Ghost Stories, Part II

In 2008 I lived in the mountain community of Alto, New Mexico.  Our house rested at 7,200 elevation and we frequently saw bears, racoons and other animals.  Racoons have a bizarre scream. It’s almost supernatural and hideous.  I have insomnia so I hear a lot of noises at night. Each time I heard a  raccoon scream I’d try to wake my wife who wanted to hear the sound I described to her. One cold night after 18 inches of snow, I awoke to the sound of distance noise which I thought was a raccoon.  I woke up my wife and we listened.  The sound came closer and closer to our house, but as it did, it wasn’t a raccoon, it was the sound of a woman wailing.

Now I jumped out of the bed and looked out the window.  It was five degrees that night and anyone out in the 2 am air could get sick pretty quickly.  I could not see a thing even though the moon was shining,  yet the wailing was right outside the window.  Suddenly, our neighbors house lights went on and the wailing ceased.  The neighbors had rented their cabin to guest and they too were looking for the sound of the wailing.  In the morning I search around the house and found no footprints, which would have been impossible not to leave.

We told a realtor client of mine the story and she stated she and her husband lived three houses down many years ago.  One night she awoke to the sensation of being choked.  Another night her and her husband saw the figure of woman moving through the house.  There was a history of a woman who had strangled in the house. Well obviously we flipped out.  Wow, we just might have heard the ghost of a woman. Yet we never heard or saw anything after that night.

Alto is not far away from Roswell, NM and we all now about its history.  One late afternoon over the White Sands missile range we saw a contrail from what we thought to be a missile.  Then from out of the blue another object came from nowhere.  The first object curved and turned away and we lost sight of what happened in the tall pine trees.  Needless to say strange things are happening in NM.  My wife believes that aliens definitely live in New Mexico.

With the economic collapse of 2007-2008 we lost more than 40% of my client base and had to make the hard decision to leave the place we had so thoroughly enjoyed to make a living.  So we made the move in 2009 to Norman OK.  The events in that house will be told in part III.


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