The Birth of Hope


For the past twelve months I have been providing small snippets of the background to my trilogy fantasy – The Chosen One of Allivar.  It is a mythology primarily concerned with family.  Not just an immediate family, but the human family.  This month we celebrate a day that many choose to believe and many choose not to.  This is the price of free will.  I like to think of this season as the season of the Birth of Hope.

This year, 12/12/12 specifically, my grandson was brought into this world.  A world that has many problems and many challenges.  His parents, my son and his wife, now know what it means to create.  In their arms is a human being that is 100% dependent upon them for everything. This should be a profound moment in both their lives, as it was for my wife and me.  It is a moment the meaning of family takes a new route.  It is the moment a parent should contemplate the issues of creation and of being a parent, to guide and protect their child from the evil that surrounds us, and finally understand the world is more than about “I” and more about “WE.” It is also a moment when our grown children will hopefully connect with us of the challenges and sacrifices we made to guard and protect them, to give them wisdom from our experiences for them to witness this very moment.  Many parents cannot enjoy the season as they are missing from their family those taken too soon from this world. My heart goes out to them.

The quest of being a parent is difficult, as my children will learn.  Whatever wisdom they try to pass down to their children will be met with skepticism.  They will not understand you, call you old-fashioned, and out of touch with current times.  They will learn to say “no” and then be treated as though they mortally wounded their child.  They will learn what it means to be disliked for not being like other parents. The grass is always greener in some other family’s home.  They will know what it is like to plan for a child and to have that child go the exact opposite direction.  Yet it is a quest we parents must take head on with determination and courage.  We must never give up hope that the next generation will find the answer to our problems and end the evils that continue to tear families, communities and country’s apart.

In my story the hero, Arimar, is separated at birth from his family.  He lives a life in complete secrecy until he is old enough to understand the purpose of the prophecy that he would one day free the mortal family from all evil.  All around him is love and family, yet he is denied this basic human need until his quest is completed. Allivar means – The One Family. His quest is to reunite the mortal family and become one again as was intended by the creator.  I won’t spoil the outcome, but there is a scene where he holds one of his twin infant sons and he is overwhelmed with emotions.  It is at that exact moment that the profoundness of creation, life and family fills his soul.  His sons represent the birth of hope that the generations that will follow will no longer allow evil’s presence in their world.

I write a lot of silliness and humor in this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed some of my humor.  I also hope that one day in the near future that you will give my stories a try and stay loyal to very end.  They are not literary award winners and still contain some imperfections in the editing and eBook conversion process, yet the message is clear, never take for granted life and family.

Therefore celebrate this season with your family, celebrate the miracle of creation, celebrate the miracle of life, celebrate the memories of those that have passed on, and celebrate the hope of the future.  Begin making resolutions for the actions needed for the betterment of yourself, your family and mankind.  Be the change you want to see in this world.  Give more of yourself than you expect in return.  When you do you these things, you will experience a different world, and within you peace and hope will grow.




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