The Final Battle – End of Times

When I wrote my final book of the trilogy The Chosen One of Allivar – Last Stand of the Living, I wanted to write the largest battle scene possible.  Since my story has to do with mortal and immortals, there are two battles taking place.  The one we can see and the one being played out in the ethereal world.  My story has been confused with biblical stories.  I have made some reference for those that are followers of the bible so that they can relate.  My story is a mythology, not a religious work, which relies on cultural organization and doctrines.  My story is allegorical and is intended to have a moral meaning, but not a religious meaning.  With this in mind, two particular issues in the Book of Revelation spurred my imagination.

The first issue is the coming dread of the armies of the north, in which the prophet proclaims, I heard the size of their army, which was 200 million mounted troops.  Well I don’t know about you, but an army that large would fill the lands and shake its foundations, so I wanted my army lead by seven fallen immortals to destroy the final heavenly world, to be massive beyond comprehension.  In book one, Rise of the Fallen, I give a synopsis of how ten heavenly worlds were created and then how nine were destroyed.  When I say my story is epic in scope, it truly is.  I recall Peter Jackson saying Tolkien had thought the scope of The Lord of the Rings was such that it could never be made into a movie.  Well since this was proven wrong, I wanted to step up the scale for reader visual overload.

The second issue from revelations came from these two sentence “The sea gave up the dead that were in it” and “…the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released…”  One of the most interesting thoughts is a final judgment, where everyone who has ever lived is judged at the end of times.  From this thought, the spirits of the dead that were good in life are retained for some valuable purpose. Now consider the lives of nine other worlds and all that ever lived becoming involved in the final battle. What is their purpose?

Whether you research Revelation, Zoroastrian, Kali Yuga or Ragnarok, the battle at the end of times is essential to the cleansing of the world and the final destruction of evil. The fate of man and the heavens is the primary story.  What do we learn and what could possibly be the purpose of an afterlife?  In the end, no pun intended, I wanted a reader to have an exciting story, but also a thought provoking one as well.  If you were asked to stand for all that you believe in to your final breath, would you give your own life to save your world, or cower to the lies of evil? Will you run, or will you stand with the light of life, or be consumed by darkness unforgiving?


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