I am King Yubal

I am the king of Allivar, the seventh king of the line of Yubal, I have been given the surname “The Destroyer.”  Yet, I reluctantly take this crown passed to me by my father before he went mad, it is my life’s burden and bane.  The one I love, Narcissia, all but hates me.  I see this in her actions and her eyes.  I would give all that has been passed to me for her love.  Who can give me this? Who can end my nightmares and pain?  I know of the prophecy and of the one foretold.  I am told this chosen one, this Arimar, is one to usurp my power and free the slaves that my wealth and power are derived from.  I have been told to fear the rise of the fallen seven races.

There he stands, Arimar, in my court in direct defiance of my power, yet he presents a confidence and power I have never seen before.  He asks only for the freedom of the seven races, my heart is willing, but a battle rages in my mind.  Am I going mad?  I will throw him into the coliseum and see if he can survive the spectacle of “Blood Run.” He has attracted the attention of Narcissia and she secretly desires him.  If I cannot have her then no one shall.  For every decree I order, I curse my own royal subjects. There is death, disease and hunger in my streets now, yet something clouds my mind and has taken control of me.  I want this to end, I can no longer bear it.   I will free the slaves if Arimar can end my suffering.  I awake this day to find my mind cleared, Arimar has freed my mind and my soul from the possession of Haggarfuse, who has been bound to forbidden lands.  He will leave the kingdom now and I learn that his only path to his homeland is through those very lands. How can he survive the horrors that dwell there?

The damned one has returned.  This time with a wrathful vengeance and he possesses my mind and soul fully.  Through me, Haggarfuse, the destroyer of worlds, will rise the seven armies of Allivar. I realize now that I was no more than a pawn in an ethereal battle, and what power I had been granted was merely temporary. Haggarfuse has used my power to bring forth this final war. We rally our forces of the armies and navies to set siege on the homeland of Arimar. I have beasts at my command and the forces of Arimar are too few, yet they fight bravely day and night now for forty days. We will kill them all and burn everything, nothing will survive, this will be the last stand of the living.  The age of the mortals will come to an end. What have I become?  I now know the origin of my surname.

I am King Yubal – the destroyer of Allivar, the last heavenly world.



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