I am Bothar

I try so hard to be liked.  Why I am not like my brothers?  I feel I am always in the way, no matter how hard I try to help. I’m just clumsy and dangerous to be around.  They call me slow witted.  I don’t mean to be. They say it is because I did not receive enough of my mother’s milk before her death.  I am a Bermule eighteen feet tall, fast and strong, but sometimes I feel weak.  Maybe one day I can prove my worthiness, if someone will just give me the chance.  Who is that short person over there staring and smiling at me?  Is it a new friend?  He says his name is Arimar and my family, here in the deep caves of the mountains, has brought him in to hear his stories.  I like him, he is so very nice to me.  What? He selected me amongst all my brothers to accompany him on his journey? I must prove my worthiness and hope I do not make too many mistakes. Arimar introduced me to his friends Feng and Killeon.  I really like Killeon. He’s so bossy, but funny, and so little!  I am sorry that the bridge of Babel fell because of me.  I will make this up to all of you. I will help to raise that which has fallen.

Arimar killed the Bermolongs to save me in the coliseum.  They looked so much like my race, except for the sharp teeth and the weapons they used to kill people.  Arimar makes friends everywhere he goes. I am just a little shy, yet the children seem to like me, especially Christala, and I like her too.  Too bad she is all alone now here in the forbidden lands after a Luminag took her grandmother.  By my life, I will make sure she and all the other children are protected. I hear there are dragons, Luminags, Luminars and Gregorons here in this valley. There is this pretty Bermule maiden I have met.  Her name is Morren and she kissed me! I have never felt that before. If only I had not brought down the bridge of Babel, we would not be here.   I hope to prove my worthiness.

We made it!  We are now free.  Yet, Arimar says a final war is coming and we need to prepare.  We need a strong wall five miles long and a trench too.  The Bermules who followed Arimar will help build this.  We are done with the wall after six months of labor, yet there is no rest. I am made the chief captain of the Bermules and to stand for my race at this section of the wall of Masara.  I will stand.  Now is my time to be proven worthy and brave.  The battle rages and I’ve done pretty well. We have held time after time.  Today the wall has broken and Arimar and Killeon dangle from its edge.  I must come to their rescue.  As I pull them back over the wall, arrows begin to pierce my body and the pain is more than I can bear.

Can I rest now?  Am I worthy after all? I am Bothar.



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