Ghost Stories, Part 1

My younger sister, Rebel, yes that is really her name, wrote on her blog about the experience we had with something unusual in our childhood.  Here I will recall the experience from my perspective.  When I was around 13 we put to sleep a dog that lived to be 17 years old.  The trauma of putting the dog to sleep gave me many nightmares, including one where the dog bore up from under the ground with large sharp fangs.  It was the type of dream that awoke me in a dead sweat.  Not too much longer, one night I was lying awake in my bed.  Now the door to my room was closed, but at times my black cat we named “lucky” would stay in the room with me.  Lucky was a strange cat in that he liked to crawl up under your neck and suck on your ear lobe.  Now this just tickled, but he also flexed his claws which dug into your skin.  That night I felt something jump on my bed and walk around.  I flapped my covers to see if I could get Lucky off of my bed.  Yet I heard nothing hit the ground or scamper across the room.  I got out bed and turned on the lights to see nothing.  I even looked under the bed.  The next day I told my mother of this and that is when it got spooky.  I’ll recap what my two sisters experienced directly from my sister’s blog:

My first experience with a ghost occurred when I was in elementary school.  I shared a room with my big sister Dee Dee.  We were chatting late one evening in the darkness, each of us in our own twin beds.  With her knees bent and feet planted on the mattress, out of nowhere, she screamed and scrambled out of bed, running to the light switch and flipping it on.  I sat up, clutching my sheets to my chest, “What?” I asked, too startled to say any more.

“Something with four legs just jumped on my bed and crawled between my legs,” she said as she tried to catch her breath.

Holy smokes!  Now at first I thought I just might be having muscle spasms and discounted the story until it happened again and again and again.  I would never see a thing, just feel whatever it was walk across the bed and sometimes over my leg and between my legs.  Soon after we moved to a different city and the experiences ended.  We later learned that that house on the neighborhood was the most often sold house.  Now my mother and sisters also shared this experience.  My father, well he sleeps like a brick, so he never felt a thing.

Now I have very vivid dreams so I would have discounted this as just reacting to a dream, but I was wide awake, as I suffer from insomnia.  My next two ghost stories has a witness, my wife.  So stay tuned and sleep well, if you can.


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