The Brits are Surrounded – The Madness of Tweets

Yesterday I tweeted with author Daniel Kemp @danielKemp6 who is from the United Kingdom. Here is a recap of our insane one-upmanship skills.

EW – “Thanks for the multiple RT’s Hope you are having a great day or evening since you are in the UK.”

DK – “Someone has to live here, otherwise the Atlantic would crash into Norway and that might disturb all the Vikings…..LOL”

Now the only vikings I know are in Minnesota, so I played along seeing how far this might go.

EW – “Yes, please do not disturb the vikings or the knights that say ni.”  I thought that might be the end of it all, but this good nature Brit decided to carry on, not knowing full well what insanity he was creating.

DK – “There are known for their plunder, pillage and rape of us poor Anglo-Saxons, that’s why I have red hair. I must be a descendant.”

Not be outdone I retorted, “I’m 1/32 Irish & 1/32 Cherokee and the rest who knows! In America we call such mixed breeds – Mutts.”

Now Daniel is my kind of guy, he’s like the old Monty Python of old sense of humor.

DK – “Here we call such people…mixed-up.”

EW – “I guess being stuck between Vikings and Americans will mess a person up. Enjoy your evening. I’m smiling now.”

DK – “Better than being between the French and the Eskimos, but then again we are. Must be surrounded and better to surrender now. LOL”

EW – “Vikings, Eskimos, French and Americans. Yes you are screwed. So sorry my friend.”

DK – “I was once, but that’s a passing memory now…celibate nowadays. (If that doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will)”

I think I have finally met my match!!!!  You are the “man” Daniel.  I was left speechless and tweetless from laughter.  This brought to memory an old Monty Python skit I have linked below for your enjoyment.  Luckily here in America we are only surrounded by Canadians and Mexicans. You poor Brits are surrounded by the Jutes, Picts, Romans, French, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Eskimos, Swedish Bikini Models, a few Cocker Spaniards, and on occasion a few migrant coconuts.  Yes, you are so screwed Daniel, so celebrate – International British Celibacy Day.

I love you Brits, you make me laugh.  Follow Daniel on Twitter and test his mettle with insane conversation.  He might just surprise you and me.


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