I am Killeon

I may be short, but my heart is big and sometimes my mouth even bigger.  Arimar has been my friend as long as I can remember.  I recall the day I first met him and we surrounded him.  He was scared stiff, but even more scared when my people lifted him from the ground and glided from tree to tree.  He didn’t know we had a membrane that allowed the Kernsh race, the stewards of the forest tops, to glide.  I think he is very jealous of this, well, and the fact that I am so fast with a knife.  I almost lost Arimar, my best friend, the day he fell from the trees and beyond the veil.  The enemy was harsh on the people for his actions and he blames himself.  He almost took his life that day.  Only one of my kin changed his mind.  I have met Keerith and she will become my wife.  Oh how I wished Arimar had someone.  Soon he will be called to fulfill the prophecy and I will accompany him on the journey.  The time has come and we set out on the adventure, although it has become more dangerous than I thought.  We first met Feng and then we are separated from Arimar.  After a long period we are reunited with Arimar and his new friend the giant Bothar.  After much danger our first part of our journey has ended.

I find myself captive and in the coliseum to witness Blood Run, and for the first time, I am actually frightened.  Arimar arrives and with us at his side we defeat the colossal champion – Ergon.  In the streets I meet many new friends, but those pesky children!  I am not a child! I am a Kernsh, don’t they know about the Kernsh? We are short but mighty warriors. My friend Arimar is now held captive at the royal palace.  Is he dead?  No, he lives and we are off back to our homelands.  Oh how I miss Keerith.  I only thought I was afraid in the coliseum, the forbidden lands are dark and full of monsters and demons.  Yet somehow we survive.

We made it home, through all odds,and most of us are alive.  I’ve made many new friends of the seven races, and now we are all going to be tested.  I may not live to see another day, but for all that I am and for all that I believe in, I will stand with Arimar.  He has named me a captain of the eastern section of the wall of Masara.  I will defend it as long as I can.  I watch as the great forests burn, my home, the home of my kin and kith.  I am saddened, yet angered on to fight. It seems hopeless. I have never seen so much carnage.  Will my kin and kith find a way to us and help us? We need it desperately now.  The battle is not going well, we have stood now for thirty-nine days, but I see no hope.

I am so small in this world of men and giants. Yet I will fight on, because I am a Kernsh.  I am Killeon.



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