The Aid of a Lullaby

Every author wants to be creative and original. In my current chapter work in progress, there are five very young children, ages three to six.  They are trying to be saved from a horrifying situation by the heroine of the story.  The heroine uses the aid of a lullaby to calm their terrified state in a dark basement.

Lullabies appear to me as a rarity in our modern age, but as a middle-aged man, I do recall their use in calming infants and toddlers to the uncertainties of the night.  The youngest of the children in my narrative is three, and she is at the furthest location of the basement, and the most frightened.  She is asked to sing a lullaby, so that a six year old boy nearest to her can find her, and be led to the spot where the heroine can huddle and protect them.

Here is the first draft to this lullaby:

“Loni Lee, Loni Li,
In my arms you’ll never cry,
Loni Lee, Loni Li,
Hush now baby, night shall fly
Loni Lee, Loni Li,
By your side, you are in my eye,
Loni Lee, Loni Li,
Forever more by your side,
Loni Lee, Loni Li
Dawn is well-nigh,
Loni Lee, Loni Li
From darkness to blue sky.”

This lullaby is to be included in the fourth book of my nineteen story mythology.  Books four through thirteen deal with the destruction of worlds and all their living beings.  This lullaby is to be found in the first story in the rise of evil series, the Fall of Helloria.  In my research for a lullaby I came across the story of Lilith. Lullabies were used to ward off the spirit of Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who became  a demon and stole the souls of children during the night.  If you are shaking your head, yes, I did state Lilith was the first wife of Adam according to a Jewish myth.

In the case of my story, Gahar is the first living being to be corrupted. This first story revolves around his fall and his allegiance to evil, and his influence to the destruction of his own world, the world of Helloria.  He will also be instrumental in the fall of eight more heavenly worlds.  In one of those stories he will share power with a fallen queen, Maggith, whose name I created from a combination of Maggots and Lilith.

If you are an author, have you ever used a lullaby in your story?  If yes, in what manner did the lullaby serve your story?  I look forward to the conversation.


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