What I Love About My Story (Trilogy)

I saw this blog post title (What I love About My Story) and decided it should be one of mine.  To keep it simple I will just give bullet points:

  • It has action.  Action that increases tenfold with each book.
  • It has characters I love and I characters I hate.
  • It has meaning.  It’s a fun read but one that made me think.
  • It has romance as I envision it.
  • It has monsters and demons.  Those things I have loved since I was child.
  • It is about children, teenagers and adults.  I have been all three.
  • It is about the reconciliation of races.  Something I wish I could click my finger and solve.
  • It is about good and it is about evil.  That which I can see in human form and that which scares me in the gray shadows of the night.
  • It is about love.  Love of family, love of others, love of our world, and the love of something greater than myself.
  • It rivals in intensity the greatest adventures I have ever read.
  • It made me laugh and it continues to make me cry.
  • It gives me comfort.

These are the main points of why I love my trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar. It was a labor of love for ten years.  I have finished one leg of my journey as a writer, but the journey has not ended. For this mythology has been growing in my mind for twelve years and the adventures are growing larger by the moment. I will continue to add new reasons why I love what I have created. Come share this journey with me.  You will not be disappointed.

The Chosen One of Allivar Trilogy

Rise of the Fallen (Published)

Bound to Forbidden Lands (Published)

Last Stand of the Living (Published)

The Chronicles – Rise of Evil Series

The Fall of Helloria (Near Completion)

The Fall of Europia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Jeronia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Isoria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Glutonia (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Floria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Denmaria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Clempatria (Premise Phase)

The Fall of Borealia (Premise Phase)

The Chronicles – The Resistance Series

The Age of the Warrior (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Barbarian (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Slayer (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Bloody (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Damned (Premise Phase)

The Age of the Conqueror (Premise Phase)

The Age of Light (Premise Phase)


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