Life, oh the absurdity of it all!


I have always said that life provides the greatest source of humor.  Normally it is from the acts and comments of our young children that are the funniest, but every so often you come across a news article that suggests we adults are ten times more absurd.  Take for instance this case of a worker’s compensation claim in Australia. Please take a moment to study the detail of the case.

You have to admit reading it conjures up hilarious imagery.  How would you like to be the one sitting in a court with witnesses and a jury of your peers discussing this case?  I have been involved in two jury trials, once as a foreman.  Sometimes the jury has to ask additional questions to weigh all the evidence.  I can only imagine the questions coming out of the jury, if they had one, for the original trial and three appeals.

  1. Was a ceiling fan involved?
  2. Were they playing cards, and if so, where can I get a deck?
  3. What are the typical hazards of this occupation?
  4. What exactly do you two do for the government?
  5. You get paid to do this?
  6. Where can we sign up for this job?
  7. Did the hotel have quake insurance?
  8. Is it on YouTube?

This trial would go on and on for months with questions, just enough to fill numerous erotic novels like these:

  • I’ve seen the light and it broke my nose
  • 12 Overheated Jurors
  • Hot Hotel Saucy Government Secrets
  • Undercover down under

There could even be a self help manual like this one, How to make money faking an on the job sexual injury. Innuendo is always the prime tool of a humorist writer.

In reality things happen to us and we can be defined by it, or we can simply learn to laugh at ourselves. It is called self-deprecation. Try it sometime, it can be rather fun. I am famous at self-deprecating. It sounds so very naughty, doesn’t it?

I recall a time I was fascinated by the gear changes on my new ten speed bicycle when I ran into a parked car.  I injured my face and the family jewels so to speak.  I should have sued the owner for parking that car in the street which was made for moving, not parked vehicles.  I could have introduced as evidence said black and blue jewels and the damage to my new ten speed.  I could have claimed emotional distress, depression and sued for $10 million. I could have appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, but I realized I would have been the youngest laughing stock in the nation.

2012 was a great year for human absurdity. Have you read or witnessed something totally  absurd lately?  Post it here, or share a link if you dare.  I’ll see how I can twist it out of proportion.  I am pretty certain 2013 will be just as, or even more absurd.  Regarding the photo, I have no idea who that it is.  It has nothing to do with me or anyone I know.  I just found it absurd with the guy exposing his poor dog to the capriciousness of the world.  Give me time and I will corrupt it.



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