Syndication – Yes or No?


I have had a few readers suggest I go to the next level in 2013 and submit queries to newspapers for syndication.  Although I am flattered, I sincerely believe I am not that good.  But what the heck.  Here is where you get to judge me.  Yes, you get to judge me, play God and all that, be the master of the universe – just this once.  Would you read my humor writing in a paper, use it for puppy training, or just use it to start the fire in your chimney? Dave Barry is one of my favorite humor writers, so my humor writing style mimics his approach.

I added the rating feature for WordPress so I could see my ratings, 5 = life and 1 = off with my head.  Any average in between is just plain torture and against all human laws.  So give me a five or do not keep me alive.

Of course you can always post comments, that I too, may play God and delete if it is not suitable to said editor of said blog (ME). I have emotions too you know!

So come on and participate and control my destiny. I won’t stalk you. Too much.

Peruse my humor postings for 2012


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