I am Feng

I am a master of the sword and of Jita, the art of self control. I am of the race of the Kassaran.  They say my race has skin the color of a peach and we are said to be the stoic ones.  As the seventh son of my honorable father, I have been asked to join Arimar and Killeon on their journey. Arimar is the one my father has told me of since I was a boy, and I am asked by my father to protect him with my life.  Arimar seems no more gifted than myself, so why was he chosen? How is he to bring rise of the fallen seven races? He even asked me to teach him the art of the swords.  I admit to great interest in his swords, said to forged by the very creator himself. The very swords that destroyed our most precious family sword, one that I believed could not be broken. Only he can wield their powers. On my journey I have my first encounter with the race of the Kernsh, Killeon is his name.  He is sometimes loud and boastful, but good natured and courageous.  Then there is the giant Bothar, clumsy, yet so kind and gentle as a small child.  Together the four of us will venture north to lands of the king. On that journey I met Sami, the daughter of Samantharia, and I can’t get her out of my head. She shall test my Jita.

We have been captured and placed into coliseum for “blood run” and there my Jita and sword skills are to be tested.  Any doubts I had in Arimar have been silenced forever, he is the one and I will gladly give my life for his quest.  Yet he does not involve me or his other friends, he must deal with King Yubal in his own way and by himself.  I lived in the wilderness all my life and now the great city of Haggaly has opened my eyes to the world I have only heard of.  So many people living in fear and oppression and Arimar is here to free them.  I don’t know how he did it but Arimar has won the freedom of us all and now we must plan for the journey home.  We soon discover we are bound to forbidden lands and on that trip home Sami joins our company, with her by my side I am surely being tested. Every step we take feels was though our faith and wisdom are being tested as we enter the lands of the Dragons and the Gregoron horde.

We survived the journey home and there we learn of the coming final war.  All my friends and all the captains of the races have gathered to build the great wall of Masara. We have sent word to our families far and wide that they must come to our aide to defeat the seven armies of Yubal.  I know once my kin receive the word they will appear ready for battle, to make one last stand and prove their worthiness and their Jita.  To my dismay, we have learned our couriers have been intercepted and that we will stand battle alone.  Arimar tells us all we must stand our ground for forty days and nights and all will be decided. We are outnumbered and I do not see any hope for victory, our losses mount and all that I have found dear in this world is vanishing before me.  Remember my valiance dear father, I am Feng.



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