Why $2.99 for my eBooks?

For those that may not know, I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and an author.  Until I become widely known for creating great stories, I will remain an accountant.  In 2000 I began a journey of writing an epic fantasy tale.  Not just any tale, but one that had to be original with a premise that would touch the deepest human emotions.  Why are we here and what is our purpose.  The Chosen One of Allivar is such a tale.  Sure it is filled with adventure, romance and action, but the story has a deeper meaning. Consider the Tale of Two Cities, which at its basic theme is resurrection.

When I finished the three principle books it came to 273,000 words.  Although it will never be a literary classic, like Paradise Lost, or a Tale of Two Cities, it is a very involved story that requires careful attention to understand its underlying theme.  I had a decision to make, lose years looking for an interested agent and publisher, or take the self publishing route.  As a CPA I understand risk, benefit and the protection of intellectual property rights.  I reviewed the latest trends and followed the news on authors, publishing and eBooks. I am sure I will be chastised as a person of vanity by not going the traditional route.  Just know traditional publishers are all about profit, their name and thriving on the rights you allowed to pass to them under their model.  I could say the same about traditional authors, your vanity to be on a publishers list and sacrificing your rights also declares a sense of vanity.

When it came down to publishing  my works, I had a choice, make a name for myself, or stubbornly hold on to the belief that my book was worth more.  Then I had the matter of age to consider.  I am 53 years old.  Should I waste years wading through rejection after rejection?  The answer I came up with was a resounding “no.”  I’ve always been a risk taker and will continue to the day I die.  I’ve dealt with compliance all my adult and professional life.  These are rules established by someone else, because they felt the rules were absolutely needed, when in fact many of the rules were written to protect their own kind.

Writing a book based on my imagination belongs to me and me alone.  Not a guild, union, or a Manhattan publishing group.  In the end it is the consumer who decides the value of an author’s works.   As a CPA, I also know that with volume profit can be made with lower prices.  At $2.99 each, the lowest level I would accept, I retain 70%, or $2.09 per eBook sold.  You do the math.  I have three books, netting me $6.27 per the trilogy.  Assume 1 million copies sold worldwide.  That’s right, $6,270,000.  I’m not greedy, this is more than I would ever need in my life.  I love to write, it is my hopes that this story will take readers by storm.  $6.27 is far less than a movie.  Again, allow the consumer to declare whether the story is worthy.  It is not a literary masterpiece, I do not care for any literary awards, I just want to simply entertain a reader and give them thought.

I have over 35 books in premise phase.  The Chosen One of Allivar is my most ambitious project.  It consists of the completed trilogy and sixteen more “chronicles.”  Whether I am financially successful or not, is of no concern to me, I want to write, give you the reader a bargain and one hell of a story.  So as I take a risk to fulfill a dream, I ask you to take a risk by reading my trilogy and then to send me feedback.  You see, we authors do not exist because of the method or price we publish our stories, it is because of the reader and that is all that matters.


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