Golf Indigestion December Edition – Christmas Gifts


Always a little short

It’s that time of season where we very poor golfers get gifts related to the game of golf. We get cheeky little covers for our drivers, brightly painted tees, and paper weights for our desk. Enough already. What you need to give the dedicated duffer this Christmas is a subscription to Golf Indigestion. There you can find all sorts of worthless articles and instructions, but some super golf gift ideas. Here are my personal selections this year.

Divots in a Jar – yes show off all the places you have golfed and removed a majority of the green or fairway. Label them by date, your score and location.  Take photos and frame them next to your jar.

Tee Box – The man cave is so yesterday. Buy the plans to convert your man cave into your very own tee box. One sure fire way to keep all the girls out is to have a chime that yells out “fore” if they try to enter without your permission.

Stuffed Fairway Animals – my personal favorite! Show off that squirrel you knocked high out of a tree, the antelope in the woods, or that eagle that became a bald eagle.

The Ball Juggler – a instead of that fixed golf ball case on the wall, get the machine guaranteed to draw attention to your balls as they are juggled in the air.

Ice Ball Trays – who needs cubes, we want cold balls in our cocktails.  Get creative and add dye or flavors to your balls.  Be the hit of your country club or local driving range.

Hemi Cart – if money is no objection, we’ve got a super modified cart sure to create envy on the course. Golf in less than one hour with this baby.

Fore Play Board Game – learn new fore call outs, like WTFoooooore! Spin the wheel and see if you shoot straight, splice, dice, or  land in the next county.

As editor of Golf Indigestion, I am sure you will see my selections and the upcoming 2013 editions of Golf Indigestion are intriguing, inviting and well worth the ridiculous price.  Next year we have add the refreshment cart hotties to the subscription. Here’s a sample.


January Refreshment Cart Hottie

Hey, what do you expect for free and royalty free images!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.  Which reminds me of my last gift idea. The Winter Ball Warmer Bag.


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