The Game of Throne Builders

Every so often you get an email or a Facebook post that has hilarious images embedded within.  You know what I refer to, those photos of the people of Walmart next to their disgusting surnames. We are disgusted by them, but they make us feel sane. Today was a great day.  What immediately came to my mind when I saw these images below was a parody on Game of Thrones.  It is said that a bathroom is a man’s domain and the toilet is his throne.  We even name them John and Lou, very kingly names.

Well feast your eyes on these thrones from the fantasy story of Game of Throne Builders.  In the world of Gruntasmellion, there were eleven kings all vying for the top throne.

First there was King Shakealot, of the land of standing thrones, an apparent Gemini.

King Confused

Throne of King Shakealot

Then there was King Upordown of the kingdom of contortion.

King Upordown

Throne of King Upordown

Following Kingupordown is King Faucetsuckle,who forbade the common folk continuous contamination of public faucets by preventing the sideways faucet suckling.  Those that were uncommonly common lapped the floor and thus they had the shiniest bathroom floors in the mythical world.

King Faucetsuckle

Throne of King Faucetsuckle

The there is King Oakenwidendoor, of the open air concept kingdom. But let’s not pass by his realm, for it is an odorous realm of dark heavy air.

King Oakenwidendoor

Throne of King Oakenwidendoor

King Kneepeak, being a somewhat more modest king than Oakenwidendoor, keep the identity of his court secret, until the spring nudist olympics revealed their true identities.

King Kneepeak

Throne of King Kneepeak

Then there was the environmental friendly King Recyclyscrapper.

King Recyclyscrapper

Throne of King Recyclyscrapper

And who can forget King Confessinchamber, were confessions across the land were done in record time and sins were committed no more.  He was the king of peace.  Those that sinned did ten thousand voluntary hail Mary push ups to avoid his powerful mauvaise odeur throne.

King Confesschamber

Throne of King Confessinchamber

Of the more bizarre King’s, King Louie, whose surname was appropriate – The Long Arm, was also the starting center for the world’s traveling basketball team – The Harlen and Darlene Thronerotters.

Throne of King Louie The Long Arm

Throne of King Louie the Long Arm

There was King Sharkenlid, one of the less brilliant kings of the lands who sought corrective solutions to the lands throne builders. His 3rd queen, the lady of Straddlewider, doth protest too much and she was beheaded.

King Skarkenlid

Throne of King Skarkenlid

The last of the small kingdom’s was ruled by king often overseen, King Legoless

King Legoless

Throne of King Legoless

But the King they plotted against and whose throne they lusted for was King Targetalot. There in the throne chamber they knelt and paid homage to his rule and the power of his excellent throne.  For all the other thrones were inferior.

King Targetalot

Throne of King Targetalot

Soon they realized that codes and regulations were in order. DIY manuals and hard alcohol were banned from the country and the citizens were required to be educated in industrial arts and completion of the sixth grade. King Targetalot declared such things for the survival of Gruntsmellion.

On second thought, let’s not go there, it is such a silly place.  Thank you America, I feel less insane today.


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