nonconformist arrive to show how far we have progressed as a species?


The Painters

Welcome the absurd human family. One family’s fashion is another family’s shivers. Maybe Billy Ray wasn’t so blind after all, maybe it was about sheep.  Only Monty Hamlet knows for sure.


Thank heavens for diversity, it gives us a reason to make fun of each other.


2 comments on “To be or not to… wait, what was the question?

  1. kerbey says:

    “conforming noncomformists” is perfect, and such a lovely soliloquy from Shakes Beer. also, the laser beam background is a nice touch.

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