When writing my fantasy trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, I listened to movie soundtracks as inspiration for the most touching scenes.  My favorite of all times is The Lord of the Rings movies.  The movies, the books and all things J.R.R. Tolkien inspired me to devote ten years of my life to create my own and very original mythology. The Lord of the Rings is a story of heroic sacrifice, the basic theme of all my favorite books and movies.  I own the entire soundtrack and have seen the symphony in person. To say I was awestruck and inspired is an understatement.  Nothing can compare to the sound of a live symphony with adult and children choirs, it is almost angelic and other-worldly.

One of my other favorite movies is Braveheart. If you have ever seen the movie, specifically the scene of the execution of William Wallace and the subsequent freedom of Scotland, you cannot help but be emotionally touched. The music to the scene heightens the emotions. Obviously history of the events is much different, but the objective of connecting with viewers and especially with men, is the key point to remember.  Many of us men want to be heroic and gallant for a cause greater than ourselves.  We will risk life and limb for our family and country. Unfortunately we are trapped in an unromantic age. Gone are the ages where war is waged with sword and armor.  We live in an age where life as we know it could end in a single mechanized and even remotely controlled battle.  We may never have to come face to face with our enemy, know of their own pains and struggles, or that deep down inside they are as human as we are.

In the final story to my trilogy, Last Stand of the Living, I wanted to capture the essence of the emotions of Braveheart as the world for Wallace was coming to an end, but that by his actions, even after death, victory is possible.  The hero of my trilogy, Arimar, is a reluctant hero, one that would rather have peace and spend time with those he loves. In the end he is given a choice, and that choice leads to the fate of all. A fate that will have you the reader, riding an emotional roller coaster from one emotional peak to the next, and the next, and the next, leaving you drained, breathless and pondering the world in which you live, the meaning of life, the resounding power of love, and the value of family.  For it is a struggle of good and freedom from evil, and one where there must be a victor. Maybe one day my story will find its way on the big screen, for I wrote it specifically to challenge a filmmaker, with its very own empowering soundtrack. When you are done reading the final book, play this song and let me know if I connected.

What movie soundtrack moves you?


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