I am Murlach

I am a military captain of the Dayanaran race. We are the brown skinned engineers of the world of Allivar.  I have been a slave in king Yubal’s possession my entire life.  I yearn for the freedom of my mind and body. I want to build instruments of peace, not war, and machines to ease our burdens.  My race has been imprisoned or scattered amongst the lands, separated from our fathers and brothers, afraid of the weapons we might create to assist in the rise of the fallen races.  We too have waited for the arrival of the one foretold in the prophecy, the arrival of Arimar. In the whispers of the wind we now have hope.

And then I met him, Arimar, the chosen one as told to me in decades of hushed conversations.  He arrived in my city with General Beloth, my mentor, and 500,000 freed followers.  The decree to my freedom has been given and with my soldiers we march, bound to the Marog, those lands guarded by the fiery blast of dragons breath, giants and the Gregorons – watchers and thieves of souls.  They say no one has ever entered the Marog and escaped, lured by the greed of the fabled lost city of gold.  Here in these lands we must use our wits with the little weapons we have and develop strategies to keep this massive company safe, a task I fear impossible. The mountains are restless and filled with the noise of war,  and with a single strike of his sword to the ground, Arimar has silenced them.  Now they gather full force for our arrival.  We will not go unnoticed and we will have battles, but we have no choice, the great Bridge of Babel no longer stands, we are bound to forbidden lands.

Through some unseen miracle we have survived the Marog and after weeks of journey through the scorched lands we arrive at the greatest city to have been built by the Dayanarans – Ianburg, but it is a graveyard, from a great battle waged before my time.  We make it to the summit of the Baand mountains. In the mountains I am reunited with my father and there I see the engineering marvels concealed therein. I have offered to guide Arimar on the final leg of his journey and from great trumpets we announce his homecoming into the Armaderron valley and his city of Mosiam.  When we arrive we are greeted warmly, but we cannot rest, we are told of the nightmare that writhes in the north and is on it’s way.  I have been charged to build a wall and trench, to help us stand for forty days and nights.  I have been charged to create weapons of mass death for the forces that will soon arise.  It is hard for me to believe we will survive, but I witnessed the impossible with Arimar and I will stand by his side, by the side of my fellow captains and of the living men, women and children that dare to stand in defiance of evil. All I can hope that is my race and the others will come to our aide, otherwise it will be the last stand of the living.

I am Murlach and the inventions of my mind are about to be unleashed.



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