My Love of Writing

Let me start off by saying I am not a professional writer.  I would love to be one. I will continue to learn to improve. I have a love for writing,  because I have a mind that does not cease thinking.  I have been a day-dreamer for as long as I can remember.  I once created the prequel of “Alien” in my own mind.  Prometheus just ruined my story. I absorb so much through reading, listening and observation that I have to write down what I think.  Most of my life I have suffered from insomnia and I know it is attributable to the thoughts that race through my head.  My brain is overloaded with inventory.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a member of Toastmasters International. Many of my speeches, especially humor, came from what I have written here in this blog.  I have won a few trophies for my speeches and evaluations of other speakers.  Once I have these ideas written down here in this blog, it serves as my own personal library.  I just choose to share these thoughts with readers.  Most of my posts are absurd, because I am a silly man the age of 53.  I love being an adult, but there are times when my inner child wants to strip naked and run around in total freedom of adult constraints.  To do so would create a whole new constraint in an asylum, so I have to be careful.

I have deeper thoughts than many people I know. Some of those thoughts are also present here, even some poetry if you wish to find it. I spent ten years of thinking and writing on the three books that comprise my mythology – The Chosen One of Allivar. So far, not too many people have read the story or have provided a review.  Those that have seem to have enjoyed it.  All I can do is write and disseminate information about my stories here and on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.

I won’t win a literary award in my lifetime and I do not care, that is not the point.  I will be scorned by those that seek grammatical perfection, but I not care about that either. All I care about is the people who I may give thought to, or those that might enjoy a smile or laugh in an otherwise horrible day.  You see, we are all family, you and I, and we share time and space now here on this blue ball. I write about the human experience and the issues that matter to me, or the ones that make me shake my head.

I am emptying the inventory of daily thoughts from my head.  It provides me comfort and for once in my lifetime I am finding I am able to sleep more through the night.  In the end, I will be able to reflect back on life and know without regret that I gave life, including my writing, 100% of my effort.

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