I am Haggarfuse

I am the eight Charafuse, or guardian of the light, steward of the mortal world of Helloria. I was created and given charge to watch over mortals, a task I was given no choice, no free will to decide.  Yet the mortals are given the will to decide their own fate.  They are weak and doomed to death. How would these mortals fare with the intervention of evil? It is my challenge to the creator. A wager that he has accepted, with conditions.  He foretells of the coming of his chosen one, who will one day decide the fate of all.  A mortal from the Nephilliad race, one from the seventh line of prophets.  Due to my neglect of Helloria, all there perish under my guidance by the fallen mortal Gahar.  And for that fall of one of his heavenly worlds, the Unseen damns me to the horrid sight of a Charamorg. I am now a guardian of the dead and damned. I will be the destroyer of worlds. I am the first fallen Charafuse, but I shall rise and one by one I will set into motion the fall of  the ten heavenly worlds, with Allivar being the last.  I will toy with these mortal pawns and subject them to a life of slavery and torment.  The day has come and the one foretold is born, Arimar is his name, and at first it will be rejoiced, and then that name will be cursed.  I cannot risk the rise of the fallen races. Now that he has set off, I will follow his every step.

With the help of friends of the seven races Arimar has eluded me. He now sets his task on converting King Yubal to a believer and freeing the enthralled. I have plans for him now, to give him hope and set them on a path, bound to forbidden lands, the Marog, where I will rise the other fallen Charamorgs to taking my side. There in the Marog they will see a taste of the forces of darkness, who too, have despised the mortals. And with assistance they will die in these lands. My power grows and soon I will have enough forces to seal the fate of Allivar forever.  Yet, I underestimated their resolve and to my dismay they escape the Marog, but I have one last surprise in wait.  They live! I have violated the Unseen’s conditions and now I must possess the souls of mortals to wage war upon those freed by this Arimar, this usurper to my power, and I will defeat them.

I have gathered the seven armies of mortals, and the dragons, the giants, the Charagrung and Gregoron of the Marog to wage the final war.  From across the lands my power emerges, four hundred million strong, and we march to the holy ground at Masara.  Upon our arrival we are met with a strong resistance, with a newly constructed rock wall, and new weapons of war.  I admire their bravery, but they will still fall. I cannot and I will not be stopped.  I will deal with their forces here first and then decimate the last of the free lands later.  For forty day and forty nights they have held us at a line, their stand strong as my wrath, but it is to be the last land of the living. Prepare to meet your maker Arimar and ask him why he allowed mortals to experience so much suffering and death.

I am Haggarfuse and I will not bow down to a mortal, even if the void of unforgiving darkness is my fate.



2 comments on “I am Haggarfuse

  1. Shelley says:

    We loved this trilogy. My oldest thought it was better than The Lord Of The Rings.

  2. Kellee Lee says:

    This was an awesome series and is quite though provoking. I look forward to re-reading and re-reading these lovely books.

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