Roadmap to a mythology

When I began drafting the mythological world of Allivar in the year 2000, I wanted to create a complex, yet original universe of characters, races, worlds, monsters, etc.  Leading the way to my influence I turned to my lack of knowledge of mythology.  I had enjoyed Greek and Roman mythology as a child, and the world of Tolkien as a college student.  Watching the Lord of the Rings and then following up on the Silmarillion sealed my desire to create my own mythology.  I was also influenced by the Bible and many myths surrounding the Bible.  I delved into the works of Milton, Dante and Perretti for the aspects of demons, hell and spiritual warfare. A mythology has to address creation, life and end of times.  But in what order?

My first task was to define the creation story and the early history of the races in my creation.  For that, my main source had been the Bible and many readings and shows regarding the history of the Bible, untold stories and those banned from the Bible.  The more research I did, the more my imagination took off.  I created ten worlds and ten immortal stewards, with one world to be the remaining world were the end of times and the fate of all decided.  So from that draft, I realized I had created a road map for nine other stories, for readers to discover more.  I also discovered that in my narrative of the first nine chapters quickly bringing the reader through six ages and 3,300 years of mortal history, that I had also created a road map for six more stories of those ages.  I drafted the premises of each of those maps and realized that to tie everything in required one final story.  In the end, this mythology floating around my mind would require 19 total stories.

So the map of the journey has been drawn and now only the writing remains.  Three stories have already been written and by themselves are enough to satisfy a reader’s need for adventure. These stories are contained in the “Chosen One of Allivar” trilogy and are:

  1. Rise of the Fallen
  2. Bound to Forbidden Lands
  3. Last Stand of the Living

I could have stopped there, but for my own entertainment I wanted this creation of mine to never end.  Call me an obsessed megalomaniac if you wish.  From this, I titled my remaining books “The Chronicles of Allivar” with nine stories that would deal with the destruction of nine worlds from varying human weaknesses and immortal intervention.  This series I dubbed “The Rise of Evil” series. Add nine locations to your map to be visited.

As the “The Rise of Evil” series, only one world would remain – Allivar. On Allivar there are six ages of history which I am dubbing the “The Ages of Resistance” series , that chronicle the prophets and the living’s attempt to save the last paradise.  So the map has six more locations for you to visit.

Then one day as all the premises had been completed, I ran a final thought through my mind, all of the subsequent books would provide the detail of the fallen worlds and ages of resistance, but a final story needed to tie in the trilogy to this history and the unique point of view that you will discover, if you stay faithful through “Last Stand of the Living.”

In the end, when completed the entirety of this concept will be as exciting as the trilogy.  Every one who asks me, I tell them the same thing.  Survive the first nine chapters, it is an investment to the totality of the mythology.  I don’t control much in the real world, so escaping to a fantasy world has been my quest since I was a child.  The big difference is that I can share, through writing, this map, this quest with readers like you.  Come with me on a journey of adventure and discovery.


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