Banished Coffee Brands

Before any of my dribble will make any sense, watch this clip for background.

Now that you have watched this classic clip, my dribble still will make no sense.  The genius of being a Monthy Python groupie is to be able to take something relatively benign and sane, and convert it to coffee clap.  There are some coffee brand names and combos that should have never been made, such as Conquistador, and the list is long:

  1. Colombian Constitution Cleanser and Disinfectant
  2. Cat’s Mammary Meow Mix
  3. Missy Swiss Wolf Puckschwanstuker Strudel und pinch of Cinnamon
  4. Red’s Redeye Redcow Roast
  5. Cafe Hot Harry’s Hammerplast and Haggis
  6. Stumpy’s Stumptown Cafe and Carwash
  7. Granny’s Gritty Grinds
  8. Ernesto’s Escargot Espresso
  9. Chucks Full o’Nuts and Cheesy Pizza Parlor Playground
  10. Mrs. Brown’s Black Ivory Cafe
  11. Sasini Massimo Macho Ichiro Tata Nyet DeMaraba Bubba Internacionale Blend

I could go on and on, but now for something terribly absurd, terribly absurd, terribly absurd – sorry there, just a little Google Hiccup.

Which leaves me with the newest paranormal movie hit of the year, watch the following trailer for the new thrilling errorotic (sic) mocha java chiller thriller –

Lola – The Laboriously Lewd Lovely Longing Lasciviously Lecherous Libidinous Lustful Licentious Lingerie Leprechaun Latte Lady

Whew, or the slightly shorter title

“The Milkman Only Rings Once”

Or the even shorter version
“Sally Succubus”

I’ll stick with Eduardo’s Hancho Pancho Slurpious Salivato Blend


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