Ghost Stories, Part III

In 2010 we moved to our new home in Norman, Oklahoma.  All our neighbors stated to us the house was lived in by a local legend.  The previous owner was a paraplegic, local restauranteur and entertainer. He was a gymnast who at one point was Olympics bound when he suffered an injury that left him a paraplegic.  He apparently loved this home  and put much effort into its upkeep and design.  He even constructed an outdoor stage where musicians would play in the spring and early summer, as people sat around the pool and patio. He had a cabana added to the house along with a wine cellar.  This man died in his home at an early age from the complications of his injuries.

Now later the house became a rental and it fell into disrepair.  We moved in and began a serious remodeling of the home.  Now this owner was also very concerned about the outside world as he had a very extensive and expensive security system complete with motion detectors at all doors and external cameras around the house.  Soon after moving in the motions detectors started going off around 2 am or 3 am, always exactly on the hour.  I am 6’1″ and 225 pounds and a former weight lifter, so I am not easily physically intimidated.  Yet, being awakened during the middle of the night to the sound of these sensors, has you immediately into fight mode.  You have the choice to flee or fight, and I’ve never backed away from a fight. These senors ring twice, once for when a door is opened and again when it shut.  All we heard was a one ring sensor tone.  With a heavy long flashlight I’d inspect the inside and outside readying myself for a fight with an intruder.  To date we have never found a reason for the sensor going off.

I suffer from insomnia anyway, so after being awakened I would listen very carefully for any movement.
The hallway floor is wooden so it creaks whenever anyone walks on it which by itself is a motion detector.  One night I heard the floor creak more than once as though someone was walking towards our bedroom, then the walls creaked and popped as well.  Obviously I was out of bed in a flash with heart racing.  Yet, nothing was visibly there.  To get any sleep, we contacted our electrician to determine how to shut off the sensors.  He has been to the house three times and still cannot locate the main box for the security system, so he just clipped the wires in the senors and capped them off.

To conclude this story, my wife met a person who knew the wife of the owner and mentioned she thought the house was haunted, and that she hired another friend to perform some sort of “sage” healing on the house. Now I am skeptical of just about everything, but I do believe there are some events in our lives we cannot explain, whether the feel of dead animal walking on your bed, or a woman’s voice wailing on a freezing and deep snowy night, or the inexplicable sound of alarm sensors going off in the night.  Sleep well.


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