I am Elissia

Why do I love Arimar?  He had filled the dreams of my youth and appeared to me now past my prime, yet something draws me near to him. He has brought no army to free the enslaved, yet I trust him nonetheless.  He fought for the soul of my sister, Queen Narcissia, married by force to King Yubal. Her mind was overtaken by a hidden evil and blinded by lust and power, where even her own family had faded from her affections. He has freed my parents, yet he has not found his own.  I try to comfort him and show him my growing affections.  Surely he knows of my feelings, the touch of my hand, the smile in my face and the light in my eyes.  Why does he not say the words I so long to hear?

As we enter the deadly forbidden lands he recoils even further from me.  What have I said, what have I done? At every step we are attacked day and night and so many pass before my eyes.  Will I be one of them?  Will I never be near him again?  Will he hear the words  I so long to say?  As the king of the Gregorons draws out the power of my life, I feel my life has been wasted and love a meaningless emotion.  I awaken later to learn that he was the one who saved me with the water of life and now jeopardizes everything for this.  He does love me, but something drives him greater than need for me, even greater than himself.

When all around me is finding love, love eludes me.  Yet I will stand behind him. Twice now I have almost lost him. As I learn of the gatherings of all evil, I stand boldly in his defense and rise to encourage faith in him.  As I see the size of the enemy, I still have faith in him. As the battle rages and all the world begins to fade, death surrounds me and love slips away. I can no longer hold off the enemy. As I lay here on the ground mortally wounded, the one I love is not in my sight.  Has he died?  I have stood beside Arimar at every step waiting for the words I so long to hear, “I love you.”  These simple words do not come.   Please do not let me pass until I hear those words!  He finds me as my life slips away so swiftly and I confront him with my final breath.  Do you not feel?  Do you not know of my love for you?  Tell me what I need to hear!

Do you not see me? I am here. I am Elissia.



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